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I-Fun 100% Pure Silicone Prostate Vibrating Plug

5,999 2,999

I-Fun Bubble Perfect Fit Anal Plug

2,999 1,999

I-Fun Anal Perfect Fit Plug

2,499 1,499

Beginner P-spot Massager-Pink

4,499 2,999

Double Dong G-spot Penetration Dildo

7,999 2,999

I-Fun Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug for Women

4,999 3,499


3,999 2,799

Anal Fantasy Collection Beginners Fantasy Kit

19,999 7,999

Fifty Shades Of Grey Something Forbidden Butt Plug

5,499 3,499

Rocks Off Bubbles Plug

6,999 5,999

Glas Galileo Butt Plug

7,999 4,999

Fifty Shades of Grey Take It Slow Gift Set (4 Piece)

9,999 4,999

Index Remote Controlled Vibrating Anal Plug

5,999 4,999

Dr Rocco’s Pleasure Emporium Presents – Kit and Kaboodle

9,999 6,999

Falex Powerful Prostate & Pegging Vibrating Dildo

3,999 2,999

Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition The Pegger W/straps

20,999 12,999

Rocks Off Ass-berries Vibrating Plug

7,899 4,999

Beads Style Vibrating Anal Plug for Anal Lovers

6,999 3,499

Fifty Shades Of Grey Delicious Fullness Vibrating Butt Plug

7,999 4,499

Fifty Shades Of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant

2,999 2,499

C & U Shaped Prostate Massager

2,999 1,999

Anal Beads Crystal Jewelry Steel Butt Plug

4,999 1,999

Joydivision Superrutscher Anal Water Based Lubricant 100 Ml

1,999 1,799

Joydivision Easyanal Relax Lubricant For Women 30 Ml

4,999 2,599

Introduction to Anal ToysSmooth Soft Waterproof Silicone Prostate Stimulation Beginner P-spot Massager

Welcome to one of the most amazing anal sex toys portals. Yes, we are very happy to have you over here at GetSetWild. GetSetWild is one of the most renowned sex toys portals in the sex toys industry. Thus, this is the place you need to be at in order to fulfill the subtlest yet the wildest of your sexual desires. Fulfilling someone’s fantasy is not an easy job and we understand that pretty well. Thus, we are here to provide you with the top of the shelf quality sex toys and services. We are the best at what we do. We have displayed a massive collection of sex toys at our sex toys portal, GetSetWild for you to choose your ultimate tool to euphoria. GetSetWild promises you to keep no turn unturned it comes to help our clients and customers satisfied and happy. 

GetSetWild does not any endorse any kind of discrimination. We treat individuals of all classes, sexes, religions at par with each other. GetSetWild is one of the very few sex toys portals which have put up a separate section of sex toys for homosexuals – gays & lesbians. We believe in sexual equality. GetSetWild believes in orgasm equality. Thus, we do not deny anybody a chance of their own to explore our sexuality. Instead of acting as an impediment we try and further your sexual growth as human beings. We help you make your sexual choices and preferences with the utmost ease. We are not judgmental about what you choose. GetSetWild believes in being empathetic about everything you do in order to know yourself a little better.

Types Of Anal Toys

Therefore, GetSetWild is the means to your ends. Wink! We cater to all your sexual needs and fantasies. Give us a chance. All you need is to pick and choose your favorite sex toy from a diverse range of sex toys available at our sex toys portal. Wondering how would you come to a bottom line? Do not worry, we are always here to help. Therefore, we are providing you with a synopsis of one of the most sought after toys in the world of ultimate fantasy and desire – Anal toys. Still confused after reading this section, there is nothing to worry about. You can always contact us through our 24×7 customer care service. We know you are excited already. 

Here’s what we have for you in the box

As mentioned above, we believe in getting you the best. Thus, keeping that spirit alive, we are providing with a mind-blowing range of products that can be used by you and your partner while making love. Who does not love? Everybody does. Here are a few more exciting tools to spice up your anal sessions with your loved one. 

Therefore, the following are the various kinds of anal sex toys that can be put to use in order to ensure a great session with your partner. Moreover, this is not to say that these sex toys are not meant for solo use. Since all these products are easy to use, one can always use this when alone as well in the presence of one’s partner. Nothing enhances your sexual experience especially when you are into anal, the way these products do. Read about them and make up your mind.

Butt Plugs Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug

Butt plugs are one of the easiest to use and effective anal sex toys. It offers you a great deal of pleasure in the most pleasurable way. This sex toy is designed with the utmost precision to help you fetch what you aim for. Orgasms are not a privilege anymore. Inserting it in the right area does wonders. These butt plugs are available at GetSetWild in a good number of exciting colors. Size should not be an issue. Thus, you can always check our portal and choose and place your order for your favorite piece. 

Glass Dildos

Elegant. Yes, it is one of the most elegant sex toys available in the market. Its mere look is enough to make you cum the way you wish to. Dildos are one of the oldest sex toys used ever in the history of mankind. Various researches have provided us with certain claims that point the existence of long penis like articles used by women in order to satisfy their sexual urges. So, now you know that there is a good long history to sex toys and it is anything to feel bad about. Use these glass dildos to make yourself feel special. These glass dildos can also be used by your partner to help you achieve the pleasure of the highest degree.  

Remote Control Butt Plugs 

Remote control butt plugs are all you need to shake your soul. Yes, this device provides you with a soul-stirring experience. There is a provision to increase and decrease the speed of the device. The varying intensity can help you fetch the finest orgasm ever. Yes, we mean it. This remote control butt plug is definitely worth a shot. 


In a nutshell, GetSetWild has got all you need to make your days and nights memorable. It does not matter where you are, what time of day it is when you feel horny and the undying need to satisfy your sexual fantasies and urges. Thus, GetSetWild is there at your rescue. We help you achieve orgasm with our top-notch quality sex toys. We have sex toys available for all kinds of individuals who are above the legal age of 18 years. Be your own Kiara Advani and satisfy your sexual urges for good with the help of a wide range of sex toys for women only at GetSetWild. You can always bank on us for being your best service provider when it comes to anything that is closely related to and associated with sexual desires.  

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GetSetWild  is one of the premier sex toys portals in India. GetSetWild delivers across the nation – from Jammu and Kashmir right at the top to the deepest point of Kanyakumari at the bottom and from right across the state of Gujarat to our beloved North Eastern seven sisters. We believe in creating a happy and satisfied customer base. GetSetWild is always there for you. We also provide you with heavy discounts from time to time because we know how to keep our customers happy. GetSetWild takes punctuality seriously and as a result, do not believe in disappointing our customers with late deliveries. GetSetWild is a name you can trust. Provide us with a chance to serve you to see us capturing it with both our hands. Keep making love! Keep shopping!