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Cock Cage Triple Helix Enhancer

2,999 1,599

Bunny Cock Ring for Men With Long Buds for Women Pleasure

2,099 999

Bunny Vibrating Pleasurable Penis Ring For Men Sex Toy

2,099 999

Little Duck Vibrating Penis Ring With Extra Tongue For Pleasure For Men And Women

2,099 999

Lovely Vibrating Ring For Male Longer Ring With Chain Of Beads For Extra Fun Beaded

1,999 799

Bolt Vibrating Ring For Men And Pleasure For Women With Pleasure Tongue Ring

1,999 799

Togo ButterFly Strong Vibrating Ring With Wings To Tickle And Arouse Clitoris

1,099 999

ALEXIS TEXAS Fleshlight Girls Masturbator-USA Original

8,999 6,499

Fleshlight Girls Angela White Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Realistic Masturbator cum Penis Sleeve cum Dildo

2,975 1,500

Fleshlight Girls Kaydon Kross Masturbator- USA Original

12,999 6,499

Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Rubber Cock Ring Set

2,999 2,499

Jumbo Super Duper Realistic Penis Extender Penis Sleeve

3,000 1,499

Max-man 16cm Soft Silicon Penis Extender Sleeve

4,999 1,800

Dragon Penis Sleeve

3,590 1,699

Brave Man Silicone Thick Penis Sleeve- Skin

2,999 1,199

Manual Penis Enlargement Delux Pump With Suction

3,999 1,999

Automatic Penis Enlargement Delux Pump With Auto Suction

5,999 4,499

Delux Penis Pump With Pressure Meter Gauge

4,999 3,499

Happy Pussy Men FleshTight Masturbator

5,999 3,499


2,999 1,999

Realistic Mouth With Teeth And Tongue Blow Job Stroker

4,999 2,999

Beer Bottle Fleshlight with Realistic Pussy

8,900 1,999

Pretty Love Ozzy-Fully Automatic Thrusting Realistic Vagina Masturbator for lifelike experience

12,999 7,999

Baily 7 Vibrating Pussy Masturbator For Men

4,999 3,999

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Realistic 3d Silicone Vagina Men Masturbation Sex Doll

13,999 7,999

Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbator-Replica

7,999 3,999

Super Compact Super Realistic CyberSkin Sex Doll 2.6 Kg

14,999 6,999

Online Shopping of Sex Toys for Men

Adult Products cum Sex Toys for Men

Let’s have a look on the online collection of sex toys for men and boys in detail. Welcome to the world of countless possibilities. Welcome to GetSetWild. We are possibly this nation’s biggest sex toys portal. The fact that we cater to all your sexual desires and fantasies makes us stand out from the rest of the players in the market. We are the best when it comes to helping you realize your sexual fantasies. We provide you with the best range of products to choose from. Nobody does what we do better than us. This does not mean that we are overconfident. The statement sheerly indicates the fact that we understand your needs and desires better than anyone else in the market.

GetSetWild believes in the following three 3 As – Accessibility, Affordability, and Availability. We have ensured that all the individuals who are putting up in this country and have the slightest of interest in using their sexual games have access to one of the largest collection of sex toys in India. Coming on to the next value, GetSetWild ensures that all the sex products that are offered to the individuals in the form of sexual solutions are affordable. This certainly points out to the fact that we believe in catering to the sexual desires and fantasies of all. We understand you. Last but certainly not least, we firmly believe in helping you avail the best of the sex products. We deliver these adult products to your doorstep. Thus, in order to justify what we just stated above, we have put in place a beginners’ guide to buying adult products and sex toys for men in India. 

Beginners’ Guide to Sex Toys  for Men in India

GetSetWild has indeed put our heart and soul to ensure that you get what you deserve. We want all of our clients to get the best of everything. Therefore, GetSetWild gets the best of sex toys and other various adult products for you at the screens of your laptops and mobile phones. All you need to do is just sit back, scroll through our sex toys portal, GetSetWild and order like a king! Serving you will be an honor for us. 

