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Cock Cage Triple Helix Enhancer

2,999 1,599

Bunny Vibrating Pleasurable Penis Ring For Men Sex Toy

2,099 999

Little Duck Vibrating Penis Ring With Extra Tongue For Pleasure For Men And Women

2,099 999

Lovely Vibrating Ring For Male Longer Ring With Chain Of Beads For Extra Fun Beaded

1,999 799

Bolt Vibrating Ring For Men And Pleasure For Women With Pleasure Tongue Ring

1,999 799

Togo ButterFly Strong Vibrating Ring With Wings To Tickle And Arouse Clitoris

1,099 999

Fleshy Vibrating Wireless Remote Controlled Fleshlight Masturbator

5,999 4,499

Fleshlight Girls Angela White Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Pocket Pussy Masturbator cum Penis Sleeve

2,975 1,999

Fleshlight Girls Kaydon Kross Masturbator- USA Original

12,999 6,499

Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Rubber Cock Ring Set

2,999 2,499

Chocolate Colour Jumbo Super Duper Realistic Penis Extender Sleeve

3,000 1,499


2,500 1,400

Dragon Dotted Penis Sleeve for Men

3,590 1,699

Brave Man Silicone Thick Penis Sleeve with Dotted Bump

2,999 1,199

Manual Penis Enlargement Delux Pump With Suction

3,999 1,999

Automatic Penis Enlargement Delux Pump With Auto Suction

5,999 4,499

Delux Penis Pump With Pressure Meter Gauge

4,999 3,499

Happy Pussy Fleshlight Masturbator for Men

5,999 3,499


2,999 1,999

Realistic Mouth With Teeth And Tongue Blow Job Stroker

4,999 2,999

Fleshlight Masturbator with Realistic Pussy

8,900 1,999

Pretty Love Aby Anus -Fully Automatic Thrusting Realistic Vagina Masturbator for lifelike experience

12,999 7,999

Baile 7 Vibrating Pussy Masturbator For Men

4,999 3,999

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Realistic 3d Silicone Vagina Men Masturbation Sex Doll

13,999 7,999

Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbator-Replica

7,999 3,999

2.6 Kg Cyberskin Half Body Sex Doll For Men

14,999 8,999

Sunny Leone Pornstar Love Sex Doll

27,599 9,999

Online Collection of Sex Toys for Men

Sex Toys for Men

Right, let us take you on a tour of the largest online collection of sex toys for men. Welcome to GetSetWild, depending on your feelings and desires you will have multiple options to pick and choose from. We are potentially the country’s biggest sex toys supplier in the market. We are here to take care of all your sexual cravings and dreams and that is what makes us stand apart from the others market players. We are the best when it comes to helping you and understanding your sexual visions. We provide you with the best choice of sexual products to look over and “No one can take us over when it comes to specialization”. This doesn’t indicate that we are arrogant. The statement just shows the way that we understand your necessities and want better compared to anyone else.

GetSetWild has trust in its 3 AsAccessibility, Affordability, and Availability. We have guaranteed that anyone and everyone who are based out of this country and have even the least interest in developing their sexual playoffs, can definitely approach us – supplier to one of the biggest variety of sex toys in India. As we say this, GetSetWild also guarantees that all sexual products are offered to you at a very reasonable price. Last but not the least; we have what it takes in assisting you to get the best sex product. We discreetly deliver the products to your doorstep. We also have a beginner’s guide available for your reference, which makes your life easy when it comes to choosing the best sexual product and sex toys for men in India.

Beginners’ Guide to Sex Toys for Men in India

GetSetWild has without a doubt put its emotion and passion to guarantee that you get what you deserve. We need each of our customers to beat everything and that’s why every sexual item is available for you on the screens of your PCs and cell phones. You just simply sit back, relax and take a look at the wide range of men’s sex toys. Come to our website and just order like a king and we will be more than happy to serve you with the best deal.

