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Let’s know the top selling sex toys in Kanpur for men and women. Kanpur is the city situated in the Uttar Pradesh state. This city is well known for its leather and textile work. It stands 8th among the populous metropolitan areas in India. Kanpur is also known for its humid and hot weather as most of the cities of Uttar Pradesh becomes hot and humid in the summers. While in the winters this city feels the extreme of cold. So, this extreme weather condition of this city helps the couples to enjoy most out of it. There are some sex toys which can be used by couples or LGBT people in Kanpur for making their intimate moments more joyful.

Many Types Of Sex Toys in Kanpur

Here, we have listed those sex toys and accessories which can be taken in use by different category of people in Kanpur:

Sex Toys for Men in Kanpur

Life Like Sex doll:

It falls under the category of premium sex toys for men. The best part about sex dolls is that you can customize it according to your desire. Because of this feature while using sex dolls for sex you will get the feel of real sex.


It is a kind of masturbator. You can find it’s the transparent version in the market. Fleshlights are famous for the suction it offers. It let you feel the orgasm sucked from the tip of your penis. It can even be used for the penis enlargement.

Sex Dolls

Oral fun Toys in Kanpur

Oral Sex Lotion

This Oral Sex Lotion helps you in turning your partner’s penis or vagina, or anus for that matter, into an appetizing treat. This flavored fresh edible body topping can avert oral palate into dessert.  Definitely, it will make you love sucking and kissing when this is slathered up and down the genitals. Your lover will be thankful for all the lascivious attention.

Pussy Licker Oral Sex Gel

The Pussy Licker Oral sex gel can be used even as a lubricant.  One of the top features of these gels is that these are delectable translucent gels. Other unique properties of this gel include its water-solubleness, non-staining ability, and no aftertaste. This gel has a unique blend of ingredients which are used to warm, cool and tingle while still being soft on your private areas.

Oral Sex Toys
Male Masturbators

Sex Toys for Women in Kanpur

Vibrator in Kanpur

It is one of the favorite sex toys of women. It provides the vibrations at the inner parts of the women’s body which ultimately give them pleasure. Nowadays in the latest vibrators, you can even find App connectivity, so with the help of that, your partner can even control the specs of vibrators which add another dimension of fun.  If we talk about variants then you can find lots of variants of it in the market like G-spot vibrator, Clitoral stimulator vibrator, Rabbit vibrators, etc.

Sexy lingerie in Kanpur

It is a category of women’s clothing which has various kinds of undergarments, sleepwear, and many other inner wears. Lingeries are considered as one of the best ways to seduce the men. Women’s can try out numerous sexy lingeries available on the to expose their body parts and look sexy.

Sexy Lingerie
Vibrators for Women

Hygiene & Care Products in Kanpur

Invigra diva ( wash for ladies ): Invigra diva ( wash for ladies )

This hygiene care product is full of vitamins. You can find vitamins A, C & E in it. If you wash your private parts with this product then it will remove the unpleasant odor & irritations from your private parts and make them clean and healthy. Diva contains ingredients like sea buckthorn oil, which is a great natural cleanser

Fleshlight fleshwash toy cleaner

If you use Fleshlight then it is the must-have product for you. This cleaner uses the powerful antibacterial ingredient, Triclosan. This ingredient fights with the bacteria and keeps your Fleshlight clean and sanitary for nest usage. You can also clean other sex toys with the help of flesh wash. The best part about this cleaner is that it is non-irritating to skin, non-greasy, alcohol-free, and safe for use on latex, silicone, and Superskin materials.

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