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Naughty Boy 7″-Black

3,999 1,999

Naughty Man-7″

3,999 2,499

Crystal G-Spot Single Massager With Barbed For Female

3,999 1,499

Naughty Boy-7″

2,800 1,200

Love Egg Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Multi Function G Spot and Clitoral Stimulation Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator Colorful

7,999 3,999

I-Fun Heating Clitoral & G-Spot Vibratorwith Licking function for Female Orgasm

7,999 5,499

I-Fun XoXoo Remote Controlled Jumping Vibrating Egg

5,999 4,499

Lilo-Remote Control 10 Speed Bullet Vibrator

4,999 2,399

Usb Rechargeable Quirl Vibrator And Stimulator

7,999 3,999

JoyStick Rabbit Thrusting Vibrating Dildo

12,999 3,999

I-Fun Magic Wand Vibrator- A Perfect AllRounder

9,999 6,999

EVO Luxurious Dual Motor USB Rechargeable G-spot & Clitoral Vibrator-Limited Stock

8,999 5,999

Little Dance Panty Wearable Vibrator For G-Spot & Clitoral Stimulation

6,700 3,999

Super Realistic Movable Tongue Vibrator For Women – Oral Fun

6,999 3,499


3,999 2,799

Lipstick Vibrator-Super Discreet & Travel friendly!

2,999 2,499

Rich Sili Rabbit Vibrator For Women

5,299 3,699

Donna Multi Speed Crystal Silicone Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy

6,099 4,099

Nira Silicone Rabbit Vibrator with Dual Vibration

4,599 3,699

DELUX Silicone Vibrator 30 Functions G spot Dildo Vibrator

4,399 3,599

TECHNO Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator with a G-Spot and Clit Massager

7,599 4,990

ESHA G Spot and C Spot – Dual Vibration Premium Intimate Massager

5,899 3,099

Body Touch Vibrator

7,899 3,999

Nira Rabbit Vibrator Sex Toy For Women

5,699 4,299

Lisa Thrusting Double Power Stretch Rabbit Vibrator For Extra Pleasure

5,599 4,299

Intimate Tease Double Vibe

4,799 4,399

Rabbit LUX Double Vibrator with Heating

6,499 3,599

Kaya Multispeed Silicone Rabbit Vibrator For Women

4,599 3,699

Introduction to Vibrators for Women

Vibrator for Women

Vibrators are sex toys that are used by women to get in sexual stimulation. Nowadays, vibrator sex toys come in different shape and sizes – which has numerous vibration modes and pulsation.

The history of vibrators for women goes back to pre-historic era and the first vibrator date somewhere in the 1800 – that time it was used to relieve depression and anxiety in women. They wanted to use a method in which it was easier to take care of the issue rather than manually rubbing the female genitals.

Slowly and gradually the face of vibrators kept changing. From a wand to small and discreet devils – they have adapted themselves according to the need and wants of every women and the best thing is that they are discreet. Initially the concentration was to stimulate the vaginal area, but now they are aimed to please different part of a women’s body.

Vibrators are looked as a tool for self-pleasure. Now, women don’t have to wait for their partners to arouse them or beg for satisfaction. When it comes to talking about sexuality – women are quite open now and they don’t want to compromise on their feelings anymore.

Types of Vibrator for Women

Types of Vibrators for Women

Many thoughts pop up when we hear the term “vibrators”. They are not only penetrative but they also vibrate. There is a version which doesn’t vibrate and that’s called a “Dildo”. You will see many products which you can select according to your desire and preferences but it would be sensible to understand every kind of vibrators for women before you think to spend your money.

Clitoral Vibrator

These vibrators stimulate you or your partner’s clitoris; it creates a pulsating sensation which tends to give you orgasm. Though there are many vibrators available in the market, these ones are specifically designed to pleasure the clit.

G-Spot Vibrator

The g-spot is a bean shaped area in the vagina and that’s where the female ejaculation comes from. These vibrators are built to massage this area for a more powerful sensation and arousal. Other than penetration they are designed to directly reach the spot while stimulating the clitoris for extra pleasure.

Rabbit Vibrator

Here comes the rabbit. Get your G-spot and clitoris stimulated at the same time. The rabbit’s ears vibrate to give you a toe-curling orgasm. The vibration modes are adjustable plus its completely discreet.

