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Beginner’s Guide to Women Sex Toys

Sex toys are pretty much part of our lives now. That wouldn’t have been the case around 30 years ago. But nowadays with increasing sex education and awareness, sex toys have become essential. They form the core of one’s modern lifestyle.

Sex toys enable a person to derive pleasure from his/her own body. You can use it with your partner. Sex toys are manufactured as well as sold keeping in mind the requirements of the consumer. We act cautiously while delivering our products. These sex toys have been liberating for women. It has just given all the women to pursue their desires and fantasies whenever they feel like.

These sex toys have brought a wave of change for all the women who have been traditionally suppressed. This has acted as a ray of hope for them to break the prevailing shackles of patriarchy in society. The sex toys are for men as well as women.

Men have not been sexually deprived throughout history. Rather it has been the women who have not been able to express their wishes. Therefore, we will only be discussing sex toys for women.

Types of Sex Toys for Women

There exists a great variety of sex toys at GetSetWild. You can personally check that out from our website. We have listed the following types of sex toys for women on our portal.

Clitoral Vibrator: This vibrator is effective in making you reach orgasm. One needs to use it around vulva, labia, and clitoris.

Rabbit Vibrator: This vibrator has a unique name. This is because it Rabbit vibratorresembles the face/ears of a rabbit. It provides great stimulation.

Couple Vibrator: This is one of its kind. You can use it with your partner. Male partner can wear it on his penis while the same has to be inserted in the woman’s vagina. Both of you can enjoy great stimulation during intercourse.

Bullet Vibrator: Bullet vibrators are one of the most sought after sex toys. They are small, economical and effective in nature.

G-spot Vibrator: A G-spot vibrator does what nothing can. It helps you achieve the perfect orgasm. It helps you make your way to the golden spot.Lipstick vibrator

Discreet Vibrator: It is called discreet for a reason. This does not look like a vibrator. It looks like just another lipstick or mascara in her purse/bag.dildo

Dildo: Dildos are the best sex toy a woman can use. This sex toy comes in various sizes and colors. It is exactly like a male penis.

Most Preferred Sex Toys for Women


Dildos rank pretty high on the preference chart. Many women prefer dildos since they resemble a man’s penis. It helps you get better stimulations inside your body. It makes one come hard. Thus, it is somehow the favorite sex toy for the majority of women.

G-spot VibratorsG spot vibrator

This sex sells like hot cupcakes. Why so? Nothing gets what you need more than this G-spot vibrator. It will help you release your stress and anxiety in the most pleasurable way. What are you waiting for? Order one today and dig deep.

Shopping Online at GetSetWild

We at GetSetWild understand what a woman has to go through in a society in which she is judged for her choices. Thus, we have a provision for discreet packaging and delivery. This ensures that a woman does not need to go through any kind humiliation or embarrassment while pursuing her natural instincts.