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Spice Superwoman Costume M Size

Spice Superwoman Costume M Size

Rated 4.71 out of 5
4,620.00 2,307.00
Spice Teddy Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Spice Teddy Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Rated 4.70 out of 5
4,155.00 2,461.00
Spice Bunny Role Play Costume Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Spice Bunny Role Play Costume Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Rated 4.45 out of 5
4,617.00 2,153.00
Spice Leopard Role Play Costume Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Spice Leopard Role Play Costume Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Rated 4.55 out of 5
4,463.00 2,769.00
Klife Black Sheer Striped Teddy Lingerie

Klife Black Sheer Striped Teddy Lingerie

Rated 4.92 out of 5
4,771.00 2,307.00
Nightdress Pink Set Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Nightdress Pink Set Sexy Lingerie For Women Free Size

Rated 4.44 out of 5
4,620.00 2,307.00
-15%Sold outHot
Fleshlight Stoya - USA

Fleshlight Stoya – USA

Rated 4.82 out of 5
11,550.00 9,856.00
Vulcan Vibrating Blowjob Fleshlight Sex Toy

Hustler Vibrating Blowjob Fleshlight Sex Toy

5,541.00 4,617.00
Automatic Male Masturbator - Electric

Automatic Male Masturbator – Electric

Rated 4.18 out of 5
11,550.00 10,626.00
Tenga New Adult Concept Masturbation Cup-Black

Tenga New Adult Concept Masturbation Cup-Black

Rated 4.42 out of 5
4,620.00 3,542.00


Rated 4.23 out of 5
4,004.00 2,926.00
All-Star P**N Stars Pocket Masturbator

All-Star P**N Stars Pocket Masturbator

Rated 4.00 out of 5
7,081.00 6,157.00
Wet For Her Fusion

Wet For Her Fusion (Attachment)

Rated 5.00 out of 5
15,169.00 11,011.00
Wet For Her Five Jules

Wet For Her Five Jules (Attachment)

Rated 5.00 out of 5
9,471.00 7,383.00

Strap On Dildo With Hallow Pussy Vibrator

7,700.00 6,580.00
Glass dildo

DND My Lovely Ripple Glass Wand Dildo

Rated 4.09 out of 5
5,849.00 4,309.00
Realistic 7 Inch Vibrator Dildo - Chocolate Color

Realistic 7 Inch Vibrator Dildo – Chocolate Color

Rated 4.77 out of 5
5,390.00 4,312.00
Jelly Vibrating Dildo -Pink

Jelly Vibrating Dildo -Pink

Rated 4.44 out of 5
5,079.00 4,312.00

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Sex Toys India


Let’s talk about sex toys in India. A sex toy is an object or device which helps in enhancing human sexual pleasure such as Dildo or Vibrators. Most of the sex toy accessories are basically designed to resemble human genitals to provide the real sex pleasure to the users. The interesting fact here is sex toys have been popular throughout the world for many decades now, but in India, It has just arrived in this decade. Because Indian society has been very reserved and conservative towards its sexuality preferences. But not any more, this decade, we Indians have taken a leap and opened our self to better sexual experience.

The history of sex toys in India

Kaamsutra Age

For a long period of time, sex has been considered a taboo, especially, in the Indian subcontinent. There is a great degree of awkwardness which accompanies an individual while discussing one’s sexual sphere of life. The reason behind this can be traced back to the historical conquests that took place in this region. It has very little to do with Indian society’s traditions.

Historically, India has been the land of Kamasutra. It is the book the world looks up to. Kamasutra comes in very handy when a person feels like discovering the more playful aspect of life. This conveys the fact that India certainly was not what it is today. Any individual who tends to speak freely about sex usually ends up facing society’s brunt. Of late, India has been home to orthodoxy. This was not always the case. Orthodoxy came into the picture when the Mughals took over. This stigmas associated with sex penetrated deep with the Britishers at the helm. English society has always found itself to be superior. This led them to enforce their own societal norms in colonial India. The Indian society, thus, became way more rigid in its approach to sex. People were often judged about their sexual choices and preferences. This made things difficult.

