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Young Boy-6″

9,999 2,499

Big Detective Remote Control Vibrating Dildo with Suction Cup

7,999 4,599

Captain America

7,999 4,999

Rotating Head Realistic 8 Inches Remote Controlled Dildo

5,999 4,999

Vibrating Hollow Strap On Dildo for Men

5,999 2,999

Pretty Love Marvin Vibrating Hollow Strap On Dildo For Men

10,999 5,999

Mars Super Realistic Hollow Strap On Dildo for Men

8,999 5,499

Double Dildo Strapon-Lesbian Fun

8,999 3,499

Adjustable Strapon Belt For Dildo

2,999 1,499

Strap on Belt For Dildo

1,499 999

Cute Boy-8″

4,999 3,499

Mr. Black-6″

5,499 2,999

Super Realistic Solid Strap On Dildo

8,999 3,999

The Boss 7Inch Strap-On Dildo for Women and Lesbian

7,999 3,499

Double Dong G-spot Penetration Dildo

7,999 2,999

Wild Devil-Powerful Automatic Thrusting and Vibrating Realistic Dildo

14,999 7,999

The Wildest Dream 8 Inch Vibrating Dildo

6,999 5,499

X-Men Realistic Automatic Thrusting Dildo

15,999 8,999

RainBow Super realistic 8 Inches Dildo for LGBTQ

5,999 4,999

Inflatable Dildo For Normal to Extreme Fun at Once

5,999 3,999

Real Flesh Dildo Skin

4,999 3,499

Naughty Man 7Inch Vibrating Dildo

3,999 2,499

Crystal G-Spot Single Massager With Barbed For Female

3,999 1,499

Pink Cap Stud Naughty Boy 7Inch Vibrating Dildo

2,800 1,200

NEMO Egg Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Multi Function G Spot and Clitoral Stimulation Rabbit Vibrator

7,999 3,999

I-Fun XoXoo Remote Controlled Jumping Vibrating Egg

5,999 4,499

Lilo Remote Control 10 Speed Egg Vibrator

4,999 2,399

USB Rechargeable Quirl G-Spot Vibrator

7,999 3,999

I-Fun Magic A Perfect All Rounder Wand Vibrator

9,999 6,999

Introduction to Sex Toys for Women

Sex Toys for Women

We @GetSetWild, take pride in welcoming you to feel a little overwhelmed and try to buy our sex toys and adult products which are specially curated for females, you’re not alone. After all, there are so many kinds of sex toys for women. From clitoral toys, bullet vibrators, dildos, rabbits vibrators, couple vibrators, butt plugs, and much more — there’s a lot. Also, there is a difference in price, material, range, and functionality. Between the advanced, beautifully small, and powerhouse varieties, there’s just a lot to sort through. Do not worry; we’re here to help you zero down your first/next sex toys for women right here. Take this as the list of toys that are worth buying.

Irrespective you are a beginner or an expert, it always helps to ask yourself what you’re looking for in a sex toy before diving into the options. What will be more exciting – a clitoral treat, or internal while adding some size and length to it? Or just women’s sex toys that can give make you super orgasmic, no matter how you pick and use them.

Try to keep your toy lubricated while using the adult product and it will make things more pleasurable. Also, try and maintain good hygiene by cleaning the toy before and after use.

Whether this is your first encounter with the sex toy world or maybe your 100th – we are happy to serve you discreetly!

Types of adult Products & Sex Toys for Women in India

Wherever you look these days, female sex toys are coming up all over the place. They have made their way are in your favorite journals and TV shows. And this is because initially it was simply mistaken to be used by females who are lonely or desperate but that has finally disappeared. Now there has been a positive revolution in the way that females talk about their pleasure and orgasm.

If you wish to stimulate a specific part of your body then there’s a sex toy available just to do that! Selecting your first female sex toy can be difficult as there are so many different styles to select from, but it all comes down to which part of the body it is you want to aim for. And it’s just not limited to just the vagina and the clitoris. While these are the two most popular areas for a female sex toys, there are all sorts of toys that you can try. Here is a quick sex toy tour to give you an idea of some of the best female sex toys and how you can use these toys for all different kinds of pleasure.


Dildo for Women

Dildos are very versatile and that’s the reason why they are famous amongst women. They are non-vibrating and can be easily used for self-pleasure and penetration. They can have a bodily design to look like an actual penis, or they can be built with no penis-like shape similarity.

They come in different shapes and sizes. You can get a big dildo, mini one, metal, glass, textured, or even a curved dildo to directly target the g-spot. While many females enjoy dildos for vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation, you can also get an anal dildo to penetrate the passage and arouse the nerve endings there.



We have heard the fact that no bedroom passion is complete without a vibrator in the picture. Well, that’s because these sex toys for women are designed with the purpose of helping you reach orgasm no matter which part of the body you use it on. A vibrator is an all-inclusive term for any sex toy that vibrates to stimulate erogenous areas of the body.

Thinking out which is the best vibrator really comes down to which areas of the body you like to get stirred. There are outer styles that stimulate the clitoris and inner styles that massage the vagina and the g-spot. If you want external and internal stimulation at the same time, we have a rabbit vibrator for your rescue. This has a vibrating vaginal shaft and outward ears which vibrate against the clitoris so you can get the best of both worlds.

Anal Toys

Anal Toys

A female sex toy is not only the vulva and a vagina. There has been a huge demand for butt plugs as sex toys have taken a jump in the market. Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes and they are designed to create a full feeling in the anal region. You can wear a butt plug during masturbation or during joined play to give the body even more sensation as your anal muscles tighten around the plug.

