Bangalore known as a cosmopolitan city. In the hassle of daily life, we always forget sexual wellness should be our first priority. The demand and awareness of sex toys in Bangalore is booming. Bangalore the home of the highest youth population.


Bangalore served with an ample amount of rainfall. So, the demand for sex toys in Bangalore is a rise in seasons. At GetSetWild you will get all sex toys for singles or couples. Our company covers the demanded products with customer satisfaction.


“Why should women’s have all the fun” men also need the stuff to satisfy. Before its believed that sex toys are solely for women. That’s incorrect men with the majority of the population needs these toys. Sex toys in Bangalore for men are widely popular and designed according to need. Men also hate to use hands while masturbation. Hence they experiment with sex toys. Here, list of some sex toys available for men at GetSetWild :

MasturbatorsMale Masturbators

These are the most selling sex toys from men categories. Men always demand portable sex toys to fit in their pocket. Let it be fleshlight or penis rings. We covered all in these sections. Customer satisfaction is our sole oath. Men in Bangalore always search for something after daily IT works. To feel satisfied and to nap the day.


Sex Dollssex doll in India

Its a gift for all single men or lonely dudes in a long distance relationship. To overcome their desire for sexual satisfaction. This proves a good company despite their partners. In Bangalore Men staying apart from homes always demands toys that fulfil their desire.


Male Enhancement  Penis Enlargement pump

Men always need to take care of their tool. Either in the form of penis rings, Penis lotions or pump. Guys have to care and maintain it for proper function while coitus.

These are good men’s friendly product for Bangalore guys. You can always use this product if you are a single or couple.

Male Enhancement


Women are always the luckiest one in sexual experience. Since we always take time to orgasm and blessed with a variety of sex toys. No matter how well your partner played during intercourse. You got the backup ready for ultimate pleasure. You can always ask your partner to play with you.

In Bangalore, despite great nightlife, we all need a partner in bed. Hence, partners company fulfilled by these sex toys. We can always carry in our purse and these always designed in disguised form. Here, the list of some sex toys available for women at GetSetWild :

Vibratorsvibrators for women

These are the most ergonomic sex toys for women. It features of the electric stimulation to reach orgasms. Women’s in  Bangalore are always found of their designs and features. It marked as highest selling sex toy in India.



DildosBuy Dildo Online

These are the long tail wide head toys available for women. These sex toys in Bangalore deals in major population. It covers the top need for internal and external stimulation of the woman’s G spot.



LingerieLingerie for Women

To cover the day to day need or some special occasion. These women’s clothing is a good partner during the date nights. These inner accessories are available in varieties for every occasion that matches your dress and area.


We are here to serve you and fulfil your kinky desires. Either BDMS or 50 shades of grey, we have everything for everyone. For the dear couples in Bangalore searching for some thrill during your private moments. We have arranged all accessories for you cosy times. Taking clothing into consideration and sex toys for extra pleasure.


Couples adore these sex toys in Bangalore. Always in search of trying a new way to make their intercourse special. By using the bonding toys they fulfill their mutual desire of dominance. As these toys gifts not only pleasure but also trust towards their partner.


50 Shades of Grey

It’s for all the Christian and Anastasia fans. These toys find an image in the heart in every couple. These sex toys are always a companion for relieving the characters in the movie. Even from a country like India couples always broad-minded toward sexual satisfaction

Types of fifty shades of grey

Customers always try a new product from our range and improvised by our collection. Since we deal in total customer satisfaction policy. Don’t stop here start shopping!!

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