Who does not want to be the best guy in the bed with the girl of his dreams? Yes, right, every single guy living on this planet wants this to happen. And that too desperately. It is not really complex to understand that your sex life defines your attitude. If you are struggling with your sex life, you are pretty much struggling in life as well. Thus, in order to help you tackle the issues you face in your sex life, GetSetWild is at your rescue. Nobody cares about the way we do. It is very essential for each one of us to grasp the fact that sex toys are not just meant for a particular gender. Thus, both men, as well as men, have equal access to sex toys across the world. Using a sex toy in order to enhance your sexual experience does not demean your existence as an individual, in general. Rather, it only helps you explore your own body and realize your sexual fantasies and desires. 

So, here we are with a beginner’s guide on sex toys for men in India. GetSetWild has earned a name for itself in the recent past to provide its customers with some attractive and hard to resist offers on sex toys.

Types of Sex Toys for Men in India

GetsetWild offers its customers with an amazing range of sex toys and other multiple adult products. These products include the likes of fleshlights, sex dolls, Tenga cups, dildos, prostate massager, condoms, various massage oils, tattoos, pasties, sex games among a lot more adults products. But in this section, we will strictly restrict ourselves to the sex toys and adult products meant to use by men in India. 

Beginners’ are encouraged to go through the list of sex toys and adult products they can have their hands on. We understand the fact that a lot of you would not have a piece of prior knowledge about the existing variety of sex products in India. Therefore, we at GetSetWild decided to help you by sharing a brief write up on each product. We sincerely hope that this beginners’ guide will help you choose and zero down the most suitable sex toy for yourself. 


Male Masturbators

There are a couple of interesting choices to make for men in India when they are looking for a masturbator. These include the vibrating pussy masturbators, fleshlights, Tenga cups, prostate massagers and penis extensions. It is essential to know what a masturbator is before getting into the question that which will help your cause better. It is equally important to understand your style, taste, and preferences because honestly, these factors make a lot of difference. 

A masturbator can very easily be understood as a type of male sex toy that helps you ejaculate semen from your penis. Yes, in simple words, a masturbator helps you to masturbate. Now, we know a query regarding the utility of the masturbator might pop up in your head provided you can always masturbate pretty easily with your hands. Well, now we will try and make you understand why masturbating with hands is not a great option as long as you have the privilege of using a masturbator to ejaculate. A simple reason for the same is the fact that one might get bored jerking off with the assistance of his hands. Thus, a masturbator helps you break your monotonous jerking off style. 


We all know what a condom does. Don’t we? Well, we at GetSetWild believe in making people involved in better as well as a safe sexual experience. A condom is usually worn by a man and ensures both – better as well as safe sex. Thus, we provide you with a wide variety of condoms to choose from. Each condom has its own feature. Some condoms are flavored in nature while some of them help you last longer in the bed. There are also a few that assist you to please your woman. Thus, a condom is something all of us should be investing in. Moreover, it also prevents unplanned pregnancies while having sex with your loved one. 

Delay and Erection Sprays and Creams

Delay and Erection Sprays and Creams

Delay and erection sprays are some of the means through which a man can feel more secure about his existence and future. This is because we as human beings are at a risk of facing anxiety and stress which might actually affect our sexual bed performance in the bed. Thus, a delay spray or a cream usually helps a man last longer by delaying the ejaculation process. On the other hand, erection sprays and creams are quite effective at making your little soldier stand in the most desirable position for long. You would not want a sleepy dick to welcome your loved one. Do you? 

Men’s Underwear

Great underwear does way more than you would expect it to do. Nothing turns on a woman like a fancy and super sexy hot underwear. We suggest you choose one from the amazing range of superbly fitted underwear at our portal – GetSetWild. We are helping you be the king of your own bedroom and honestly, wearing the perfect underwear for the occasion makes one hell of a difference. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your sexy piece of underwear for men today. 

