Basic: Selling Adult Care Products in India is not illegal at all unless you display obscene pictures or nudity on the product Packaging. In simple words, Indian law is against obscenity, not against adult toys. If there is obscenity on the box of Tiffen or water botel, then Indian Law is against the manufacturer of the lunch or water bottle.  So we have to understand the fact that any product which has the nudity or obscenity on the box or product itself irrespective of the category of product is against Indian Law.

100% legal sex toysSo If adult toys which do not break this law, are properly packaged and do not resemble any human body private parts are 100% legal in India. A good instance is here: India’s #1 company Durex imports penis rings and vibrators in India in the category of sex toys and None of govt institutional body has ever knocked their doo to ask why is it so. Because they import Adult products which are legal.

Note: Adult toys which come in the exact shape of human body private parts are illegal to import. But somehow if you happened to clear the customs and got that product in your home for personal use, Then it’s good. Indian law gives liberty to all Indians to use any product they want in private unless its drugs or arms.

GetSetWild believes in 100% legality of the products:

All the commodities available for sale at GetSetWild are in accordance with the Indian law. GetSetWild doesn’t indulge in any kind of unauthorized and illicit trading of products.

We have always upheld the cause behind laying down of certain regulations by the Indian Penal Code (1860). We disapprove of any kind of violation in relation to the Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act (1954) and The Indecent Representation of Women Act (1986).

Being a responsible corporation, we ensure that all the products sold at our website are completely lawful in nature.

We, at GetSetWild, don’t endorse any kind of inconsistency with regard to certain rules and sanctions laid down by the guardians of our constitution. All the products available at our site are thus, approved by the Customs Authority of India. We have a strong conviction towards ensuring a hassle-free and totally legit experience while you are shopping with us.