Every guy craves to be amazing in bed with the lady they always wanted to have sex with. Undeniably, each and every person living on this earth wants this to happen repeatedly. There is a saying that the attitude of an individual depends on their sex life. When you have issues in your sex life, there are difficulties in your personal life also. In case you are going through any difficulties and you want to take charge, we GetSetWild are here at your service. It is very important we understand that sex toys are not gendered biased and can be used by both Men and Women and they have access to explore sex toys around the globe. While you use a sex toy it helps you enhance your deepest sexual fantasies. While you use a sex toy in order to enhance your sexual experience without pointing out a finger at your life as an individual. The use of a sexual product or a toy only helps people to gain more and more passion for their partner and bring them closer in their relationship.

You can go ahead and have a look at the beginner’s guide to sex toys for men in India. GetSetWild has secured a name for itself in the market allowing them to have access to some of the most satisfying and attractive sex toy deals within their reach.

Varieties of Sex Toys for Men in India

GetsetWild offers its clients an amazing choice of sex toys and other adult products. These items include toys and products like fleshlights, sex dolls, Tenga cups, prostate massagers, condoms, and different back rub oils, tattoos, pasties, sex games, and many more adult products. In any case, in this segment, we will carefully limit ourselves to the sex toys and adult products that are specifically used by men in India.

Newcomers’ are advised to go through the beginner’s guide to adult products and sex toys for men to make them hands-on in their selection. We realize the way that many of you would not have much knowledge of the current sex toy market and the availability of sexual products in India. Along these lines, we at GetSetWild chose to help you by sharing a short review on every item. We genuinely trust that this guide will assist you with picking and zeroing down the most reasonable men’s sex toy for yourself.

Masturbators for Men

Male Masturbators

There are many choices that are available as sex toys for men when it comes to masturbators. The list is long and it includes the vibrating pussy masturbator, fleshlights, Tenga cups, prostate massagers, and penis enlarger. It is very much essential for you to know what a masturbator is before selecting one of the variants, which actually helps in getting the right one to fulfill your desires. Think through and know your style, taste, and inclinations on the ground that truly makes a difference for you.

A masturbator can undoubtedly be seen as a sort of sex toy for men that assists you in ejaculation and also helps you do it for a longer duration. Indeed, in plain words, a masturbator helps you with stroking off. Presently, we realize a question might come into your mind as to how effective a masturbator is. All things considered, we will try to make you understand as to why stoking with your hands is definitely not an incredible alternative as long as you have the advantage of utilizing a masturbator to discharge. A basic justification behind the comparison is the way that one may get exhausted rubbing off with the help of his hands. In this way, a masturbator assists you with severing your repetitive yanking style.

Condoms for Men

We all are very much aware of what a Condom is and what it does. Isn’t that right? Indeed, we at GetSetWild put standards in making individuals have a safer sexual encounter. Condom is one of the adult products for men, generally worn by a man, and guarantees both – better just as protected sex. Accordingly, we provide you with a wide variety of condoms to choose from. Every condom has its own element. A few condoms are enhanced in nature while some of them assist you in lasting longer in the bed. Some of them actually help in arousing and satisfying your lady love as well. So, everyone should invest in getting the condom of their choice. More importantly, it helps you to be safe and avoid sexually transmitted diseases and accidental pregnancies.

Erection Sprays and Delay Creams

Delay and Erection Sprays and Creams

Erection spray and delay creams help actually help men to feel more good about themselves. This is on the grounds that we as individuals are vulnerable to confronting uneasiness and stress which may really affect our sexual performance in bed. In this way, a delay spray splash or cream typically helps a man last more by delaying the ejaculation time. Then again, erection sprays and creams are very powerful at making your little gun remain in the best situation for a long. You would not need a lazy dick to invite your loved one. Isn’t that right?

Men’s Underwear

Incredible clothing does much more than you would anticipate that it should do. Nothing turns on a lady like extravagant and very attractive hot clothing. We recommend you pick one from the stunning scope of eminently fitted clothing from our store– GetSetWild. We are assisting you with being the king of your own room and truly, wearing the ideal clothing for the event has quite an effect. All in all, what are you hanging tight for? Snatch your hot piece of underwear for men today.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

penis enlargement pump

Penis Enlargement Pumps – This term itself will pass on more than we at any point will actually want to you. Yes, these enlargement pumps are what you have been thinking about for a while now. This is a sexual upgraded item that in one way or another increases the size of your penis, so you feel somewhat less stressed over the size of your dick. This sexual enlargement pump will surely assist you with boosting your certainty while being in the bed with your sexual partner. This may wind up fulfilling your affection the way s/he needs to be satisfied. This is the right product for you in the event that you accept that your penis size simply isn’t sufficient to make a lady roll to you. Apparently, the time has come to go for the kill, kid! Get one for yourself today in particular.

Vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are sex toys for men that help men last longer. Wearing a cock ring over your penis is one of the most pleasurable encounters of a man’s life. No, we are dead serious with regard to it. It really feels quite incredible when you have a penis ring over your penis. This is to be sure a ground-breaking encounter. Wearing a cock ring is likewise joined by a vibrating sensation in the event that you decide on a vibrating cock ring. These vibrating rings are exceptionally supportive in aiding a man last more in the bed. Try not to trust us. Attempt it yourself. Its outcomes will justify themselves with real evidence we are sure with regards to the way that this instrument will shake your reality like nothing else. How about you check it out today? We have a lot of astonishing cock rings in view to make you go off the deep end over your own self.

Sex Dolls for Men

Sex Doll

In actuality, Sex dolls should be called “Dolls” as they look more like humans. It is one of the popular sex toys for men.  Hey, we are not joking. For what reason we would? In the past, the business of sex toys has seen a huge rise in the demand for sex dolls. What’s more, the purpose of this pattern is a lot clear and set. This is on the grounds that these sex dolls have been intended to seem like genuine sex companions with whom one could have intercourse or at least appreciate their conversation in the closest manner conceivable.

Gay Toys

We at GetSetWild guarantee that every one of the areas of the general public is covered by us when we attempt to fulfill your sexual necessities and wants with our practical sexual arrangements. We don’t wish to separate or practice any sort of discrimination based on religion, sex, position, or class. Accordingly, we have confidence in the worth of inclusiveness. We don’t pass judgment on individuals based on their sexual direction or sexual inclinations. In this way, we additionally offer our clients a decision to look over a part of toys that are uncommonly created for gay men. Indeed, we were unable to stand to pass up an essential piece of our general public, we are glad to serve you as long as it is assisting you with growing a person. Be cheerful! Begay! Evaluate some astonishing items from the sex toys gateway you love the most. We have the absolute best gay toys for you!

3 Most Popular Sex Toys for Men in India

We see how important it is for you as a customer to make use of available choices and to make an educated decision. Additionally, GetSetWild trusts in instructing its clients in the most ideal way. In this way, to assist you with picking the best sexual product for you, we are additionally giving you a concise record of the absolute most famous sex toys for men in India. You can generally refer to it to guarantee that are getting going great.

Fleshlights: A fleshlight would give what you have consistently longed for. This sex toy for men is of high valued by men from one side of the planet to the other. It is each man’s top pick for an explanation and the justification for the equivalent is that these sex toys look a ton like a genuine vagina. What’s more, when has a man not fallen insane for a vagina? This sex toy furnishes you with a chance to bring the best out of yourself by allowing you to feel the delicate insides of a vagina. Additionally, it furnishes you with a hard external cover for a solid hold while utilizing it.   

Sex Dolls: Sex dolls have been getting everyone’s attention of late. Also, this is a result of the way that these dolls have been planned with the most extreme accuracy to resemble a genuine lady. Not just this, these dolls have been intended to cause you to feel that you are dozing close to a genuine lady with those splendidly created resources that it shows up with. This is a go-to sex toy for any fledgling and particularly for a virgin.

Cock Rings: Cock rings are another sex toy for men, that can be utilized by you to guarantee that you make some nice memories with your partner. It gives you confirmation of an incredible time while additionally dealing with the way that you keep going long.

Why should GetSetWild be your first preference?

Shop Sex Toys for Men at GetSetWild

GetSetWild is one of the biggest adult toy shops to purchase adult products and sex toys in India. We give the best scope of sex toys for men, ladies, gays, and couples in India. GetSetWild is there to offer you effective and reasonable sexual solutions. We have a dedicated 24/7 support team to take care of your needs and listen to your concerns. GetSetWild understands you better than others. We deliver all the products in discreet shipping. We are awesome at what we do. Have a good time shopping for sex toys for men with us!