Sex Toys in Kolkata and its endorsement

The popularity of Sex Toys in Kolkata is increasing day by day. The capital city of Kolkata is known for its joyful attitude. Ever wondered where does all the joy come from? Yeah, right. They are not just soccer enthusiasts. They are ‘sex enthusiasts’ as well. The people of this hot and humid city of Kolkata know how to use this weather to their advantage. According to our internal survey, there has been a tremendous rise in the sale of sex toys here in the recent past. Moreover, it feels great to see things changing fast pertaining to the use of sex toys in Kolkata.

Sex Toys in Kolkata

The erstwhile capital of India is one of the front-runners when it comes to crusade regarding sex. The capital of West Bengal is home to one of the finest colonial architecture. The citizens of Kolkata have a crazy sex drive. The cultural capital of India, the ‘City of Joy’ has always loved the idea of involving itself deeply into making passionate and gentle love. They don’t take things for granted. They use preventive measures to ensure safe sex. As per the sales record of last 2 years, Kolkata is competing too closely with Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore leaving behind Jaipur.

Types of Sex Toys in Kolkata

Condoms and LubesCondoms and Lubes

The city of joy is not far behind other leading cities of India when it comes to being sexually sharp and sound. This can be pretty much taken away from our personal sales data. Therefore, we sold a considerable number of condoms and lubes in the year 2016. This number increased in the subsequent years. 

The city of Kolkata has always set up an example to follow for the whole nation to follow. The inhabitants of this soccer crazy city have always endorsed the use of condoms and lubes. The use of condoms and lubes only makes your sexual encounter smooth. Hence, the use of lubricants is an effective measure to make your sexual activity a memorable one.

Sex DollsBuy Sex Dolls in India

The third most populous metropolitan city of India has shown its interest in buying sex dolls. Moreover, this emerging trend doesn’t reflect any kind of gender divide. Both males, as well as females, have invested their money in buying sex dolls from us.

These kolkata sex toys are perfect for all the people who are yet to get laid. This will help them explore and discover their hidden potential and fantasies. The people of Kolkata have been very smart with their use of money. Therefore, it reflects well in the recent surge in demand for sex toys in Kolkata. We, at GetSetWild, feel immensely overwhelmed to receive this kind of response in this city of joy.       

sex doll

Dildos and Mastrbatorsvibrator dildo

Girls of Kolkata certainly know how to have fun while exploring themselves. Moreover, they have accepted and endorsed the use of dildos and masturbators with open arms. This speaks volumes about the high levels of literacy rate and sex education of the city.

The people of this humid city love to score goals on as well as off the field. Hahahaha… You got that, right? So, girls if he puts on a helmet before kicking it off. Keep him because he’s a keeper. 🙂

Cock Rings for Mencock ring

The recent years have seen a rise in the sale of cock rings in Kolkata. The men of Kolkata love to have rings around their rose. Moreover, it certainly adds on a flavour to their sex life. Thus, cock rings are one of the most sought after product among sex toys in Kolkata.

Happy to Help

So, Kolkata keeps growing the way you have been. Oops.. not that what you thought. Anyway, we love providing you with your beloved sex toys in Kolkata. Thank you for resting faith in us for so many years. We will try and continue building upon that.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

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