Privacy Policy:


1: introduction

GetSetWild LLC dba TechGreytimesIncowns and (“website”) and GetSetWild LLC dba TechGreytimesInc respects your privacy (“company” or “we”). We understand the importance of protecting your privacy. We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal data or information from our customers and / or prospective customers, which we may use, use, use, process, record, store, transfer, disclose, deal, handle and obtain Are. When providing products or services to our customers / prospective customers in relation to our business. Accordingly, our Privacy Policy determines how we want to protect such personal data or information we have received and used in the aforementioned form. This is in compliance with the laws prevailing in the United States.

2: Use and implementation of this policy

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is effective from Jan1, 013, as amended from time to time and applies to the company, its affiliates and group companies, its employees, employees and team members who collect, pass Store, transfer, disclose, deal, handle and receive personal data or information, by using, using, process, record, company’s customers and / or potential customers (“customer (s)” Provided by the customer to the company () “You” or “Your” products and / or providing services to them or in the United States or to third party, or including any consultants, contractors, consultants, accountants, agents, Individuals are not limited to company representatives, who provide products and / or services on behalf of the company in connection with their business (“Third Party”). This policy explains what types of personal data or information (as defined by this hereafter) that we collect about you, the purpose of collection, storage and use of such data or information, for which such data Or information can be disclosed / transferred and how we protect your privacy. .

3. Public Data or Types of Information We Make Relations

In this policy, the word “personal data or information” refers to personal information, which is capable of identifying and / or identifying you as a person. Types of personal data or information that we collect include personal information about you:
• Name, gender, home address, telephone number, date of birth, marital status, email address, emergency contact or other contact information (gender, age, nationality and passport information of any relatives and beneficiaries);
• Affiliations, interests, work history, technical skills, academic background, professional certifications and registration, language abilities.
• Voicemail, e-mail, password, correspondence and communication;
Any details relating to the aforesaid clauses provided to the Company; And collecting, receiving, using, processing, recording, storage, shifting, dealing, assisting and disclosing under any of the above information obtained under the above sections or disclosure under the legal contract or otherwise.
• When you browse our website, we automatically receive your computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address, so that we can help you find out about your browser and operating system.
Most personal data or information that we collect is data or information that is deliberately and deliberately provided to you by us. This policy does not apply to any information that you can publicly disclose and which is freely available or accessible in the public domain or furnished under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or any other law, and on such information Will not be considered. In the form of personal data or information for the purposes of this policy. In addition, unless the third person is not disclosed to you and / or with your permission and to provide the necessary services to assist you, personal data or information will be disclosed to you Will not be disclosed. In connection with unlawful and illegal activities, suspected fraud, potential threats to the safety of a person or the safety of the use of, the use of or in connection with the legal claims and special circumstances such as legal rules and protection against special circumstances Take prevention or action. Request / order from any stock exchange, subpoenas, court orders, legal officials or law enforcement agencies requiring such disclosure. We share your information with advertisers on a case-by-case basis

4: Your Consent

You are giving your consent by providing your details on the website (“consent”) regarding the purpose of using such data or information. If you give your consent, then it means that you have accepted this policy independently and voluntarily. You have the right to reject or withdraw your consent to collect personal data or information or withdraw your consent given before us. We will always respect such refusal or withdrawal, but it can mean that we are unable to carry out all the services, arrangements or contracts with you and you have the option to close it. We will inform you about these inefficiencies if they occur. However, we reserve the right to retain such personal data or information, which may be required to provide you with our pending services and as per this policy. You are aware of this:

  • The fact is that personal data or information is being collected;
  • For the purpose of collecting personal data or information;
  • Individuals with personal data or information and the name and address of the agency that collects and maintains personal data or information.

We respect your privacy rights, therefore, the company will comply with the following guidelines after collecting, receiving, using, using, processing, recording, storing, transferring, dealing, and disclosing:

  • In the United States, personal data or information will be collected, received, used, processed, recorded, stored, transferred, disposed of with local laws.
  • Personal data or information will be collected for specified, legal and legal purposes and it will be used for the purpose for which it has been collected;
  • Individual data or information relevant for those purposes / for which it is collected and used;
  • Personal data or information will be current and accurate with the appropriate steps taken to remove or delete wrong and personal data or information;
  • Personal data or information will be kept only for those purposes for which it was collected and processed and to prevent unauthorized access or use, illegal processing, and to prevent unauthorized or accidental loss, destruction, or damage. Appropriate measures will be taken for that. Such personal data or information
  • If you change your mind after you opt-in, you will contact us at to contact us, to the continuous collection, use or disclosure of your information, your consent Can take back.

5: Rules for compiling, storing and/or using public data or information

The primary objectives for collection, storage and/or use of personal data or information are as follows:

  • Our business processes, including operations and management, but not limited to business performance, sales of products and/or services, entering or performing any contract, maintaining the quality of products and/or services, products and / To support. Or the services you have acquired from us, manage the company’s property;
  • Process your order, be compatible with you, fulfil your transaction requests, and distribute programs, information, and products and/or services requested by you or other products and/or inquiries related to the services;
  • Managing customer contact profiles, providing you information, products and services that you request us or those we feel you are interested in, keeping records and other general administrative and related products and/or services. Procedures;
  • Ensuring the safety and security of the company or its business rights or property;
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements in the United States, but not limited to official reporting etc. and to fulfil legal obligations as a company under applicable laws, to abide by judicial or administrative orders, to comply with laws ;
  • Contacting you through surveys to conduct research on current services or potential new products and / or about your opinion about the services that can be provided by us;
  • Monitoring or recording of some calls, chats and other interactions related to online transactions, in which you can join, in which you are calling us or us, for your staff training or quality assurance purposes or for any special transaction or interaction You can chat online more to maintain the evidence.
  • Daily business / this kind of personal data or information related companies and companies, employees and company employees and third parties can be provided while operating. Helping us in doing statistical analysis, sending you email or postal mail, providing support / support to customers and / or potential customers, providing products and services, delivery of products and / or services, programs, information and services, etc. do. ;

