Sex Toys Common Queries

Our aim is to enhance the sex life of the Indian and USA community. When east went west in values, a lot of west mind values was traded and having a good sex life also is one of those values. GetSetWild only deals in high-quality products from USA, Russia, UK and Netherland directly imported. Since a lot of other websites carry local Chinese sex toys and GetSetWild is strictly against the local Chinese poor quality products and taken many initiatives regarding that. Coming back to the point, why GetSetWild is the best website to buy sex toys in India? 1: Most discreet Shipping Policy 2: Most competitive prices in the industry 3: SSL secured Payment methods 4: Shipping available in 28000+ pin codes 5: Free COD policy 6: 6 Payment Methods 7: Premium quality products only
Well, It depends on the requirement of a man. If he wants to explore toys for self-pleasure and solo play, Then masturbators are the best one for him, If he wants to enhance the performance during the intercourse, Then Cock rings and delay creams are there to rescue him.
Well, Women's sex life is far different than from man, they have multiple orgasms level and each orgasm level has its own threshold value. So it totally depends on which sex toys can take them to their respective level of orgasm. Some premium vibrators are capable of taking women to the 7th level of orgasm. Speaking in general terms, it depends upon the one's requirement. If they want to go for a solo play or self-pleasure, Then Dildo and Vibrators are always there which does its job realistically. If in intercourse, then dual vibrators and performance enhance devices and products are available which can multiply pleasure up to 5 times and can help them reach orgasm
Couple sex toys are designed to enhance the level of sex during intercourse. They help in stimulating the hormones and sensation during the play. There are many good couple sex toys like Couple vibrators and masturbators, Many delay or performance enhancements spray and cream which does its job brilliantly.
Yes of course, Sex toys are safe to use. GetSetWild only carries premium sex toys which are packed and stored hygienically. Using sex toys enhances the level of the sex life of a person and all sex toys ate GetSetWild is 100% safe to use.
Before 5 years down the line, Indians were not aware of sex toys and were kind of struggling in sex life also. but all thanks to the sex toys industry which help in enhancing the sex life values. Sex toys make your sex life better because they stimulate and enhance the level of hormones which helps in improving sex life.
Selling sex toys offline is illegal in India and above that, there are literally no offline stores of sex toys and even if you get one, you will end up buying a cheap local Chinese sex toy which is good for nothing. So one should never buy sex toys from a local shop because they are illegal and only deals with poor quality sex toys.

General Queries:

At present, we do not have that option.
All the gift cards you purchase will be emailed to your registered email address. If you still can not find your gift card, then email us at
You can always make purchases using guest checkout details. But a registered account has perks of its own. You can track your order, get some gift coupons, special offers, and more.
When you are placing an order at the checkout page, you can paste your coupon code. In the image below, you can see where you need to enter your coupon code.
At present, we do not have that option.
No, we do not have a retail shop. Every order you want to make should be only through our website.
You can go to the login page, click "forgot password". You will receive an email where a link will be sent. Simply click on the link and you will be asked to reset your password.
Generally, the validity of the Gift Card is a year. If your gift card expires, you can always stay in touch with our customer service team and extend the gift card expiry date. You can contact us: Email - at or Whatsapp.
The products are shipped in tamper-proof packaging. Unless someone opens the package, they will not know what is inside or where did it come from.
GetSetWild offers a wide range of products which are unique and are purchased directly from the best brands. We have brands from the United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, France, China, Australia, India and many other parts of the world. We do not buy from the grey markets and it has given us a large base of satisfied customers. All our products are 100% real and sealed for hygiene.
We believe in providing the best value and product to the Indian audiences. We have specific tie-ups with many major brands and we believe in giving you high-quality user experience. In a rare scenario, prices can be higher than other sites because other sites may sell similar products fetching them from grey markets. They might be expired as well. You will never be able to sell substandard products in any form.

