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Introduction to Oral Sex Toys

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Let’s talk about oral sex as well as oral sex toys for oral fun. What’s more steamy than having your loved one around you? Oral sex. Yes, we know you endorse this as well. When was the last time you went down on your knees? Been a while? Don’t like doing oral sex? We have solutions for all your problems. We have some incredible oral sex enhancers for you to have oral sex with your loved one.

Nothing helps you last longer until it’s foreplay. Thus, oral fun is one of the best parts of foreplay. Make sure you end up satisfying your partner. It takes a great deal of determination to make your partner happy. But it can be made a bit easy and more fun with the help of some of our products. These products will assist you last longer and make your partner come for sure. Moreover, these products will also you both to give in your best. Show them how passionate you are about them. Boast off your lovemaking skills by using these oral fun products.

What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex is an oral form of intercourse. It includes both cunnilingus as well as fellatio. New to these terms? Haven’t heard about them before? Chill. We will explain.

Cunnilingus refers to the act of oral sex executed on female genitals. On the other hand, fellatio refers to the oral aspect of sex performed on a man’s penis. There is also another form of oral sex. We are sure you would not have had heard about it before. Anilingus contains stimulating one’s anus. Sounds fun, no?! Also, oral sex is just limited to these three types. Kissing and licking other body parts is not part of oral sex.

Strangely, not many countries allow their citizens to practice oral sex. Feel bad about them? Yes, even we do. But don’t worry India has no such law pertaining to it. Engaging in oral sex does not take away one’s virginity. So, this comes as a plus point for all you boys and girls out there. You can have some great amount of fun without actually losing your virginity.

Similarly, you will be glad to know that oral sex makes you relatively less vulnerable to STDs. This means that you are less likely to get infected by STDs while engaging yourself in oral sex rather than vaginal/anal sex.

Have great fun with our oral sex toys

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We have a good amount of products to offer. All these products will help you and your partner give each other a great time. It’s a give and takes relationship. Do not forget that. Thus, we have a mind-blowing range of adult products. They will help blow your partner away for good. The following are some of the best oral fun products at our site.

  • Oral Spray: Use this spray to woo your partner.
  • Oral Sex Candy: Give your partner the desired results while blowing him/her off. How cool is that!?
  • Pussy Licker Oral Sex Gel: Lick it like it’s cream! Well.. this oral sex gel will certainly get you on your toes.
  • Oral Sex Lotion: Moisture before you get moisturized. You only get what you prepare for.
  • Oral Sex Mints: Cool mints to cool down the volcano won’t be a bad idea. What say?

Shop Oral Sex Toys with Us at GetSetWild

We are here to help you make your every moment a special one. Keep shopping for oral sex toys with us at! Keep having fun! Stay in touch. 

Best sex toys for women –

  1. Oral sex simulators: Available in a variety of forms and intensities, these simulate the sensation of oral sex.
  2. Sucking vibrators: Suction and vibration are both possible with sucking vibrators, which are intended for clitoral stimulation.
  3. Tongue vibrators: These vibrators, which resemble a tongue, are used to stimulate the clitoral area.
  4. Blowjob simulators: These mimic the sensation of a blowjob and come in a range of intensities and textures.

Best sex toys for men –

  1. Masturbation sleeves: These imitate the experience of oral sex and are available in a variety of forms and levels of intensity.
  2. Blowjob simulators: Simulators that imitate the feeling of a blowjob are available in various intensities and textures.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are some oral sex toys available for enhancing oral fun?
Answer: GetSetWild offers a range of oral sex toys to enhance the pleasure of oral sex. Some of the products include oral sprays, oral sex candy, pussy licker oral sex gel, oral sex lotion, and oral sex mints. These products are designed to make the experience more enjoyable and satisfying for both partners.

Question: What is oral sex and what are its different types?
Answer: Oral sex refers to the act of engaging in sexual activity through the stimulation of the mouth on the genitals or anus of a partner. There are three main types of oral sex: cunnilingus (oral sex on female genitals), fellatio (oral sex on a man’s penis), and anilingus (stimulating the anus). Kissing and licking other body parts are not considered part of oral sex.

Question: Is oral sex legal in India?
Answer: Yes, engaging in oral sex is legal in India. Unlike some countries, there are no specific laws in India that prohibit or criminalize consensual oral sex between adults.

Question: Does engaging in oral sex take away one’s virginity?
Answer: No, engaging in oral sex does not take away one’s virginity. Virginity is a social and cultural concept that typically refers to the first experience of vaginal intercourse. Oral sex does not involve penetration, so it does not result in the loss of virginity.

Question: Is oral sex safer in terms of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
Answer: Engaging in oral sex is generally considered to be less risky for contracting STDs compared to vaginal or anal sex. However, it is still possible to transmit certain STDs through oral sex, such as herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. It is important to practice safe sex by using barriers like dental dams or condoms during oral sex to reduce the risk of transmission.

Question: What are some popular oral sex toys for women?
Answer: Some popular oral sex toys for women include oral sex simulators, sucking vibrators for clitoral stimulation, tongue vibrators for clitoral stimulation, and blowjob simulators that mimic the sensation of a blowjob. These toys are designed to enhance pleasure and provide a more realistic oral experience.

Question: What are some popular oral sex toys for men?
Answer: Popular oral sex toys for men include masturbation sleeves that imitate the feeling of oral sex and blowjob simulators that replicate the sensations of a blowjob. These toys come in various forms and intensities to cater to different preferences and provide a pleasurable experience.

Question: What is the purpose of oral sprays and lotions for oral sex?
Answer: Oral sprays and lotions are designed to enhance the experience of oral sex. They can provide a tingling or numbing sensation, add flavor, or increase lubrication. These products can make oral sex more pleasurable for both partners and add excitement to intimate moments.

Question: Are there any specific oral sex toys for clitoral stimulation?
Answer: Yes, there are oral sex toys specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. Sucking vibrators create a suction sensation on the clitoral area, while tongue vibrators simulate the feeling of a tongue stimulating the clitoris. These toys can intensify pleasure during oral sex for women.

Question: Where can I shop for oral sex toys?
Answer: You can shop for oral sex toys at They offer a wide range of oral sex toys and adult products to enhance your intimate experiences. Keep exploring their collection and have fun experimenting with different products.