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Let’s know the top-selling adult products and sex toys for men, women, and couples in Vadodara. Vadodara is a city situated in Gujarat. It is placed at the corner of the Vishwamitri river. Vadodara is also known as the Sanskari city of India. Vadodara is also counted among the educated cities of India. The average literacy rate of this city is around 78.92 %. Because of this people here understand the importance of each & everything. They take care of their health in a much better way and that is why they do not hesitate in opting for sexual toys for more fun & secure sex. Most people are aware of sex toys in Vadodara and also use them.

Sex toy in Vadodara

Different Kinds Of Sex Toys in Vadodara

So, Let’s try to figure out some of the sex toys which are used by the different sets of people here in Vadodara:

Sex Toys for Men in Vadodara


It’s a unique version of the masturbator. This is well known for its suction. It let you feel the orgasm sucked from the tip of your penis. It comes in different variants. You can find various variants of it on Its transparent variant is quite popular.

Sex Doll:

Sex dolls let you make feel like you are having sex with a real person. the Pleasure offered by sex dolls is incomparable. Although it is a little bit more expensive than most of the other sex toys, it is worth it. It offers you customization as well. You can customize vagina tightness, ass size, breast size, etc according to your choice. This will definitely give you real fun.

Sex Dolls

Sex Toys for Gay in Vadodara

sex toys for gay

Double-Ended Dildo:

Double Ended Dildo is a special kind of long dildo that has two penis-like heads at both ends. For some super occurrences like if you and your partner both want to bottom, so you can definitely use a double-ended dildo.

Prostate Massagers:

It is also known as a male g-spot massager. This is a male internal organ. It can be easily found between the bladder and the rectum. In simple words, prostate massagers are a pouch that contains sperm and other bodily liquids.  Also, It’s not always necessary that stimulating the gland may result in ejaculation, sometimes it may not also.

Sex Toys for Women in Vadodarasex toy for women


A dildo is the most used sex toy by women across the globe. Usage of it enhances the overall sex experience. Women simply love it to take into use. Nowadays customized dildoes are available in the market which let you configure their specifications according to your choice. If we penetrate it in the vagina and rubbed with the muscles then it generates friction and gives immense pleasure.

Hygiene Care:

This sex toy is used to make the sex process comfortable & secure for women.  Some products which fall in the category of hygiene care category are Eye masks, Lacy gloves, Pasties, etc.  Introducing Hygiene care products in your daily sex life also ensures that you do not get a victim of any sexually transmitted diseases. So, for keeping yourself away from any sexually transmitted disease use hygiene care products.

Bedroom Games in VadodaraBedroom games sex toys In Vadodara

Kitty Play Dice Game Toy – The One And Only Kitty Dice Game!

You will find 2 dice in this kit. There will be different tasks written on all 6 faces of the dice. On 1st dice all 6 sides have different things written over them which correspond to the action like lick, touch, tease, vibrate, tickle and massage. While the 2nd dice have a different set of things written over it which corresponds to the place like the clitoris, your choice, lips, all over, vagina, and inside. Likewise, now according to the turn roll the dice and enjoy the foreplay.

Lust! The Passionate Game For Two:

This game allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy together. So, in this game, you need to move around the game board, land on several icons, and select cards that have players act out various romantic and sexual tolerations with each other. The person who will be first to reach Lust, at the end of the path will initiate the love-making techniques on the prized Love-Making cards. As a result, this process of the game makes everyone a winner of this game.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are the different kinds of sex toys available in Vadodara?
Answer: In Vadodara, you can find a variety of sex toys for different preferences. Some popular options include Fleshlights, sex dolls, double-ended dildos, and prostate massagers for men. Women can explore options like dildos and hygiene care products to enhance their sexual experiences. Additionally, there are bedroom games like the Kitty Play Dice Game and Lust! The Passionate Game For Two.

Question: What is a Fleshlight and why is it popular?
Answer: A Fleshlight is a unique version of a masturbator that is known for its suction. It provides a sensation that simulates the feeling of orgasm being sucked from the tip of the penis. Fleshlights come in different variants, and their transparent variant is particularly popular among users.

Question: How do sex dolls enhance the sexual experience?
Answer: Sex dolls allow users to experience the sensation of having sex with a real person. They offer a level of pleasure that is incomparable. While sex dolls may be more expensive compared to other sex toys, they provide customization options such as vaginal tightness, ass size, breast size, and more, allowing for a personalized and realistic experience.

Question: What are double-ended dildos used for?
Answer: Double-ended dildos are special long dildos that have two penis-like heads at both ends. They are ideal for situations where both partners want to experience penetration simultaneously. These dildos offer a unique and shared pleasure for couples.

Question: What are prostate massagers and their role in male pleasure?
Answer: Prostate massagers, also known as male G-spot massagers, are designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The prostate gland is a male internal organ located between the bladder and rectum. While stimulating the prostate may not always lead to ejaculation, it can provide pleasurable sensations and intensify male sexual experiences.

Question: How are dildos beneficial for women?
Answer: Dildos are the most commonly used sex toys by women worldwide. They enhance overall sexual experiences and provide immense pleasure. Customized dildos are now available in the market, allowing users to configure specifications according to their preferences. When inserted into the vagina and moved with the muscles, dildos generate friction, leading to heightened pleasure.

Question: What are hygiene care products in the context of sex toys?
Answer: Hygiene care products are designed to make the sexual process comfortable and secure for women. Examples of hygiene care products include eye masks, lacy gloves, and pasties. Introducing hygiene care products into your sex life can help prevent sexually transmitted diseases and ensure a safer experience.

Question: What are some popular bedroom games available in Vadodara?
Answer: In Vadodara, you can find exciting bedroom games such as the Kitty Play Dice Game and Lust! The Passionate Game For Two. The Kitty Play Dice Game involves rolling two dice with different tasks and actions written on them, adding a playful element to foreplay. Lust! The Passionate Game For Two allows couples to explore both romantic and physical intimacy, with players acting out various romantic and sexual activities.

Question: Where can I shop for sex toys in Vadodara?
Answer: You can visit the website for a wide range of sex toys and adult products. This online platform offers an extensive collection of products related to sex, ensuring you can find high-quality items to suit your preferences and desires.