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Buy Condoms Online in India

Let’s know and buy the best condoms in India. In a world where Tinder and Bumble dictate the norms, who knows when and where you get your right match? Thus, it is essential to have the right equipment at hand. It doesn’t matter who you are. A true man doesn’t take unwise calls. Neither do we suggest you, to go the war zone with an unarmed soldier (wink..wink..) because it does no good.

However, buying condoms from a local retailer can be an uphill task. Little embarrassing, in a society like ours. Do you wish to avoid such a situation and get condoms delivered to your doorstep? Congratulations, we are here for you. We are the one-stop solution for all your libidinous needs.

Where to Buy Condom: Buyer’s Guide for buying condoms online

Dos and Don’ts: How to use it properly?

  • One is supposed to put on a condom when your penis is hard/erect.
  • Make sure you have rolled it on your penis before making a contact with your partner’s genitals and mouth.
  • Keep on wearing it until you are done.
  • It is important to check its expiry date.
  • Open your pack of crystal condoms without damaging them.
  • Do not use oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, vegetable/mineral oil, or cold cream as they can damage latex condoms.
  • Avoid excess heat, store at room temperature. If the package is damaged, do not use it.
  • The rim of your condom should be on the outside.
  • Do not reuse a condom under any circumstances.
  • Squeeze your condom a bit from the top of your penis, making some space for the semen to get collected.
  • Unroll it with the shaft of your penis till it reaches the base.
  • Now, you are ready to have fun.
  • Take it off after you are done. Remove it before your penis gets soft.

Why should you buy condoms ahead of time?

You never know when you get lucky. Thus, it’s recommended to keep a few condoms in your wallet or bag so that whenever required, you are able to strike a HOME RUN. We offer you the best crystal condom brands at our store. Not just this, we give our competitors a run for their money when it comes to pricing all the commodities. We are equally good at our service. Now, you and your significant half can place an order without getting into turmoil.

Types of Condoms:

Best Condoms in India

Condoms are usually made up of latex. They come in various sizes and shapes. Each variant is manufactured to keep alive the kink you need to go wild.

    • Textured condoms can spice up your experience with bumps/ribs.
    • Extra power condoms are thicker than average and will keep her wanting more.
    • Magnum size to fit your big warrior.
    • A snug fit is best suited for smaller-than-average penis sizes.
    • Flavored condoms are a great way to make your partner happy while she makes you happy.
    • Sensitive condoms are thinner than average and provide more sensitivity, intensifying the pleasure.
    • Contoured condoms give one added comfort and feel.
    • Climax-control condoms slow down the process and make you last longer.
    • Warming condoms warm the genitals during intercourse.
    • Glow in The Dark condoms lights up the atmosphere with your little man.
    • Condoms

Condom size chart

Types of Condoms

GetSetWild knows that it is difficult to find a hard-type condom that will fit you when you are tough. So we created a chart that demonstrates the measurement of our condoms.

The size of the condom plays a big role in its effectiveness. If the condom is very large, it can converge during intercourse. If the condoms are very small, they might not serve the purpose of containing your fluids. Both scenarios will reduce your safety and the element of fun. Using the proper condom size ensures the highest level of comfort, which is so important during lovemaking.

Where to buy the best condoms and the Benefits of buying condoms online from the local shop?

As you will feel, there is a very limited selection of brands in Local stores. So here are a number of reasons why you should buy a condom online.

  • Because you will get a wide range of condoms whereas you get a limited range of condoms in your local store
  • you can find condoms according to your ideal size by checking our online size index, When we say, Size matters, then Condom size also matters:)
  • By checking customer reviews online, you come to know about the pros and cons.

Caution: Do not use oil-based lubricants such as petroleum jelly, vegetable/mineral oil, or cold cream as they can damage latex condoms. Avoid excess heat, store at room temperature. These packages are clearly obvious. If the package is damaged, do not use it. If you are allergic to natural rubber latex products, consult your doctor before using them.