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Playboy Vanilla Flavored Sex Lubricant

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Playboy Strawberry Flavored Sex Lubricant

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Playboy Chocolate Flavored Sex Lubricant

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Playboy Aqua Water-Based Sex Lubricant

300 249

MOI Warming Sex Lubricant

899 599

MOI Cherry Sex Lubricant

599 299

MOI Aqua Water Based Sex Lubricant

599 299

MOI Vanilla flavoured lubricant

499 299

MOI Chocolate Flavoured Sex Lubricant

599 299

MOI Orange Flavored Sex lubricant

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MOI BJ sex lubricant

899 699

MOI Cool Sex Lubricant

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MOI Organic Water based Sex Lubricant

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50+ MOI Lubricant for Men and Women

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MOI Tingling water based sex lubricant

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MOI Sensual sex lube

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MOI Seal breaker virgin sex lubricant

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MOI Herbal Water-based Sex Lubricant

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MOI Caramel Edible Lickable Lubricant

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MOI Strawberry Flavored Sex Lubricant

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MOI Backup sex lube

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MOI Niplik sex lube

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MOI Silicone Anal Lubricant 3.4 fl oz

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Buy Sexual Lubricants & Lotions: Beginners Guide to Better Sex

Lubricants and LotionUse of sexual lubricants and lotion in sexual intercourse are as important as a mobile lubricant in vehicles Because lubes help you get a super smooth ride whether you are on bed or road. So, when you are driving on a bed, (you know what I mean) 🙂 you must take a lubricant and lotion into account. It will help you drive your partner crazy in the bed.

Buy sexual lubricants and lotion at GetSetWild. We recommend our customers to use lubricants and lotions in their solo play as well as duo play.  Whether they are making love with sex toys or with their partner, lubes are equally important in both the scenarios. We have a wide range of lubricants and lotions. So, when you are going for back door entry, then anal lube is your buddy. And when you are going to conquer the other frontier, then regular sexual lubes will do it perfectly for you.

For those who like to play it bold and are in for oral fun, flavoured lubes will give them a mouthwatering experience.

What are lubricants and lotions and why do we need it?

lubricants and lotions And Why do we need itWell, sexual lubricants and lotions are the most important part of a smooth sex play. Because our private parts always need enough moisture in sexual intercourse, if they are not enough moisturized, they tend to have some friction and we can end up having a rough experience. This might lead to itching as well. So always keep sexual lubricants or lotions right behind your condom pack. Lubes will surely enhance your ”Sexperience’

It’s quite funny that in India, due to literally no sex education,  people never knew the importance of lubes. A fun fact is, petroleum jelly or coconut oil was only the lube people would know about in old times. But people just knew about their use for skin and hair, not for private parts.

Private parts always need special attention and gentle care. They form the core of one’s identity. So, one should take extra care of them.

But thanks to the internet in India. It has led to awareness about sexual life and hygiene. People started realizing the importance of sexual lubricants and lotion in their sexual life.  So here, we are sharing very important types of lubes which are designed to provide you with overwhelming pleasure.

Type of sexual lubricants and their purpose:

Water-based lubricants

Water-based lubricantsWater-based lubricant is the most used lubricant that you will find in the market. Many established brands such as KY and Astroglide are water-based. Because it is water-based, it is easier to wash than other lubricants. GetSetWild has many different types of water and water-based varieties. Some are warm and cool, and some are fragrant. When it comes to water-based lubricants, there is something for everyone. Water-based lubricant is the most preferred sexual lubricant for sex toys.

Silicon-based lubricants

Silicon-based lubricantsSilk Touch Sex Lube is one of our best selling lubricating products because it is reliable, convenient and fun. Silicon-based lubricants have a different feeling and stability than water-based lubricants. Silicone is used as a favourite sexual lubricant for anal sex. This is easy to clean and convenient to use. GetSetWild has many different varieties of silicone grease, including reliable brands like Wet and Id Glide.

Flavored lubricants

Flavored lubricantsFlavoured lubes are developed to provide good taste to those who want to get extreme pleasure. In other words, they are for your oral sessions. They taste really good. They help you in getting a smooth blowjob. GetSetWild has a wide variety of flavours. From cherry to caramel, we have a whole range of lubes which will please to your palette.

Lubricant stimulants

Lubricant stimulantsLubes have gone one step further which means that they not only provide moisture to an applied area, but they also stimulate certain body parts. Different sexual lubricants are designed to a different purpose. Let’s summarize it in a few simple points, to understand it better.

Many lubes are designed to stimulate to the clitoris
Some lube stimulate a woman’s G-spot
While others soften the anus and smoothen it for anal sex

So, the bottom line is, no matter, you are pulling off a solo with the help of sex toys or are with a partner, you better take sexual lubricants and lotion into play. They will not only smoothen your sex play but will give you an extreme level of pleasure.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lube you are looking for a better experience, GetSetWild covers it all. Explore our online collection of sexual lubricants and get yourself a lube. We are here for you.