6: Data Collection Prices

In addition to personal data or information, we may use data collection tools such as “cookies” or other techniques to obtain certain types of information when your web browser uses our website. Cookies are small files containing a string of characters to identify your browser. Cookies allow the website to remember important data or information that will make your visit more useful on the website. Our website can use cookies and in order to speed up navigation and track items, to store relevant user information during a session and to collect anonymous traffic data, we use to increase our website and marketing and promotion You can do for purposes. You can reset your browser to refuse cookies or warn you when you are sending. Please note that by closing cookies, you may not have access to all the features available on our website. Here is a list of cookies we can use. We listed them here so that you can choose whether you want to exit the cookies or not. Please note that this is not a complete list.

  • session_id, unique token, sessional, Allows Shopify to store information about your session (referrer, landing page etc.).
  • Shopify_visit, no data has been kept, continuously for 30 minutes from the last trip, our website is used by the provider’s internal statistics tracker.
  • Shopify_uniq, no data is kept, midnight (relative to the visitor) expires the next day, the number of visits by a single customer to the store is counted.

7: Disclaimer or transfer of your personal data or information

The company will transfer any third party to your consent, personal data or information in the United States or overseas, which ensures the same level of data security which was determined by the company to fulfill any contractual obligation. is.

We will disclose or transfer your personal data or information according to this policy and all applicable legal requirements in the USA.

Your personal data or information will be disclosed or transferred, as may be required from time to time:

  • For Third Party: Working on our or ours in different industries and categories of business. We will transfer your personal data or information to a third party, share it, or provide your personal data or information to any third party regarding our business needs or for the purposes here. Such third parties are required to obtain your personal data or information in accordance with this policy and the prevailing laws, in a legitimate, safe and responsible manner, and take all appropriate security and privacy measures so that they Do not use the data or disclose your personal information or information for others for your own purposes or othersNeither company nor any third party will publish your personal data or information.
  • For legal requirements: In law and / or legal authority of any of the law and / or government agencies / units, in response to legal process, for the purpose of verification of identity, or to be prevented, find out Could. Under the applicable law, including the order of cyber incidents, prosecution and crimes and / or any third party, or if we determine that to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request It is necessary or desirable to comply with accounting and tax rules and regulations or illegal activities, suspected fraud, security or technical issues or any kind of physical To protect or defend our rights or property, including the investigation, detection, prevention, or action of situations related to potential hazards for security. person.

8: Trusted security process and procedures and audit

We want to ensure compliance with the requirements of US laws to ensure the security and protection of your privacy, so we take reasonable security measures to protect your personal data or information from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction. We have many physical, electronic and procedural security measures/measures to protect the privacy, security and integrity of your personal data or information in a widely documented information security program and a strict security policy which includes managerial, technical. Operation and physical security control measures to protect such data or information. We have implemented a standard or code of best practices for data or information security.

9 versions of your personal data or information

We are aware of the importance of destruction at the time of personal data or information. We ensure that your personal data or information is not stored/maintained for longer than the required period for which reason, in addition to having a legal obligation to do so in a contract, provided in our contract, Used or processed. In the USA It is not necessary for the purpose of which it was collected, used or processed as soon as possible, and besides the purpose stated, it is our practice to destroy your personal data or information as soon as possible.


10: View or disclose your personal data or information or complaints or complaints

You can review the personal data or the information you give by written request. We will ensure that any personal data or information about you which is wrong or lack is found, it can be corrected or modified. In case of any inconsistencies or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data or information, please contact the Privacy Compliance Officer or by mail –

Webmaster corporate address:

GetSetWild LLC dba TechGreytimesInc
PO Box 3415,
Tampa FL 33618 USA

Tel: +18006167608 Fax: +18885679568


Postal address:

GetSetWild LLC dba TechGreytimesInc PO Box 3415 Tampa FL 33694 USA

In addition, upon receipt of any concern or complaint, the complaint officer will make all reasonable efforts to commercially address it within one (1) month of its receipt.

11: Security rights

All associate/group companies of the company will ensure that this policy is seen. All employees of the company and third party who have access to personal data or information are required to adhere to this policy.

All third parties will only process personal data or information in accordance with the company’s instructions or make decisions about such data or information as part of distributing their products and/or services. Either the company will choose a trusted third party, for example, to provide appropriate technical and organizational security measures to ensure an adequate level of security for the protection of such data or information by contract or other legally binding and licensable means. Will choose to keep. The company will be required to comply with this policy or guarantee the same level of data security which is followed by the company while processing  such data or information. Access to such data or information for the purposes of providing the products and services referred to in the fully applicable service contract of such a selected third party, and such data or information of the contract, legally and contractually Will be bound to maintain confidentiality and will be shared with them. Did not disclose it further. If the company concludes that a third party is not following these obligations, then it will immediately take appropriate measures to implement such non-compliance measures or necessary restrictions.

12: Amendment to Policy

The Company reserves the right to update, modify or modify this policy periodically without prior notice. The policy will be applicable from the date of such update, change or modification.

We will notify you about any such changes by updating this policy and post all changes to the policy on relevant internal and external websites.

Effective with the implementation of this policy, all existing intra-group agreements and practices related to the company’s privacy guidelines or processing of personal data or information will be separated from the terms of this policy and will be amended accordingly. All parties of any such agreement will be informed about the effective date of implementation of the policy.