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Young Boy-6″

9,999 2,499

Big Detective Wireless Vibrator – 20 Speeds.

10,999 6,999

7″ Realistic Sliding-Skin Dildo

4,999 2,999

Captain America

7,999 4,999

Rotating Head Realistic 8 Inches Remote controlled Dildo

8,999 3,499

Hollow Strap On Dildo With Vibration( Front Solid, Back Hollow For Comfort)

5,999 2,999

Pretty Love Marvin Vibrating Hollow Strap On Dildo For Men

10,999 5,999

Super Realistic HOLLOW Strap On Mars Dildo for Men

8,999 5,499

Double Dildo Strapon-Lesbian Fun

8,999 3,499

Strapon Adjustable Belt For Dildo

2,999 1,499

Strap on Belt For Dildo

1,499 999

Cute Boy-8″

4,999 3,499

Mr. Black-6″

5,499 2,999

Super Realistic Solid Strap On Dildo For Men

8,999 3,999

Double Dong G-spot Penetration Dildo

7,999 2,999

Wild Devil-Powerful Automatic Thrusting & Vibrating Realistic Dildo

14,999 7,999

The Wildest Dream-8″

6,999 5,499

Cyclone Fire Telescopic Automatic Thrusting Dildo – Limited Edition

15,999 8,999

RainBow 8″

5,999 4,999

Inflatable Dildo For Normal to Extreme Fun at Once

5,999 3,999

Real Flesh Dildo Skin

4,999 3,499

Naughty Boy 7″-Black

3,999 1,999

Naughty Man-7″

3,999 2,499

Crystal G-Spot Single Massager With Barbed For Female

3,999 1,499

Naughty Boy-7″

3,499 2,499

Love Egg Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Multi Function G Spot and Clitoral Stimulation Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator Colorful

7,999 3,999

I-Fun Heating Clitoral & G-Spot Vibratorwith Licking function for Female Orgasm

7,999 5,499

I-Fun XoXoo Remote Controlled Jumping Vibrating Egg

5,999 4,499

Online Collection of Sex Toys for Women

Welcome to GetSetWild, which certainly means welcoming you to one of the top-ranked portals for adult products and sex toys for women and men in this beautiful country called India. Sex toys are pretty much part of our lives now. That wouldn’t have been the case around 30 years ago. But nowadays with increasing sex education and awareness, sex toys have become essential. They form the core of one’s modern lifestyle. Yes, and we at GetSetWild help you pursue your sexual desires and fantasies. Sex is a basic physiological need of an organism and thus it should be fulfilled at any cost. This should be persuaded very seriously because of the lack of fulfillment of one’s basic needs in the form of sex might lead to disastrous consequences. 

Sex Toys for Women

We understand you way better than anyone around you. This is the only reason we have come up with this amazing idea of providing you a beginner’s guide to sex toys for women. We totally understand the fact that some of you might be completely new or alien to this world and thus we would not want you to use it as an excuse to not pursue what makes you feel happy and liberated. Therefore, you need not worry anymore about being unfamiliar to any kind of alien conditions since we are here to help you out at every possible stage of your shopping with us at GetSetWild – one of the finest portals to buy sex toys and adult products in India. We will sort out all your problems and issues you face while trying to zero down on a particular commodity of yours. Hence, whenever it is about sex or sex toys, we are the ones at GetSetWild that will help your way through to ace it in your sex life whether it involves a partner or it is about going solo. 

Why are sex toys and adult products for women so important?

Women Sex Toys

Nonfulfillment of basic needs may give way to an unhealthy habit of suppressing one’s sexual instincts and urges. This may further give way to a lot of other anxiety and stress-related issues in your daily life. The assertion points towards a very subtle yet most significant function of sex toys and adult products which to ensure that an individual is sexually active and healthy. Sexual health and fitness are undoubtedly one of the most important advantages of using a sex toy or an adult product. 

Moreover, what is more, harmful is the fact that a lot of women and men eventually become very comfortable with suppressing their sexual instincts and needs. Nothing can be worse. Therefore, we at GetSetWild decided to come up with some effective and affordable sexual solutions for you all. Although on this particular page, we are going to restrict ourselves discussing various types of sex toys and adult products that could be used by women in India.  

These sex toys have brought a wave of change for all the women who have been traditionally suppressed. This has acted as a ray of hope for them to break the prevailing shackles of patriarchy in society. The sex toys are for men as well as women. Men have not been sexually deprived throughout history. Rather it has been the women who have not been able to express their wishes. Therefore, we will only be discussing sex toys for female.

Types of Sex Toys for Women

There exists a great variety of sex toys at GetSetWild. Each one of the sex toys and adult products provides you with a chance to sexually discover and explore yourself in a unique fashion. Yes, each of them has got plenty of colors, sizes, and patterns to choose from. Each sex toy has unique selling points of its own which will certainly help you up to your sex game in bed with or without your loved one.  You can personally check that out from our website. We have listed the following types of sex toys for women on our portal.

Clitoral Vibrator

Clitoral Vibrator

This vibrator is effective in making you reach orgasm. One needs to use it around vulva, labia, and clitoris. This is one of the more popular vibrators for women all around the world. The fact that not many men are able to find and rub and play with a woman’s clitoris makes this a best seller. It does exactly what every woman wants her partner to do but unfortunately, they lack the will to learn and execute what is expected out of them. So, what are you waiting for? Try this out as soon as you can. Moreover, GetSetWild has made the entire process of procuring sex toys and adult products very efficient and convenient by providing you prompt and discreet product delivery system. 