Happy Shopping 🙂 We hope you get the best experience shopping with us.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are sexual lubricants and lotions, and why do we need them?
Answer: Sexual lubricants and lotions are essential for a smooth and pleasurable sexual experience. They provide moisture to our private parts, reducing friction and preventing discomfort or roughness during intercourse. Lubricants and lotions enhance the overall “Sexperience” by ensuring a pleasurable and enjoyable encounter.

Question: Why is it important to use lubricants and lotions during sexual intercourse?
Answer: Lubricants and lotions are crucial for maintaining proper moisture levels during sexual intercourse. Insufficient lubrication can lead to friction, discomfort, and even itching. By using sexual lubricants and lotions, you can enhance your sexual experience, ensuring a smooth and pleasurable encounter. It is advisable to keep them readily available alongside your condom pack.

Question: What types of sexual lubricants are available?
Answer: There are different types of sexual lubricants available to suit various preferences and needs:

Water-based lubricants: These are the most commonly used lubricants and are easy to wash off. They are also preferred for use with sex toys.

Silicone-based lubricants: Silicone-based lubricants have a different texture and stability compared to water-based lubricants. They are often used for anal sex and are easy to clean and convenient to use.

Flavored lubricants: Flavored lubes are designed to add a pleasant taste during oral sessions. They come in a wide variety of flavors and can enhance the experience of a smooth blowjob.

Lubricant stimulants: Some lubricants are designed to stimulate specific body parts. They can provide stimulation to the clitoris, G-spot, or help relax and smoothen the anus for anal sex.

Question: Which lubricants are suitable for use with sex toys?
Answer: Water-based lubricants are generally the most suitable for use with sex toys. They provide the necessary lubrication without damaging the toys or affecting their material. It is advisable to check the product labels or consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific compatibility.

Question: Where can I buy sexual lubricants and lotions?
Answer: You can buy sexual lubricants and lotions at GetSetWild. They offer a wide range of lubricants and lotions to cater to different preferences and needs. Explore their online collection to find the perfect lube for an enhanced sexual experience.

Question: Are lubricants and lotions necessary for both solo play and partnered sex?
Answer: Yes, lubricants and lotions are equally important for both solo play and partnered sex. Whether you are using sex toys or engaging with a partner, using lubricants and lotions can enhance pleasure, smoothness, and overall satisfaction. They contribute to a more enjoyable sexual experience regardless of the type of play involved.

Question: Can lubricants and lotions be used for oral fun?
Answer: Yes, flavored lubricants are specifically designed for oral sessions. They provide a good taste and can enhance the pleasure during oral sex. Flavored lubes are available in a variety of flavors, such as cherry or caramel, offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

Question: How do lubricants stimulate different body parts?
Answer: Some lubricants are formulated to stimulate specific body parts:

Certain lubes are designed to provide stimulation to the clitoris, enhancing sensitivity and pleasure.
Others target a woman’s G-spot, aiming to intensify the sensations during stimulation.
Some lubricants are specifically formulated to soften and smoothen the anus for anal sex, making the experience more comfortable and pleasurable.
Question: Why is it important to take extra care of our private parts?
Answer: Our private parts are integral to our identity and sexual well-being. They require special attention and gentle care to maintain their health and function properly. By taking extra care of our private parts, we can ensure optimal hygiene, comfort, and overall sexual satisfaction.

Question: How has the internet influenced awareness about sexual life and hygiene in India?
Answer: The internet has played a significant role in raising awareness about sexual life and hygiene in India. It has provided access to information, resources, and discussions on these topics, leading to increased knowledge and understanding. The internet has helped dispel myths, promote open conversations, and empower individuals to prioritize their sexual health and well-being.

Question: How has the availability of sexual lubricants and lotions improved in India?
Answer: With growing awareness about sexual health, the availability of sexual lubricants and lotions has improved in India. Previously, there was limited knowledge and availability of lubricants, with petroleum jelly or coconut oil being the common options. However, now there are diverse options available, including water-based, silicone-based, and flavored lubricants, catering to different preferences and needs.

Question: How does GetSetWild cater to different preferences when it comes to lubricants?
Answer: GetSetWild offers a wide variety of sexual lubricants to cater to different preferences. They have different types of water-based lubricants, including warm and cool variants, as well as fragrant options. Additionally, they provide silicone-based lubricants, including reliable brands like Wet and Id Glide. Flavored lubes are also available in a range of flavors, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Question: Why should I consider buying sexual lubricants and lotions from GetSetWild?
Answer: GetSetWild is a trusted online platform where you can purchase sexual lubricants and lotions. They offer a diverse range of products, ensuring that you can find the perfect lube for your needs. With their commitment to customer satisfaction and a wide selection of high-quality lubricants, GetSetWild provides a convenient and reliable shopping experience.

Question: How can I ensure a smooth and pleasurable sexual experience?
Answer: Using sexual lubricants and lotions is one way to ensure a smooth and pleasurable sexual experience. Whether you are engaging in solo play or with a partner, lubricants can enhance the sensations, reduce discomfort, and increase overall pleasure. By exploring the range of lubricants available at GetSetWild, you can find the right one to enhance your sexual encounters.