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Being the major hub of adult products & sex toys in Chennai. It is one of the coolest cities recognized by GQ magazine, where 39% of people consult doctors about sexual health. We welcome their concern and facilitates with proper alternatives i.e, sex toys. These sex toys are available for all men, women and couple.

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Adult Products & Sex Toys Available for Men in Chennai

Being a major holder in sex ratio. Men need toys to please themselves for sexual desires. A whopping population is demanding sex toys. To fulfill the demand we offer a variety of options.

These sex toys for men in Chennai ranging from various needs and desires. That brings the please they need and all you ask for. There are a variety  of options available here:

Penis Enlargement Pumps

A major chunk of men obsessed with their penis size. Considering sexual issues such as sexual dysfunction or premature ejaculation. These enlargement pumps offer a great solution for these men. Since these improve their performance during sex.

If you are also looking for Penis Enlargement pumps that really works. Then, you can check out our all range of Penis enlargement pumps here.


It’s always better to take precautions before prevention. You should use condoms that not only provide protection but also pleasurable. Condoms prevent STDs that is a major concern for health. These condoms are available in various brands and flavours that men adore. Yes! You can explore all range of condoms. As Getsetwild have 2 categories of Condoms :

  1. Premium Condoms
  2. Flavoured Condoms

You can check out both categories of condoms, by clicking the above links as per your choice.

Penis Erection Sprays & Delay Creams

These sprays and creams are favourite among men. These sex toys in Chennai favoured by men that act as a catalyst. These toys prove effective in delaying and improving sexual experience. These considered under accessories that men need. You can check all range of Penis Erection Sprays here and all range of Delay Spray and Cream by clicking here.

Strokers & Masturbators in Chennai

These are the most selling sex toys in Chennai. These are the favourite companion for men sexual desire. Portability feature makes it more ergonomic that all men demand. These masturbators are a buddy for men.

Male Masturbators in Chennai

Check our all range of Male Masturbators , we are 100% sure you will find the best masturbator which will be ideal for you.

Adult Products & Toys for Women

Women are the most sexual actives and take time to orgasm. You know, how women’s unsatisfied until orgasm. Always in search of something to fulfill our desire. Sex toys in Chennai bring access to a variety of options.

These Women Sex Toys in Chennai ranging from various needs and desires. That brings pleasure to the next level. There are a variety  of options available here:


These are the most favorite toys for women in this range. Customers love vibrator more than their boyfriend. These are in both manuals as well as an automatic option. In vibrator, there is an option to regulate the vibration according to your flow. GetSetWild has a large variety of dildos for women.

Sexy Lingeries for Women

You know sexy lingeries are the key to arouse men. Men love these lingeries, they always have a fantasy. These lingeries are also loved by Chennai women. Since after a tedious day, men need something to arouse for action.

You can check our all range of Sexy Lingeries here :

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Sex Toys Available for Couples

Couples are the most demanding customers and so adores their demands. Since they always want to experience something new. And make their experience more intimidating.

We are here to serve your demands.

At GetSetWild you need to demand we will fulfil it. We offer from vibrator for both men and women. In the special collection, we provide BDMS and fifty shades of grey sex toys.

You can check out our all range of sex toys for couple here :

Couple Vibrators

Vibrators are the most demanding in all seasons. And to fulfill both desires without putting many efforts. These sex toys in Chennai are hand and automatic and serves the purpose.

Shop at GetSetWild to gain Rs. 200 after the first signup.

Check our all range of vibrators for women like clitorial vibrators, couple vibrators, discreet vibrators, g-spot vibrators, wand vibrators, kegal balls etc..


For all the fans of 50 shades of grey. These sex toys in Chennai brings the atmosphere. The dilemma of the act devotes the user in its ultimate collection. Couples love our collection at GetSetWild.

So, Stop thinking and start Shopping!

50 shades of grey toys

Let’s dig more into it and discuss about which 50 Shades of Grey Toys are most popular in chennai and worth adding it into your naughty toys treasure. already sold over 5 Lacs+ Adult & Sex toys in Chennai. And got 4.7 Star rating in terms of Product Quality, Customer Support, Value for Money. That’s the reason why is the No.1 Choice in Chennai.

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