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Naughty Boy-7″

3,499 2,499

I-Fun Magic Wand Vibrator- A Perfect AllRounder

9,999 6,999

EVO Luxurious Dual Motor USB Rechargeable G-spot & Clitoral Vibrator-Limited Stock

8,999 5,999

Lipstick Vibrator-Super Discreet & Travel friendly!

2,999 1,499

Cyclone Fire Telescopic Automatic Thrusting Dildo – Limited Edition

15,999 14,999

Multi Function G Spot & Clitoral Stimulation Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Pretty Love Hilda-G Spot & Clitoral Vibrator

7,999 4,999

Big Detective Wireless Vibrator – 20 Speeds.

10,999 6,999

Colorful Rabbit Thrusting Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Young Rabbit

4,999 2,499

I-Fun Rabbit 10 Function G- Spot & Clitoral Dual Vibrator

6,999 3,999

Super Realistic Movable Tongue Vibrator For Women – Oral Fun

6,999 3,499

Wild Horse-Black

8,999 5,499

Thunder Up&Down Realistic THRUSTING Dildo Vibrator

7,999 5,999


3,999 2,799

I-Fun XoXoo Remote Controlled Jumping Vibrating Egg

5,999 4,499

I-Fun Stimulating Couple Vibrator-USB Charging & Remote Controlled

9,999 7,999

Naughty Man-7″

3,999 2,499

Crystal G-Spot Single Massager With Barbed For Female

3,999 1,999

Fifty Shades Of Grey Greedy Girl Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator

49,999 26,999

9 Inches Pink Cap Stud Vibrator

4,999 2,499

Usb Rechargeable Quirl Vibrator And Stimulator

7,999 3,999

Naughty Boy 7″-Black

3,999 1,999

Fifty Shades Of Grey Sweet Touch Mini Clitorial Vibrator

6,999 4,999

Rocks Off Bullet Bunny Vibrator

9,999 6,999

Fifty Shades Of Grey We Aim To Please Bullet

6,999 5,499

Bswish Premium Vibrator (As Seen In Lust Stories)

17,999 14,999

Satisfyer Pro Penguin Next Generation

18,999 9,999

Fifty Shades Of Grey Rechargeable G-spot Rabbit

19,108 16,359

Love Egg Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator

7,999 3,999

Vibrator India – An Overview on Vibrators

Vibrator for women: A female toy to get sensational orgasms

Vibrator is a sex toy, sometimes described as a massager, that is used by women on their private parts to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. It is very much loved by women to enjoy their sexual moments with a great fun. Some vibrators look like dildos in shape, but unlike dildo it vibrates to generate intense sexual pleasure.

Welcome to a world full of endless possibilities. Welcome to GetSetWild. GetSetWild is indeed one of the finest portals to purchase sex toys and adult products such as vibrators, dildos, sexy lingerie and many more. We ensure that the wildest of your sexual desires and fantasies come true. Yes, we provide with the most affordable range of sexual solutions in this amazingly beautiful nation called India. We are known to offer you efficient and effective sexual solutions. All the sex toys and adult products sold through this portal – GetSetWild are undoubtedly the finest quality products available in the market. We care about you like nobody else. 

vibrator for women

We have been putting up an amazing deal of offers for all our customers to make the most of their association with India’s one of the top-ranked portal to purchase sex toys and adult products. Moreover, each of the products displayed at GetSetWild goes through various kinds of quality checks. This is done to ensure that your safety is not put at risk while you entrust us by providing us a chance to serve you. We are certain about the fact that we would not disappoint you. We have a proven track record that speaks for our determination and efficiency while rendering our services. 

What is a Vibrator?

It is only shared to make you all aware of what exactly a vibrator is and what function does it serve. A lot of you might be aware of what a vibrator is but a few of you who might be new to this realm of sex toys and adult products may be uninformed. And honestly, there is really nothing to worry about. It is completely natural to be unaware of what is a vibrator and what purpose does it serve. Thus, we at GetSetWild understand you really well and at the same time are one step ahead of everyone else in the market when it comes to caring for you. We say this with pride since we will help you understand what is it all about and why you should possibly be buying this from GetSetWild.

best vibrators for women

A vibrator is a sex toy for women that is primarily manufactured to be used by them. A woman can use this device to satisfy her sexual urges. Yes, a vibrator comes in pretty handy when you might want to have some me-time. It is a great way to ensure fantastic solo sessions when your partner is not in the town. Moreover, this is not it. There are a variety of vibrators available in the market. And we at GetSetWild have got all of those variants just for you. In order to make you happier, you will be shocked to learn that we are providing you with such great sex toys and adult products at genuinely reasonable prices. 

Types of Vibrators in India

You might have seen a lot of movies and web series of late, where the use of vibrator has been portrayed by the protagonist herself. This is a great way of letting you all know how good it can be when you wish to sexually explore yourself. Moreover, one can always use this in the presence of her partner as well. Yes, it will only raise the level of fun and pleasure involved in the act. Thus, here we are with a diverse variety of vibrators to choose from. Each vibrator comes with a unique advantage of its own. Moreover, you always have a choice to vary the speed and intensity of your dear sex toy. 

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic Vibrators

It is the most popular vibrator available in the market. Since it feels like a real penis with all sorts of rotation or thrust settings. These are available in all sizes and shapes. You should go in for this vibrator if you are looking for a sex toy which looks and feels real. Go fetch them right now. 

Classic Vibrators

Nothing beats a classic version of vibrators. These are the traditional and more simple versions of vibrators. It is very easy to use. Thus, more people prefer this. It is a good option for all beginners. Stimulate your vagina with the traditional way. Be a true lady and buy one today!

Bullet, Eggs and Mini Vibrators

These are the most classy and compact vibrators available here. They are tangible in nature. These are very easy to carry around. You may use and hide it in a flash. So, no one will ever come to know that you have a vibrator hidden in your purse. These are travel-friendly vibrators. Used for clitoral stimulation. Moreover, you can add penis rings to it.

Strap on Vibrators

Strap on Vibrators

It is the best vibrator for couples in the market. You need to wear it around the waist. These are vibrators good option for partners kinky desires. It’s utilized for internal or external stimulation or both. If you want to be adventurous, put strap-ons and ride. So, what are you waiting for?

Luxury Vibrators

These vibrators for women are champions at their work. These are made up of premium material. One can utilize it for external and internal stimulation. Thus, this is something you should be investing in if you want to treat yourself like a true queen. You can buy it at your favorite portal – GetSetWild.  

Shop at GetSetWild

We are the best at what we do. We believe in making each and every individual in this country self-sufficient. Thus, we aim at the following three dimensions while providing you with prompt and efficient services. The dimensions that are considered while serving you are as follows: Accessibility, Affordability, and Availability. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all our sex toys and adult products are accessible to all the individuals belonging to various sections of the society in India. In addition to it, we even make sure that neither of our sex toys nor adult products burns a hole in your pocket. Therefore, we only believe in providing you with value for money goods and services. So, keep making love with vibrators in India. Keep shopping with us at GetSetWild!