What are the biggest sex fears and how to cope with them?

What are the biggest sex fears and how to cope with them?

Well, it is true that there would be a considerable share of sex fears if you are new to the whole idea of sexual exploration. Yes, going through life, you are bound to face a few challenges that are indeed going to test your patience to the core. The same somewhat stands true for your sex life as well. Not a lot of people are as aware as you would want them to be with regard to the sexual sphere of one’s life. Therefore, it gives way to a lot of fears as far as one’s sex life is concerned. In this article, we are going to look at some of the biggest sex fears.

We will also try to debunk a few of these sex fears. In addition to it, we are also going to help you understand how you could cope with these sex fears. So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

1. Kissing your loved one can make the female partner pregnant

Well, this is sheer nonsense. The act of kissing your partner cannot make her pregnant. This myth needs to be busted as soon as possible. Moreover, it is important for one to understand the fact that kissing could be a part of your romantic sessions although it certainly is not the only activity that couples get involved in while sharing the space with each other. You just kiss your partner when you feel like it. This is as simple as it could get. Thus there are no pregnancy risks associated with the act of kissing your partner within as well as outside your bedroom. It is a totally safe romantic practice that does not lead to any sort of pregnancy.

For any kind of unwanted pregnancy to take place, the heterosexual couple needs to get involved in unprotected sex. Yes, this is precisely the only way to get your female partner pregnant. In simple, kissing cannot land you up in an unwanted space of bearing a child in your womb. So, kiss as much as you want to. Moreover, you two could also get involved in safe sex if you two just want to have a deeper sense of where you two actually belong. Safe sex remains the operative word. Not engaging in safe sex (penetrating with the condom on the male partner’s penis) could indeed prove to be fatal for you as well as your loved one if you are not planning a future together.

2. Sex toys and other kinds of adult products could have a fatal impact on your sex life

This is not partially true. This is simply because of the fact that not all sex toys and other kinds of adult products are harmful to use. The sex toys and adult products that are really harmful and not safe to use that usually the ones which are not genuine and branded in nature. Yes, you read that right. We are certain of the fact using sex toys and other kinds of adult products that are manufactured by some of the biggest names of the sex toy’s world is not going to affect you adversely. Rather sex toys and various kinds of other adult products could really help you have the time of your life with as well as without your loved one. Yes, you could pretty much use sex toys and other kinds of adult products in the presence of your loved one.

Although it is pertinent to mention the fact that you must get your partner’s consent. Communicating to your partner what exactly why you would like to give sex toys and another kind of adult products a try should be enough to get you two going. Do not force your partner to use sex toys or any other adult product under any sort of circumstances. Keeping it short, you are unlikely to face any issue with regard to the use of sex toys and any other kind of adult products as long as you are shopping for sex toys from trusted portals dealing in premium quality sex solutions. For this to happen, you are indeed expected to do a bit of research. Although this is not true that all sex toys and adult products that are available in the market are harmful. Therefore, you must act wisely and get a few of these branded and more trusted sex toys and enrich your sex life.

3. What if your physical organs are not enough to satisfy your partner sexually

A lot of individuals tend to face this sort of an issue while being in a relationship even when they are around the person who tends to understand them in the best possible way. A large number of men tend to believe that they might not be able to perform well or rather would fail to perform as per the expectations of their beloved one just because of the fact that the size of their penis is too small. Similarly, a lot of women around the world tend to believe that their partners might end up body shaming them with regard to the size of their breasts.

What are the biggest sex fears and how to cope with them?

Although it is important to understand the fact that your physical organs are not as important as your intent is. Yes, even if you have the best figure or size according to the societal benchmark and if you still fail to perform then what might be wrong is your intent. Yes, therefore, it is really essential for you to grasp the fact that physical features are far less important than your existence in totality while being around your loved one. Thus there is no real point in you feeling inferior to your partner just because of the fact that you feel that you are not good enough for your loved one. It is imperative on your part to regularly communicate with your partner regularly. This is simply going to help you deal better with regard to the above stated issue. You can also choose to have a word with a counsellor regarding the same. Please choose whatever suits you the best. Although self confidence and approval is what you really need to focus upon. So, go kill it!

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