Sex toys in India : The wave of change

The change in India’s economic policies driven by liberalization, privatization and globalization played a vital role. These policies paved the way for the sale of sex toys. A wave of change occurred. Adult products were now available in India but they were usually sold in shady markets. The mainstream markets never really accepted them as goods that could be sold without any hesitation. Thus, there was a need for an alternative. The outburst of adult products in India has resulted in a gradual change in mindset. It is considered an effective solution for all, men and women who wish to explore their own bodies. All this could be possible only because of availability and sale of sex toys in India.

Advantages of using sex toys

Sex Toys Benifits

  • Makes you independent: One can easily pursue his/her sexual urges without being dependent upon any other person. The sale of sex toys in India has made people a lot more sexually independent than they were. It gives way to sexual freedom.
  • Self Exploration: Use of adult toys is a great way to discover your sexual potential. You can explore what works for you and what does not. Exploration of self should be an individual’s priority.
  • Satisfies your sexual instincts: You can please your sexual urges whenever you feel like. Time or place is not a concern when you possess sex toy.
  • Leads to healthy sexual lifestyle:  It helps you lead a healthy sexual lifestyle. It assists you in fighting against daily life tensions and stress.
  • Encourages one to have ‘me’ time: In this fast-paced world, it is very essential for us to have some time for ourselves. Sex toy helps the cause.
  • Enhances your sexual experience: The sale of adult toys is a boon in India. Sex toy helps you to enhance your experience. You can use it with your partner as well to spice up the things.

Online shopping of Sex toys in India

Indian society crushing sexuality is somewhat hypocritical in nature. We will need to stop posing as if we, Indians do not engage in sex. We are about to take over China as the most populous country. This is not possible without sex. Indians have started to widen their horizons regarding sex. But, people are still apprehensive about it.

Sex toys, undoubtedly, have played a part in enhancing our sexual knowledge and exposure. Without a doubt, the online sale of sex toys in India has helped us to tackle the complexities surrounding sex in India. The online sale of sex toys have liberated Indians in more ways than we could think of. It has resulted in granting sexual freedom. It would not be wrong to call sex toys, the ‘vehicle of change’ in India. The online sale of adult products has turned the life of Indians upside down. Sex toy seems to fit in like the final piece of jigsaw puzzle.

Popular media has helped in normalizing the use of sex toys in India. Movies and web series like ‘The Fifty Shades of Grey’, ‘Lust stories’, ‘Badhaai Ho’ and ‘Sex Education’ have become popular. These have played a major role in reducing the taboo associated with sex and toys. They have often portrayed the use of sex toy as liberating. Thus, one must not curb his/her sexual instincts.

Advantages of shopping sex toys online in India

The following are some of the advantages of online shopping in India. These advantages have made it very convenient for the Indians to explore their unexplored side.

100% Discreet Shipping | Privacy Assured

  • Inexpensive: Online shopping in India offers sex toys at affordable prices.
  • Discreet Packaging: Sex toys bought online in India are packaged and delivered in a confidential way.
  • Secretive Billing: Sex toys in India can be bought in a very secretive manner. Thanks to the internet.
  • A wide range of products: You can choose and buy any product you want, sitting at your home. There is a tremendous amount of products to choose from. One can buy whatever suits his/her choice.

Thus, sex toys tend to enrich your sexual experience. There is no more any reason to keep yourself away from owning sex toy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one. Explore your better side. Thank us later, we will appreciate that.