Rabbit Vibrator

This vibrator has a unique name. This is because it resembles the face/ears of a rabbit. It provides great stimulation. This is again of the finest vibrators one can ever come across. This certainly ensures a great and soothing experience for you after you are home after a long day at the office. This might just help you live your life on your own terms. You may even use this product at weekends with or without your partner. Yes, you can actually this vibrator with your partner. Try telling him/her about why you feel like this is something that can spice up things in your relationship and we do not see your assertion being turned down. 

Couple Vibrator

Couple Vibrator:

This is one of its kind. You can use it with your partner. Male partner can wear it on his penis while the same has to be inserted in the woman’s vagina. Both of you can enjoy great stimulation during intercourse. And we are sure there comes a moment in every couples’ life where they start feeling as if they need something new in their relationship. Yes, it is very much natural to happen in a relationship. And one should be dealing with it is a great way that seems reasonable and effective. Thus, GetsetWild has got a wide range of couple vibrators for all the couples looking to add a new flavor to their relationship to ensure that it lasts long. Also, these couple vibrators are quite helpful in bringing you two close to each other in terms of knowing what your loved one loves. 

Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators are one of the most sought after sex toys. They are small, economical and effective in nature. These are the game-changing vibrators. We say this with a good number of reasons to back our assertion. As mentioned above, these bullet vibrators are super small, which makes them very convenient to carry around in your pockets or purses or bags. Moreover, the kind of stimulation it stirs is unmatched. Yes, we truly mean it. It somehow is able to create some great havoc down under. Lol! What makes it totally irresistible is the price tag at which you can fetch these bullet vibrators. These are so cost-effective that these can actually be termed as the only value for money commodity on this entire planet.  

G-spot Vibrator

G-spot Vibrator

A G-spot vibrator does what nothing can. It helps you achieve the perfect orgasm. It helps you make your way to the golden spot. And who does not want to go weak in their knees while something makes her go crazy down there? Yes, exactly no woman would want to miss out on such an opportunity. And honestly, even we would not want you to miss out on a great opportunity to fetch something pleasurable to a great degree. G-spot vibrators are indeed magical, to say the least. This it, girls! This is it. Buy it now from the best portal for adult products and sex toys in India – GetSetWild. 

Discreet Vibrator

It is called discreet for a reason. This does not look like a vibrator. It looks like just another lipstick or mascara in her purse/bag. Lol, now why wouldn’t you want to have all the fun that you have ever wished to have with these discreet vibrators. Yes, this is certainly a reality now. It is no more a dream. This is very easy to use and convenient vibrators that have given way to a lot more liberating atmosphere for women to explore their sexuality the way they want to and the moment they want to. So, hurry up, ladies. Fetch you are discreet to realize the wildest of your sexual fantasies. Coolio?


Dildos are the best sex toy a woman can use. This sex toy comes in various sizes and colors. It is exactly like a male penis. A dildo can be made of rubber, glass, and some other equally comforting material. Although there is a lot of love that the glass dildos available at GetSetWild are bestowed upon with. These have been evergreen throughout the ages. Yes, a dildo is what is still used as women around the world in order to satisfy her sexual urges. These have been used for a considerable period of time. 

Most Preferred Sex Toys for Women

The following is the list of two most preferred women sex toys in India. You can always check these products out. Who knows you might want to purchase one of these products for yourself to satisfy your sexual desires and needs. Yes, the following are the most popular sex toys among women in India. 



Dildos rank pretty high on the preference chart. Many women prefer dildos since they resemble a man’s penis. It helps you get better stimulations inside your body. It makes one come hard. Thus, it is somehow the favorite sex toy for the majority of women. So, what are you waiting for ladies? Grab your own dildo that suits your style and preferences today itself only on the best site for buying sex toys and adult products in India – GetSetWild. All the sex toys and adult products available at our site are affordable as well as very effective in nature. We believe in providing our customers with 100% genuine and authentic products. 

G-spot Vibrators

This sex toy sells like hot cupcakes. Why so? Nothing gets what you need more than this G-spot vibrator. It will help you release your stress and anxiety in the most pleasurable way. What are you waiting for? Order one today and dig deep. Yes, moreover, we at GetSetWild have made the entire process of shopping with us your favorite sex toys and adult products way easier. We have put up a dedicated team of hardworking individuals to satisfy your queries. Yes, these queries can be literally about anything that you seem to have no answers about when it comes to shopping for sex toys and adult products with us at GetSetWild. We will take care of each and every problem of yours. 

Shopping Online at GetSetWild

We at GetSetWild understand what a woman has to go through in a society in which she is judged for her choices. Sex toys enable a person to derive pleasure from his/her own body. You can use it with your partner. Sex toys are manufactured as well as sold keeping in mind the requirements of the consumer. We act cautiously while delivering our products. These sex toys have been liberating for women. It has just given all the women to pursue their desires and fantasies whenever they feel like. 

So, break the shackles of the patriarchal society and explore yourself the way you wish to without any kind of inhibition. GetSetWild is best at what it does. Therefore, we are going to provide you with one of the most remarkable collections of adult products and sex toys in India to choose from. Thus, we have a provision for discreet packaging and delivery. This ensures that a woman does not need to go through any kind of humiliation or embarrassment while pursuing her natural instincts. So, keep on making love! Keep shopping of sex toys for women with us at GetSetWild!