Penis Enlargement Pumps

penis enlargement pump

Penis Enlargement Pumps –  This term itself will convey more than we ever will be able to you. Yes, these pumps exactly what you have been thinking about all this while after reading the term. This is a sexual enhancement product which somehow blows the size of your penis so that you feel a little less worried about the size of your dick. This sexual implement will certainly help you boost your confidence while being in the bed with your sexual partner. This might end up satisfying your love the way s/he wants to be pleased. This is the right tool for you if you believe that your dick size just isn’t enough to make a woman fall for you. Thus, it is time to go for the kill, boy! Buy one for yourself today only. 

Vibrating Cock Rings

Wearing a cock ring over your penis is one of the most pleasurable experiences of a man’s life. No, we are not kidding about it. It actually feels pretty great when you have a cock ring over your penis. This is indeed a life-changing experience. Wearing a cock ring is also accompanied by a vibrating sensation if you opt for a vibrating cock ring. These cock rings are also very helpful in helping a man last longer in the bed. Do not believe us? Try it yourself. Its results will speak for itself we are certain about the fact that this tool is going to rock your world like nothing else.  Why don’t you give it a try today? We have a lot of amazing cock rings on display to make you go crazy about your own self. 

Sex Dolls

Sex Doll

Sex dolls should not really be called dolls anymore provided they like more human than humans themselves. We ain’t kidding. Why would be? In the recent past, the industry of sex toys has seen a tremendous rise in the sale of sex dolls. And the reason behind this trend is very much clear and sorted. This is because these sex dolls have been designed to look like real individuals with whom one could have sex or least enjoy their company in the most intimate way possible. 

Gay Toys

We at GetSetWild ensure that all the sections of the society are covered by us when we try to satisfy your sexual needs and desires with our effective sexual solutions. We do not wish to discriminate or practice any kind of discrimination on the basis of religion, sex, caste or class. Therefore, we believe in the value of all-inclusiveness. We do not judge people on the basis of their sexual orientation or sexual preferences. Thus, we also offer our customers a choice to choose from a section of toys that are specially crafted for gay men. Yes, we couldn’t afford to miss out on an integral part of our society, We are happy to serve you as long as it is helping you grow as an individual. Be happy! Begay! Try out some amazing products from the sex toys portal you love the most. We have got some of the best gay toys for you! 

3 Most Popular Toys for Men in India

We understand how important it is for you as a customer as well as the user of the product to make an informed choice. Moreover, GetSetWild believes in educating its customers in the best possible manner. Thus, in order to help you choose the best product for you, we are also providing you a brief account of some of the most popular sex toys for men in India. You can always refer to it to ensure that are starting off well. 

Fleshlights: A fleshlight would provide with what you have always dreamt of. This sex toy is of high rank by men all over the world. It is every man’s favorite for a reason and the reason for the same is that these sex toys look a lot like a real vagina. And when has a man not fallen crazy for a vagina? This sex toy provides you with an opportunity to fetch the best out of yourself by letting you feel the tender interiors of a vagina. Moreover, it provides you with a hard outer cover for a firm grip while using it.  

Sex Dolls: Sex dolls have been stealing the show of late. And this because of the fact that these dolls have been designed with utmost precision to look like a real woman. Not only this, these dolls have been designed to make you feel that you are sleeping next to a real woman with those brilliantly crafted assets that it comes along with. This is a go-to sex toy for any beginner and especially for a virgin.

Cock Rings: Cock rings can be used by you to ensure that you have a decent time with your partner. It gives you assurance of a great time while also taking care of the fact that you last long. 

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GetSetWild is one of the largest adult toys portal to buy adult products and sex toys in India. We provide with the best range of sex toys for men, women, gay & couples in India. GetSetWild is there to offer you efficient and affordable sexual solutions. We have a 24×7 determined support care team to assist you with all your issues. GetSetWild understands you better than many. We believe in discreet shipping. We are the best at what we do. Happy shopping!