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Beginner’s Guide to Buy Sexy Lingerie in India

Buyer’s Guide to Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is women’s clothing which includes – bra, panties, nightwear, robes etc. This term was used in 1922. The word lingerie is derived from French word “linen” which means Linen.

There comes a time when every girl wishes to wear something sexy beneath – other than just simple undergarments. They need something which is more fancy and prominent to hold on to the new changes that their body is adapting to. Initially, we are even scared with the thought of wearing a bra – that’s again a first step towards being called as an adult. People start to notice the change and that marks your sexual individuality. A womanhood being here and now starts a pleasurable journey.

In simple words, lingerie is any clothing that you wear inside your home (bedroom) or under your clothes. Lingerie started with different types of “Corsets” to display a slimmer waist. Later, it evolved to silk and lacy corsets, nightgowns to slips, bustier’s, teddies, transparent bra and panties etc.

Lingerie makes female look sexy and hot – they are intended to give you an intimate look. They are even designed for specific and special occasions – every day, first night, bridal, honeymoon and so on.

Buy Lingerie to please yourself first!


Lingeries are the best way to show love to you. Make it a personal thought, buy some amazing lingerie’s to boost your confidence and look sexy. Exploit yourself by exploring in to this world of intimate wear, make it your routine and wear some of the most good-looking lingerie’s to compliment your personality. Express some love by maintaining the comfort levels by constantly reminding yourself that you are worth all the pampering and gorgeous to the core.

When you have an amazing body, learn to celebrate and appreciate. Don’t just buy things to please others or your partner, get something for yourself – highlight your possession. Improve your appearance and make yourself confident from inside out, you will have better success in your personal and professional life as well.

Reignite the flames of sexuality in your relationship and get the basics right. Invest in some of the sexiest lingerie, and you never know when you would need it the most. At times, one little sex appeal can re-establish your lost connection and ignite fire in the new ones. Show your partner that you have taken some effort to make him loose and roll over you all over again. Be bold and playful – reflect on your personal desires and feminism. Flirt or tease your man or your partner by wearing some naughty sexy lingerie’s, when you wear them it takes out the sexiness in you and your man. He would like it, too – to remove the sexy bits that you wear – just one by one.

Styles of Sexy Lingerie’s available in India


Lingerie is a universal term used for undergarments. It has an authority over other in terms of their elegance as well as their capability to get the real sensual appearances of a woman by increasing her assets. It also brings out the finest sensual side of clothing that a woman can wear, our main stream cinemas are the ones who have made lingerie’s so popular and in-demand. They have helped in educating people on what to wear and also choosing the right lingerie for comfort and fit.

Lingerie is a word which signifies the alluring as well as sensual side of a women’s clothing. Basically, these are undergarments that bring out the SEXY side of women but in a fashionable way.

These are available in various styles and fabrics – Cotton, silk, lace, nylon etc. Here we will give you some of the most stylish and sexiest lingerie available with us at

Babydoll Lingerie

Badydoll Dress

Babydoll lingeries are identical to sexy strappy short dress, and it usually comes with a thong. Talking about detailing – it has laces, satin ribbons and overall sex appeal. The babydoll lingerie‘s range is huge, and you will love the collection. Whether you wish to enhance your body or hide the problem areas, you will be able to find one as per your need

These are the easiest way to transform you from a simple looking housewife to a fiery babydoll. Add a surprise element in your bedroom and re-ignite your partner’s interest. Make yourself comfortable and look magnificent at the same time.

Corset Lingerie

It can be an amazing wedding gift and the look will be so much desirable. It fits to take the shape of your body – the elastic blended material is apt for the required stretch. You can choose from a wide range of corset lingerie which can be paired with a sexy pair of thongs and there you are a Queen of your Man.
These corsets give you full-body support to make your waist look slimmer, and you are ready to show your gorgeous curves.

Chemise Lingerie

Chemise Lingerie

Long back chemise was worn as a simple short dress inside one’s clothing to avoid sweat and to protect the skin from harsh materials. This has pretty much changed over the years and has seen a drastic change in terms of the look and feel. One can say it is similar to a Babydoll, but Chemise lingerie stays from your mid-thigh to a little lower end and babydolls are much shorter. It also comes in different shapes, sizes and amazing fabrics.

