Why lubricants are important in intimate sessions?

Importance of Sexual Lubricant

Lube“Liquid gold for sex- According to the Bollywood flicks we have grown up watching, each of our leads are pro at their first time and their silky satin sheets are a testament to their silky smooth lovemaking. They have fooled us big time. Sex can get extremely awkward and uncomfortable, especially for the first-timers. It’s surprising how only a few people think about using lube and actually know the benefits of personal sex lubricants.

Due to the skin on the penis and vagina being dry, intercourse can be painful and not at all pleasurable. At times vaginal lubrication may not be sufficient to have pleasurable intercourse and sex. Women experience dryness while men face friction which becomes a major mood bummer in bed and in turn, causes strain in your relationship outside the bedroom.

Popularly known as “Lube”, sex lubricant or personal lubrication is liquid gold to avoid the friction caused in bed that threatens to create friction in your relationship. It is basically a gel that serves to ease the pain during your passionate moments. It is applied to your private areas for a much smoother and velvety experience.

People who are not aware of sex lubes still prefer saliva and coconut oils, while saliva dries up real quick, coconut oil can be harmful to the PH balance of a woman’s vagina. Lubricants multitask on different levels- they can be smeared on a man`s penis for smoother strokes, and they can also be applied on condoms for easier penetration.

Lubricants can be used both by males and females during masturbation for a more intensified experience. They enhance sexual arousal by stimulating the flow of blood to the vagina. It helps maintain the firmness of the vagina and keeps it soft and hydrated all through sexual activities. Even if your body is giving you no pain while having sex, you can still have more satisfying sex using lubricants.

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