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Max Head Oral Sex Gel

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Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsules Pack Of 10

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Pjur Superhero Strong Performance Spray

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Hot Rhino Long Power Erection Spray For Men 10 Ml

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Hot Rhino Long Power Delay Cream For Men 50 Ml

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Ero Long Power Marathon Cream For Men 30 Ml

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Plump Enhancement Cream For Men

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Joydivision Ironman Delay Spray For Men 30 Ml

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Promescent Delay Spray 0.25oz – New!

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Joydivision Penisex Erection Cream For Men 50 Ml

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Invigra Delay Spray For Men Long Lastic 12Gm

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Himalaya Confido For Men (Pack Of 60 Tablets)

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Max Libido Sexual Performance Gel .5oz

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Hot Xxl Cream For Men 50 Ml

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Stud 100 Desensitizing Spray

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Hot Rhino Long Power Delay Cream For Men 30 Ml

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Himalaya Himcolin Gel For Men (30 Gms)

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Hot Xxl Stabilizer Erection Spray For Men 50 Ml

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Sexual Energy AND Performance SupplementsENERGY AND PERFORMANCE Supplements

It is no secret that our fraternity of men wants to go at it all night. They take pleasure in lasting long and satisfying their woman to the fullest. Most of us have experienced an encounter or two where we felt let down by our little guy. We can all agree it is humiliating and depressing to even think about that encounter let alone relive it. There are also instances where you can’t just rise up to the occasion because you have already played the round one of the game- IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. How energy and performance supplements are important to take a look –

Keeping all of this in mind, our penis functions on blood flow. The heart is responsible for pumping and flow of blood in our body. By simple mathematics, we derive HAPPY HEART= HAPPY PENIS. You should take all the necessary steps to keep your heart healthy so that in turn your penis is up to the mark. 

Importance Of Energy And Performance Supplements In Men Life

Here’s a rundown as to why every man craves godlike sexual energy and performance-:

1)Mental satisfaction. You sleep soundly after knowing that you scored an A+ in bed.
2)Longer you last, the longer is the fun.
3)Ladies man. We all know ladies love it when we can go at it till the sun comes up.
4)Self- confidence. Our confidence levels are peaking high when we know we can bring it to the bed.
5)Orgasms so good that you reach a state of euphoria.
6)Health benefits. If your penis is healthy then it means your body must be in great shape as well as healthy.


There are many products in the market for a man’s energy and performance needs. You can easily buy them online discreetly.

DELAY SPRAYS AND CREAMSDelay spray and cream

Going at it all night is a promise we all make to our partner before we jump in bed. But sometimes it becomes an uphill task to live up to it. Thankfully there are products in the market that help us delay the climax scene to a great extent. These penis numbing sprays or creams are made with lab tested and approved ingredients and are proven to make you a king. You can easily buy delay spray lubes in India online.
There are many top grossing and people favorite products. To make it easy, here are the 2 best products in this league of legendary sprays and creams-


Contains the Active Ingredient, lidocaine which acts as a desensitizing agent by numbing the penile nerve endings. This product is highly endorsed by urologist and majority of the men that use this product. This product was designed by keeping in mind both female and male sexual pleasure.
Female partners often complain that their men should last a little bit longer.
Males are ashamed of not lasting enough to help their partner orgasm.
This products bridges this gap by delaying the climax by 15-20 minutes and is a proven player in this field.


This product was designed to calm your penis down just enough to ensure it’s a WIN-WIN for both the parties involved. It comes in a handy spray design. You can easily apply it to the penis. It provides the intended results without any nasty side effects. These delay sprays are a must to have in our bedside table so that we never let anyone down who comes to our humble abode.


Another type of sexual performance enhancement options includes erection sprays and creams. They can easily be applied on to the penis by spraying 1 to 2 times. It is advised to apply this product once the erection is achieved. Apply this 15 minutes before the showdown and get ready for an erection that will make you a star in the sack. These products boast a high delivery rate. You can easily buy erection spray in India online.

As promised above here’s a list of 2 of the best market leaders and community favorites when it comes to erections sprays-


This cream never lets you down-WORDPLAY. It has been the go-to choice for everyone who wants to keep it up longer. This cream contains vitamin-E and taurine which promotes skin’s natural stimulation. It also has almond oil and cupuaçu butter which adds to its quality and effectiveness. It is dermatologically and clinically tested.


This cream will take your penis along a sensational path. Intense fire and ice sensation are experienced by your penis. Condoms and sex toy friendly cream. A proven player in the sack and specially designed to increase HIS and HER pleasure. It is also paraben free which is reported to cause vaginal irritation in many women. Highly endorsed by sexologist all around the world.


Our brotherhood of men takes pride in satisfying their partner. As a gentleman, we consider it our duty to give it to them hard and give it to them good. When they sing our songs of satisfaction, it is the best melody for our ears. But for all this, we need to be on top of our game at all times. There are plenty of energy supplements that can help us achieve our goal every night. You can easily buy energy supplements in India online.

Here’s a list of two of the best supplements out there for your every need-


This product is made with natural ingredients to increase testosterone levels. It contains natural sexual performance enhancers that increase your sex power. Hormone release is increased and prostate health is improved. It promotes lean body mass and strength.


DHEA is a hormone produced by adrenal glands. Our body uses it to produce sex hormones. Consistent usage provides users with increased power and strength. It also benefits users having a decreased libido or ED. It helps to improve your sex life.


It all comes down to this question. Basically, it all depends on a person’s individual needs. All the products mentioned here are clinically tested and have scientific backing. The need for them varies from person to person. They all lead up to the same goal through different routes. To boil it down real smooth,
If you have no problem with erections then you should be good with using the delay sprays and creams. For extra strength ( if needed), supplements can be used.
If you are able to last long but you lack the stamina and power, energy supplements are your best mates.
If you are not able to keep it up enough for you to be satisfied, so, erection sprays are your best bet.


Where should I buy them discreetly?
You can easily buy energy capsules in India online and many other sexual energy enhancement products. We offer discreet shipping.
Are they safe to use?
Above all the products mentioned in this article is user reviewed and clinically tested. They are proven players in their respective fields. They should be used as per the direction.