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Patna which is the state capital of Bihar is an ancient city. This city used to be far away from the glamour. People here in Patna are mostly from village areas. But as the literacy rate is improving here people here are getting more frank and open-minded about the different things. Sex is among one of those few topics about which while saying anything people used to hesitate. But now the youth in Patna is no more shy to discuss it. They are literate and know the importance of sex education which has resulted in the use of sex toys in the city.

Sex toys in Patna

Sex Toys In Patna

Let’s know through this article that what kind of sex toys are being used in Patna by different genders:

Sex toys for women:

Vibrator: A vibrator is the most used sex toys by women. It basically stimulates the clitoris and vagina of women’s which provide them the pleasure. Its different version is available in the market.

Leather Harness: The bust and hips are open to fit a wide variety of body sizes and types, with adaptable bands at the arms, waist, and chest to wrap and accentuate your natural curves. Studded with silver and featuring a multitude of O-rings, it can be used as exotic lingerie, or you can hook ropes, chains, or other accessories to it to turn it into a fully functional bondage garment.

Sexy Jewelry: Sexy Jewelry is considered for sexual appeal. It catches the attention of males on typically less-noticed assets such as an attractive neckline or spare fingers. What makes sexy Jewelry appealing is that the way these are worn. One can find various kind of sexy jewelry in the market but one requires to choose that one which can exhibit the confidence on their face.

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leather harness

Sex toys for a couple:

Cock Rings: Couples can use these sex toys while having sex to enhance their sexual pleasure. With the help of cock rings, one can maintain a stronger & harder erection for a longer period of time. It does it by allowing blood flow into the penis.

Screaming O Opium Vibrating Pleasure Ring: This pleasure ring gives couples pleasure in full bloom with fluttering vibration and a comfort-stretch ring to keep it in place.  It basically has 3 powerful speeds: low, medium, high. Its unique finger loop lets couples manage the intensity and positioning of the bullet, making it straightforward to apply.

For masturbation :

Flashlight: It is the best masturbator one can get in the market. The uniqueness of this masturbator is its suction. It gives you a pleasant feeling of taking an orgasm from the tip of your penis. You can easily find a different kind of fleshlight masturbator in the market.

Mastomatic 2: This sex toy is for lazy masturbators. This is a hands-free masturbator. It let you feel the experience of a blow job.  You just need to slide it over your lubricated cock and you will get the blowjob guarantee.

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Role play :

Baci Dreams Emergency Room Nurse Costume: It is one of the most selling role play costume in India. Lace nurse dress is the main attraction of every operating room. The top and the mini skirt with garters offers a sexy look that will change the mood of any doctor.

Baci Dreams Schoolgirl Black Bra & Blue Plaid Skirt & Tie: This roleplay costume offers a look of an innocent school girl. this uniform is a stimulating fantasy highlight. The black halterneck bra and blue-white tartan, accordion-pleated skirt with wide lacy border, will still be alluringly detectable even in the last row. Believe me, your lover will not be able to control himself after looking you in this costume. So, why not you give him a surprise tonight with this costume.

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