Bustiers Lingerie

As the name suggests, bustiers are prominently designed to focus on the bust. It pushes the breast from the mid to have it rise upwards along with enhancing the waist for a leaner look. Corsets and Bustiers look similar and give a slim look to the waist, but their prime focus is different. Corsets are more restraining than bustiers lingerie, and they concentrate more on the waist line.

Stockings Lingerie

Stockings Lingerie

These are similar to panties but have suspenders which are clipped to the top. Thigh high sexy stockings and silhouettes have a fashion statement of their own. All the materials are breathable to keep you at ease. While you wear the stocking, you will feel more confident. It is a perfect match with a babydoll dress. There are times when you are in your bad days and these are the ones which come handy and becomes a saviour. If you compare stocking lingerie with other lingerie’s – these are more economical and have a wide variety to choose from. Also, this has been a favourite amongst women when it comes to alluring their man.


Teddy Lingerie

Teddy Lingerie

This is similar to one piece bikini, but it is not tight-fitting and tends to be a bit loose with transparent material used along with laces and satin ribbons. One has to go through the leg holes and pull the garment up the chest to cover the breast. Teddies are extremely sexy and can allure your man very easily. Bring your sex appeal in front and play along.

Edible Lingerie

Edible lingerie was invented way back in 1975 and has gained popularity now in India. These are made of edible gum and chocolates – comes as edible underwear, candy bra’s etc. Add variety of flavor and excitement to your love sessions, and bite off the fear.

Make yourself feel special and allure your partner with the wide variety of lingerie’s available on GetSetWild. We ensure you that things will never be the same in your bedroom. Once a while, just go WILD!

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is lingerie?
Answer: Lingerie refers to women’s clothing worn inside the home or under clothes, including bras, panties, nightwear, robes, and more.

Question: Where did the term “lingerie” originate from?
Answer: The term “lingerie” originated from the French word “linen,” which means Linen.

Question: Why do women wear lingerie?
Answer: Women wear lingerie to feel sexy, confident, and to celebrate their bodies. It can also be worn for special occasions or to ignite the flames of sexuality in a relationship.

Question: Is lingerie only meant to please others?
Answer: No, lingerie should be bought to please oneself first. It is a personal expression of self-love, confidence, and beauty.

Question: How can lingerie boost one’s confidence?
Answer: By wearing attractive lingerie, individuals can improve their appearance, feel more confident from the inside out, and experience increased success in personal and professional life.

Question: What are some popular styles of lingerie available in India?
Answer: Some popular styles of lingerie available in India include babydoll lingerie, corset lingerie, chemise lingerie, bustiers lingerie, stockings lingerie, teddy lingerie, and edible lingerie.

Question: What is babydoll lingerie?
Answer: Babydoll lingerie is a short, strappy dress usually accompanied by a thong. It features lace, satin ribbons, and overall sex appeal, making it a popular choice for adding a surprise element in the bedroom.

Question: What is corset lingerie?
Answer: Corset lingerie is designed to shape the body, particularly the waist, giving it a slimmer appearance. It provides full-body support and can be paired with a sexy pair of thongs.

Question: What is chemise lingerie?
Answer: Chemise lingerie is similar to a babydoll but is slightly longer, reaching from the mid-thigh to a little lower. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and fabrics, offering a comfortable and alluring option.

Question: What is bustiers lingerie?
Answer: Bustiers lingerie focuses on enhancing the bust and creating a leaner look by pushing the breasts upward and slimming the waist. It differs from corsets by its primary focus on the bust area.

Question: What is stockings lingerie?
Answer: Stockings lingerie resembles panties but includes suspenders clipped to the top. They are often paired with thigh-high stockings and provide a sexy and breathable option.

Question: What is teddy lingerie?
Answer: Teddy lingerie is a one-piece garment similar to a loose-fitting bikini. It features transparent materials, laces, and satin ribbons. It can be easily worn by going through the leg holes and pulling it up to cover the breasts.

Question: What is edible lingerie?
Answer: Edible lingerie, made from edible gum and chocolates, adds flavor and excitement to intimate moments. It includes edible underwear, candy bras, and other playful options.

Question: Where can one find a wide variety of lingerie in India?
Answer: offers a wide variety of lingerie and other adult products and sex toys for women through their online store. They provide a diverse selection to explore and spice up the bedroom experience.