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Fleshlight Girls Angela White Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Fleshlight Girls Kaydon Kross Masturbator- USA Original

12,999 6,499

Fleshlight Girls Jessica Drake Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Baile 7 Vibrating Pussy Masturbator For Men

4,999 3,999

Fleshlight Girls Riley Reid Masturbator – Replica

7,999 4,499

Fleshlight Pink Lady Masturbator-Replica

7,999 3,999

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)- USA Original

14,999 6,499

Fleshlight Vibro Pink Touch Vibrating Masturbator

19,999 7,999

Fleshlight Pink Butt Anal Toy

5,200 3,999

Horny Humper Masturbator Built In Vibrator Controller

4,500 3,000

ALEXIS Happy Pussy Masturbator Hand-held Sex Toy For Men

3,599 2,599

Sunny Deone Happy Pussy Masturbator Sex Toy for Men

3,599 2,599

Pussy Masturbating Fleshlight Model For Men

6,999 3,699

Pocket Pussy Masturbator-Super Pussy

1,999 1,499

Love Tunnel 2way Mouth and Pussy Male Masturbator

4,500 3,500

The Spicy Hot Punani Latina Pocket Pussy

1,999 1,299

My Butt Anal Fleshlight Masturbator for Men

4,599 3,599

Black Panther Vibrating Masturbator For Men

7,599 6,099

JENNA Happy Pussy Masturbator Sex Toy For Men Masturbation

3,599 2,599

Katrina Happy Pussy Masturbator Sex Toy

3,599 2,599

THOR Automatic Thrusting Realistic Vagina Masturbator

14,699 9,099

Happy Pussy Fleshlight Masturbator For Men

4,999 2,999

Alexis Texas Pink Pussy Masturbator Fleshlight USA

9,099 8,099

Fleshlight ICE Masturbator

9,099 4,599

SexBy Vibrating Masturbator for Men

5,599 1,999

Spider HandsFree Wall Mounted Silicon Fleshlight sex Toy for Men

4,399 3,699

Nora De Hand-held Masturbator

3,299 2,099

Fleshlight Teen Masturbator Sex Toy For Men

4,499 3,699

Sasha Malaika Wet Pocket Pussy For Men

3,099 1,999

Fleshlight Ice Butt Crystal Masturbator For Men

17,999 10,999

Online Collection of Fleshlight for Men in India


If we talk about the male sex toys then obviously fleshlight comes as a winner. It is an undisputed king of the hill. One of the unique & best part about these masturbaters is suction. It will give you a pleasant sensation of having an orgasm sucked from the tip of your penis. Here in this article, you will get to know about the history of Fleshlight sex toys, how they get developed why they are extremely popular throughout the world and what are the different types of flashlights available in the market. So, let’s start to dive in:

The History of Fleshlight Masturbators

Fleshlight has been one of the oddest sex toys in history. Still, after many years of its launching, Fleshlight keeps selling them, which indicates that there must be a desire for male masturbators. A flashlight is generally also known as Sex in A Can which is abbreviated as SIAC. Over the past few years, there have been numerous variants of Fleshlight Sex toys but one of the ghastliest is Count Cockula.

  • If we talk about its first appearance then it was produced in  1995 by Steve Shubin. He developed it to get relief from sexual desires during his wife’s pregnancy.  
  • The Product line for fleshlight was started in 1997 just 2 years after its development.
  • In 2003 Sex in A can product was launched especially for beer drinkers and masturbating males.
  • After 2 years of its launching, in 2005 Enhanced sensation sleeves were introduced.
  • In 2006 Fleshlight stamina training unit was launched.
  • In 2008 Fleshlight for girls was launched. Transparent ICE sleeves were introduced. The Fleshjack line of products started selling from this year onwards.
  • From 2009 Fleshlight accessories started to come in the market like Fleshlube personal lubricants & Fleshlight mounts by Liberator.
  • In 2012 exotic flashlights entered in the market. The new and compact models lands in sex shops.
  • In 2014 Flashlight launchpad upgrades Apple iPads. Also more new flashlight girls launch.
  • And by the 2016 Fleshlight was among one of the biggest brands in the world.

So this is how fleshlights have been evolved over the period of time.

Types of Fleshlight Masturbation ToysFleshlight

Now, let’s discuss the different type of fleshlight sex toys available in the market. 

Fleshlight ICE

This fleshlight have a semi-transparent cover & sleeve.  It allows you to have a look on each & every stroke. Fleshlight ICE is one of the best ways through which you can enjoy the masturbating.

The STU: Best for stamina training

Generally, women take more time than men for orgasm. And if you are among those who ejaculate too quickly then this is for you. It will train yourself to last longer in bed which will ultimately help you in satisfying your partner in bed. The best part about this sex toy is that it will literally let you feel like a vagina.  The Interior of the sleeve has some simulation bumps which will ultimately enhance your pleasant feeling.

Flash skins

Those who want to spend less amount and want to achieve the same sexual pleasure, this sex toy is for them. Because of its low cost you may not get all the things which you generally get in all the high-end models. the major lacking in this toy compare to costly toys is that it lacks the case and the suction. Also, experience wise it will let you feel rubbing jell around your penis. But the best part of this toy is that you can easily control the pressure with the help of grip.

Turbo – Intense

It is the most intense product. Fleshlight also claims that this product will give you the experience like deep throat. Upon Insertion, the floating piece of silicone resembles the feeling of the cock ramming across the female lips.

Quick Shot

It is that toy which you can carry with yourself during travel. It is smaller in size compare to other fleshlight lineup. It’s length is around 11cm which helps in keeping this easily inside your travel bag. Also because of its small size sleeve that slides over the penis is quite small, so it’s easy to clean it.

Why fleshlights are extremely popular throughout the world ?Fleshlight Kayden kross

Fleshlights are extremely popular throughout the world. In recent years the sales of male masturbation tool have spiked. The reason behind its popularity is the sexual pleasure it provides. And also since its launching fleshlight has always brought something unique each & every time in the market. So the innovation has also led it to the path of successful sex toy.

So, as we can see from the above discussions that fleshlight has come a long way since its first product launch. Not only for males now its available for females as well. It is the top sex toy in the world and used by the majority of those people who love to include sex toys as part of their intimacy. Its product line is also quite long. In order to get various sexual pleasure, it has launched multiple products under it. The three best things about Fleshlight is its nice appearance, Wicked suction, and discreet options.