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Does sex toy help in maintaining good sex lifestyle in COVID-19 lockdown?

Sex Toys during COVID-19 Lockdown

Intimacy is an important part of human life. Aside from the individual benefits for you and your partner, regular sex contributes to a good relationship in various ways.

Sex during COVID-19 Lockdown

Sex can be complicated even in the best of circumstances, but it becomes even more so during a pandemic. Acts of intimacy have their set of new rules, too, during the pandemic, with mandatory social distancing and mask-wearing, accompanied by excessive hand washing.

sex toys for men
sex toys for women

The biggest danger factor is that COVID-19 is highly contagious via an infected person’s saliva and mucous, and intercourse traditionally requires people to be within six feet of each other. Being in the same space as an infected person increases the possibility that the virus will move from one person to another, even if they do not touch, especially if one person is carrying a modified form.

So, what helped in such a situation?

Sex toys!
Yes, sex toys came to the rescue during the Covid 19 when two people couldn’t get intimate. Sex toys, often known as ‘adult toys’, are the devices people use to increase their sexual pleasure or masturbation. There are many kinds of sex toys, and individuals use them for various reasons.

Whether you want to relieve boredom or become a pro at sex, there’s a sex toy to help you increase your sexual pleasure. People who have used sex toys report being more satisfied with their sex life across all parameters, including orgasm and masturbation quality.

“Research suggests that when women sleep with men who use sex toys, they are 90% satisfied. The satisfaction level for males who avoid toys and do not use them is 76 per cent.”

How Do Sex Toys Help Maintaining a Good Lifestyle in COVID-19 Lockdown?

This is an excellent time to experiment with self-stimulation and develop a greater grasp of what your body prefers, especially if you are living alone without a companion. Sex toys can help to a large extent to bring the sexual satisfaction you have been waiting for from your partner.

Using sex toys is the simplest way for people to experience orgasm or masturbation. Some persons with sexual disabilities or restricted mobility can also use sex toys to masturbate, have sex, or do sexual acts or positions that would be difficult or impossible for them otherwise.

Let us check how the most common sex toys help in doing so?

Sex Dolls
Dildo for Women
  • Vibrators: All the women who have been feeling distressed lately due to a bad sex lifestyle can buy a vibrator. Vibrators add a lot of sensation to your genitals. Vibrators are commonly used to stimulate the clitoris and other regions of the vulva and vagina. Vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Sex dolls: Sex dolls are human-like, full-body, anatomically perfect dolls made of materials such as rubber, silicone, or thermoplastic elastomer. Sex dolls contain one penetrable orifice such as the mouth, vagina, or anus. Some sex dolls come in full-body types. The unique feature of sex dolls is their sexual functions; however, this does not imply that they are utilised solely for sexual purposes.
  • Dildos: Dildos come in various forms and sizes, but they are usually shaped like a penis. They can also be bent slightly to stimulate your g-spot or prostate. Dildos can be manufactured of various materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic, metal, and break-resistant glass.
  • Anal Toys: These sex toys are designed to excite and enter your anus. Plugs (also known as butt plugs), prostate massagers, and anal beads are examples of anal toys. To use anal devices securely, you must use water-based lubrication.
Cock Rings
Vibrators for Women

Make certain that any sex toys you utilize during you are washed and disinfected. COVID-19 can not only survive on surfaces for hours or even days, but you also risk introducing germs.

So, can’t find a way to engage in sexual intercourse or are unsure how to find sexual satisfaction during the lockdown? Know that sex toys can be your ultimate partners in gaining sexual pleasure anytime, anywhere. Shop from reputable websites that provide thorough product information to ensure that your sex toy is truly the brand and substance you expect. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, check out our online adult store and buy one for yourself right away!

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