If you wish to train your body for anal sex, try butt plugs. They make sure that the muscle is stretched and relaxed in order for making penis penetration easier than ever. You can also look for a vibrating butt plug for even more stimulation.

If you want to explore anal play but a butt plug seems slightly scary, then another option is to start off with a set of anal beads. They are a chain of balls that steadily increases in size. It is easy to use and you can use it as per your comfort level. Try inserting the beads till the time you feel it’s right, do it and you will be amazed.

That’s because anal beads stimulate the nerve endings at the opening of the anus and when you insert a bead you will have maximum pleasure. This is another toy that can be used alone or with a partner during any kind of play. If you wish to make your sex more intense-remove the beads during or just before you are about to reach orgasm.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

Having a set of sexy yet comfortable lingerie is the dream of every woman. It comes with different fits and designs and the coziest ones.

When we talk about lingerie than eroticism plays an important role in setting the mood and making you look sexy and elegant. One of the finest used materials and looks, we have an exclusive collection of lingeries. Combine this with influential and sexy designs, and you have a lingerie collection that demands some serious spectators. Our collections are designed to help you embrace your inner goddess and display your true confidence. All the elegant design details make sure that you fall in love with them.

Arousal & Attractants

Arousal & Attractants

Arouse/Arousal – the feeling just before you are sexually turned on. You will notice different changes happening in your body, there will be a series of sweet goose bumps, and your nipples will become more sensitive or your vagina will be wet. Anyone can get aroused if they do some sexual stimulation on their own or with their partner, watch a porn movie, or use various products which help arouse themselves or their partner. Turn yourself on just before you get involved in sexual activity. Get romance back in your life; try different things to make your partner love you more and more. Get the best arousal product and you will never want to stop.

Why should women use sex toys?

Sex toys help in improving sexual purpose and being more active in sexual health and relation. A sex toy for women offers pleasure and fun, sex toys can be a useful addition to your daily dose of excitement.

Sexual products/toys can give different types of sexual stimulation, which can be useful when there is reduced sexual feeling. A small vibrator can help to stretch the tissues of the vagina to enable penetration without pain and the vibrations increase blood flow to the walls of the vagina, promoting healing, stimulating nerves, and improving the lubrication.

One of the benefits of introducing sex toys into your life is to open up a room to talk about sex and how you can enjoy it as an individual or as a couple.
Use sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and increased orgasm. This will help you to sleep, boost immunity, reduce stress, and relieve pain.

How do take care of women’s sex toys?

Sex toys are amazing and an excellent addition to your sex life, both solo and with a partner. While you wish to enjoy yourself with them, do not forget to take care of the soldiers – you would want to keep them in good shape for using their time and again.

• Firstly, ensure that you buy quality products – (get in touch with us GetSetWild) and we vouch for our commitment to quality products when it comes to sex toys for women.
• Cleaning is very important – one has to be very much hygienic when it comes to using the toys, wash them with a good solution or soap – before and after every use to avoid infections
• For toys that are not waterproof – before cleaning, remove the batteries and do not drown them totally in water
• Make sure that you use good lube while using your toy- it actually helps in a smooth ride. For a silicone toy-use water-based lubricant or else it will stick to it and for others, you can use a silicone-based lube
• When not in use – remove the batteries – it increases their life

Precautions while using sex toys for women

• There are certain measures that you need to keep in mind while using sex toys for women
• The toy that you select should be smooth and not made up of hard plastic
• After cleaning your toy, check for any residuals – it might get irritating later
• Do not share your toy with anyone
• Do not use the toy immediately back and forth (vagina-anal) without cleaning it

Why should GetSetWild be your first preference?

We are the king when it comes to providing you with the largest number of sexual products and sex toys for women on the market.

Customers have been extremely satisfied with our service and they highly recommend us in their circle with rave reviews. What we promise – we deliver and GetSetWild is known for its commitment.

We deliver the orders in a discreet manner, so your personal information is not leaked. Your privacy is utmost important to us.

Our team is here to help you in a very professional way and they are happy to serve you with all the hand holding that you will need for selecting a toy till it reaches your door.

We have always tried to give you a world-class experience and continuously look at improvising our services, in order to become your one-stop haul for all your sexual needs and fantasies.

Some FAQs regarding sex toys for women

1) How can I introduce sex toys into my relationship?

a. Talk to your partner and make him understand the fun part of it. Make sure you and your partner both understand that sex toys are not an option for a partner, but a toy that will help in adding some extra stimulation—and post that the fun starts.

2) Will I become addicted?

a. Anything that makes you feel good can turn out to be addictive. Your clitoris might become used to being rubbed by a vibrator more than your fingers. That doesn’t mean you won’t reach the orgasmic level without using a vibrator/toy. Try and improvise your stimulation techniques – alternate use can be more beneficial for the spice up things.

3) What toy can I use with my partner?

a. You can try using a vibrating cock ring or a clitoral vibrator which can stimulate you and your partner.

4) How can I clean the toy?

a. Good use of an antibacterial solution or soap should be used before and after every use and make sure that you do not just throw it away in your drawer without covering it properly.

5) What sex toy should I buy for my first-time experience?

a. If you are new and wish to explore- a clitoral vibrator can be put to good use. Experiment with different vibration modes and enjoy.

6) Will someone help me in selecting a good sex toy for women?

a. We have our team to help you at every stage – they will guide you in zeroing down on the best product with the best price.

7) Can we share it with friends?

a. It is highly not recommended to share your sex toys with anyone. There are chances of infection to spread in between the one who uses the same toy. But yes, you can definitely share our name GetSetWild among your friends and we will offer the best deal on sex toys for women, men, couples, and LGBT people.