👉 FAQ’s About Sex Toys 👈

Sex Toys Common Queries

Our aim is to enhance the sex life of the Indian and USA community. When east went west in values, a lot of west mind values was traded and having a good sex life also is one of those values. GetSetWild only deals in high-quality products from USA, Russia, UK and Netherland directly imported. Since a lot of other websites carry local Chinese sex toys and GetSetWild is strictly against the local Chinese poor quality products and taken many initiatives regarding that. Coming back to the point, why GetSetWild is the best website to buy sex toys in India? 1: Most discreet Shipping Policy 2: Most competitive prices in the industry 3: SSL secured Payment methods 4: Shipping available in 28000+ pin codes 5: Free COD policy 6: 6 Payment Methods 7: Premium quality products only
Well, It depends on the requirement of a man. If he wants to explore toys for self-pleasure and solo play, Then masturbators are the best one for him, If he wants to enhance the performance during the intercourse, Then Cock rings and delay creams are there to rescue him.
Well, Women's sex life is far different than from man, they have multiple orgasms level and each orgasm level has its own threshold value. So it totally depends on which sex toys can take them to their respective level of orgasm. Some premium vibrators are capable of taking women to the 7th level of orgasm. Speaking in general terms, it depends upon the one's requirement. If they want to go for a solo play or self-pleasure, Then Dildo and Vibrators are always there which does its job realistically. If in intercourse, then dual vibrators and performance enhance devices and products are available which can multiply pleasure up to 5 times and can help them reach orgasm
Couple sex toys are designed to enhance the level of sex during intercourse. They help in stimulating the hormones and sensation during the play. There are many good couple sex toys like Couple vibrators and masturbators, Many delay or performance enhancements spray and cream which does its job brilliantly.
Yes of course, Sex toys are safe to use. GetSetWild only carries premium sex toys which are packed and stored hygienically. Using sex toys enhances the level of the sex life of a person and all sex toys ate GetSetWild is 100% safe to use.
Before 5 years down the line, Indians were not aware of sex toys and were kind of struggling in sex life also. but all thanks to the sex toys industry which help in enhancing the sex life values. Sex toys make your sex life better because they stimulate and enhance the level of hormones which helps in improving sex life.
Selling sex toys offline is illegal in India and above that, there are literally no offline stores of sex toys and even if you get one, you will end up buying a cheap local Chinese sex toy which is good for nothing. So one should never buy sex toys from a local shop because they are illegal and only deals with poor quality sex toys.
In India, selling sex toys in an offline store is illegal. So one should only opt for an online store because online sex toys store provides better customer experience and caters many options with a wide range of premium products.
Well, one should be above 18 to do so and another person should also. As long as it's in good gesture and intentions without hurting anyone's values, gifting sex toys is a good idea if you care about them. Guys one thing we all should understand, sex toys are not a Taboo thing, They help in bringing a good sex life, so sex toys are just like any other products if intentions are good. In fact, a number of people use our Gift cards service to gift sex toys to their beloved ones. So gifting sex toys are a good option.
Well, nowadays most sex toys are discreetly designed whether its vibrators or masturbators. Take an example of Fleshlight masturbator, which looks like a light torch. So most of the sex toys are discreet. But there are some toys which are bold and are not that much discreet. So it's one's choice, they have both options available

Payment related Queries:

We offer secure online payments through credit card, debit card and net banking, where all the payments are processed through a secure payment gateway. We also offer cash on delivery option on selected PIN codes.
No, as explained earlier. We do not mention GetSetWild anywhere due to customer privacy reasons. Invoices are generated by the name of tech will Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Absolutely. We believe in a privacy policy. Therefore, we adhere to a strict privacy policy when you call, email us, use our contact form or sign up for our newsletter. We ensure the privacy and security of all your personal information, order history and other records. We take your privacy very seriously. We have got your back! Don’t worry. Read more about our privacy policy.
We understand that you want to keep your personal life private. That's why we follow a strict privacy policy when you contact us, place an order or sign up for our newsletter. We ensure the privacy and security of all your personal information, order history and other records. Apart from this, our packaging is 100% branding free, so neither the delivery person nor your inquisitive neighbours will know about what you ordered for. We take your privacy very seriously. Read more about our privacy policy.


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