Discreet Vibrator

If you are travelling and want to pack a small vibrator or a toy without having much attention from anyone, you need something which is discreet. These are disguised but yet powerful to give you the pleasure that you need. They don’t make noise and that’s why they are your ideal partner to look upon when you want to give yourself an orgasmic treat. Choose from a range of discreet vibrators only at GetSetWild

Why should women use vibrator

Why should women use vibrator

Anyone women who has used a vibrator can vouch on how better their arousal and orgasm has become. It becomes much easier to reach orgasm while using a toy. You can have better penetration, avoid pregnancy, relationship issues and crave to get satisfied. Women don’t need a partner to get this all done. Go ahead and make yourself feel good – do not treat it as a threat or taboo that one should reach orgasm only in a natural way.

Precautions & safety tips while using vibrator

• Do check the box for instructions and understand how it works
• Do buy quality sex toys and not something which is cheaper but compromises on the standards
• Understand the type of vibrator you have picked and try to use it in private
• If you are going solo – try to feel it as your partner or if you wish to use it on your partner – explore each body part and see which one stimulates more
• Buy a toy according to your taste and preference and not just by their reviews
• Gradually pick up the pace and try to penetrate – more from different speed levels
• Maintain a proper hygiene and storage for better lifespan
• Do not share your toy with anyone
• Lubricate your toy while having sex –please make sure that you buy a compatible lube

How to take care of vibrator sex toy for women

taking care of vibrator

Sexual products and toys can maximise your intimate desires and fantasies but it will be extremely sad to get infected by a disease due to a vibrator which has not been take care of.

• Firstly, ensure that you buy quality vibrators for women – (get in touch with us GetSetWild) and we vouch on our commitment for quality products when it comes to sex toys for women.
• Cleaning is very important – one has to be very much hygienic when it comes to using the toys, wash them with a good solution or soap – before and after every use to avoid infections
• For toys which are not waterproof – before cleaning, remove the batteries and do not drown them totally in water
• Make sure that you use a good lube while using your toy- it actually helps in a smooth ride. For a silicone toy-use water based lubricant or else it will stick to it and for others you can use a silicone based lube
• When not in use – remove the batteries – it increases their life

Why should GetSetWild be your first preference to buy it?

Shop vibrators with Us at GetSetWild

We are the king when it comes to providing you with the largest number of sexual products and toys in the market.

Customers have been extremely satisfied with our service and they highly recommend us in their circle with rave reviews. What we promise – we deliver and GetSetWild is known for its commitment.

We deliver the orders in a discreet manner, so your personal information is not leaked. Your privacy is utmost important to us.

Our team is here to help you in a very professional way and they are happy to serve you with all the hand holding that you will need for selecting a toy till it reaches your door.

We have always tried to give you a world class experience and continuously look at improvising our services, in order to become your one stop haul for all your sexual need and fantasies.

Some FAQs regarding vibrator sex toys

1. How many types of vibrators are available in the market?
a. There are different types – Penetrative, clitoral, Rabbit, Wands, bullet and other discreet vibrators. They come in different materials, shapes and sizes. Some are made out of glass, rubber, plastic and silicone. You can select from a non-vibrating toy to something which is discreet and small to avoid unnecessary attention

2. What is a remote controlled vibrator?
a. It is for those who wish to have fun and play with their partner. The vibrations modes are controlled by a remote and do not have any button on the vibrator itself. The person holding the remote control gets to decide what speed, frequency and intensity the vibrations come at. This can be a lot of fun as the person wearing the vibrator will have no idea what they were in for but it will surprise them.

3. What parts of my body can I stimulate with a vibrator?
a. Please go ahead and explore – with a vibrator you can stimulate any part of your body. From ears to nipple, G-spot and clit. For men, they can be used to stimulate the prostate. It can also be used for foreplay.

4. Can you have sex using a vibrator?
a. Absolutely, Yes! We have a range of couple vibrators which helps you add an extra dose of love in your sexual activities. You can tease each other by controlling the speed levels and stimulate them while your partner is thrusting you inside.

5. Do I need to use a lubricant every time I use a vibrator?
a. It is for a better experience. You have to use a lube which is compatible to the material of your toy is. Generally a water based lubricant is advised but you can check for more option on GetSetWild