Order Related Queries

We respect our customers’ privacy. Our servers have high-level SSL security which can not be decrypted even by us. On top of that, we only deal in discreet and private shipment. This means that no one else would know what's inside the box except both of us. So, keep shopping without any worry. Repose faith in us. We won’t disappoint. Happy Shopping! 🙂
We have this service with certain courier companies. You can enter your PIN code to check whether your PIN code is covered by the courier company. You may also have the option to choose the right delivery to pick up points within your city. When the shipment reaches the destination, you will receive a call for pick-up.
Yes, we have cash on delivery on the majority of our PIN codes. You can check the COD availability here. You can always view the product page by entering your PIN code before ordering.
We offer discounts in various formats - discounts on products and coupons from time to time. In addition to it, we have product related offers on the offer page. To keep up with our latest offers and coupon codes, you can either subscribe to our newsletter or register with us.
If your product is not shipped yet, you can always modify or cancel the order. To modify or cancel your order, you can either mail to the Customer Care Team at or contact us by your phone or WhatsApp. Once you place an order, no amendments can be made.
You must be a registered user to access full order history. Once you register and an order is placed on getsetwild, you can check the status of each of your order from My Account -> My Orders panel.
No, it won’t be. As a part of our discreet and the privacy policy, we don’t display the product name on the order package. Even the delivery boy will not have any information about the products inside the package. The products are shipped in tamper-proof packaging. Unless someone opens the package, they would not know what's inside or where did it come from.
No, as a part of our privacy policy, we will not display our the name - GetSetWild, on the order package. Shipments will be sent under the name of our company - TWT Pvt. Ltd.
No, as part of our confidentiality clause, GetSetWild name will not appear on your bank statement or on my credit card bill. Payment will be displayed by the name of our Merchant Descriptor-GSW or PayKun GateWay

Shipment Related Queries:

We are pioneers of discreet way shipping and delivery in India. The order will be sent in a completely discreet fashion. There will be no mention of the product name or website on the box.
If the order is less than Rs. 999, then shipping charges are applicable. The standard shipping fee is Rs. 99 per order. For any order above Rs.999, shipping is free.
On the day of delivery, depending on many factors such as PIN codes, where you live, courier services and festivals or obstacles in the area that are encountered during the trip. If the conditions are perfect, then delivery should not exceed 5 working days (excluding North East India). For the North Eastern part of India, it takes around takes 5 to 8 business days.
We have made it very simple. On each product page, you will be asked for a PIN code to check COD availability. Just enter the pin code and click on check. It will show whether your PIN code is covered under our
It is possible only if the order has not been shipped. You can email us at If the order is out for delivery, the delivery address can not be changed.
Yes, you might if you want. To want this to happen, you will have to contact and request the customer service team. You can contact us at

Payment related Queries:

We offer secure online payments through credit card, debit card and net banking, where all the payments are processed through a secure payment gateway. We also offer cash on delivery option on selected PIN codes.
No, as explained earlier. We do not mention GetSetWild anywhere due to customer privacy reasons. Invoices are generated by the name of tech will Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Absolutely. We believe in a privacy policy. Therefore, we adhere to a strict privacy policy when you call, email us, use our contact form or sign up for our newsletter. We ensure the privacy and security of all your personal information, order history and other records. We take your privacy very seriously. We have got your back! Don’t worry. Read more about our privacy policy.
We understand that you want to keep your personal life private. That's why we follow a strict privacy policy when you contact us, place an order or sign up for our newsletter. We ensure the privacy and security of all your personal information, order history and other records. Apart from this, our packaging is 100% branding free, so neither the delivery person nor your inquisitive neighbours will know about what you ordered for. We take your privacy very seriously. Read more about our privacy policy.

Returns/ refunds related Queries:

To get any defective product exchanged, you can follow these steps: a. Contact customer care team at B. Send the images of products with details of the problems encountered. C. You may receive a call to resolve the problem or you will receive an email with updates of what you have to do. D. If the exchange is verified, a courier boy will come and pick up the products. E. Once you do this, you can just send a confirmation email or Whatsapp + 91- and a new product will be sent to you.
Once the exchange is approved, it should take 7-10 days for the packaged to be delivered.
To achieve high levels of hygiene, we do not take returns or provide an exchange for apparel and international products. We believe in providing complete satisfaction of all the purchased products. However, if the product has a manufacturing defect, we will give you a replacement or refund. If necessary, send your complaint within 2 days of delivery to with details of your order number and images.
Exchange of products would not cost you a penny.
Refunds are issued in the following cases: A. If the ordering product is damaged and we do not have the same product in the stock for exchange. B. If the product is out of stock In such cases, we can also give a coupon code to the amount of order placed. If you have placed a COD order, the only way to refund is a coupon code, which will help you in your next purchase.
Refunds usually take 7-10 business days.