Sex Toys for Couples to Play with Together

Sex Toys for Couples to Play together

It does not matter what kind of sex you are having or who you have it with – there are tons of amazing sex toys for couples that you can try. From G-spot stimulators for couples to intense massagers and exciting light bondage kits, there is no limit to the pleasures you and your partner can experience together!

To help you get started, we have put together some of the best couple sex toys that you can try out depending on your experience level and fantasies:

1. Vibrating Cock Ring

Here’s a sex toy both you and your partner can get pleasure out of! Vibrating rings, or penis rings, or cock rings were originally designed for fuller and longer erections. What many people do not know is that when a man puts on a vibrating penis ring, it stimulates the clitoral region in women as well. This way, both the partners can get stimulated at the same time. All you have to do is slip the ring down to the end of the penis, turn it on, and the different settings and vibrating patterns will do the rest of the work for you!

2. Vibrating Massager

There is a range of different kinds of vibrating massagers available online, depending on the purpose you want to use them for. Whether you are simply exploring what feels good on (and in) your body, or you are a sort of vibe connoisseur who has tried them all, vibe massagers are great for everyone. With a thoughtful design to enhance the pleasure experience, this vibrating massager can be used by both men and women to stimulate and arouse pleasure points. You can adjust the vibration settings to best suit your needs.

3. Stimulating Couple Vibrator

A simulator for both men and women? Yes, you heard that right! It is designed with body-safe silicone to compliment the contour of your intimate areas. This stimulating couple vibrator creates powerful rumbling vibrations to arouse the G-spot in women and the P-spot in men. What’s more? It is USB-chargeable, and it can be controlled with a remote. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, there’s a world of fun you can have with your partner in the bedroom, or in public, with this remote-controlled stimulator!

4. 50 Shades of Grey Toys

If you and your partner have had some experience with other kinds of sex toys for couples, you may want to give light bondage a try! From bondage ropes to handcuffs and nipple clamps, there are all sorts of that can be had with some light BDSM play in the bedroom. Be sure to have a conversation with your partner before trying this so that you’re both on the same page and it is a pleasurable experience for both of you. Bondage play can be extremely arousing when done right and helps build a special level of trust between the partners.

5. Sensual Valentine Romance Kit for Couples

Here’s one for the romantics. If you’re planning a special weekend, going on a vacation, or celebrating a special occasion, this is how you can make it even more special! This romance kit for couples is the perfect combo of sensual products to get you and your partner in the mood. Also, a great gift for your partner to let them know that you are thinking of them!

Gone are the days when sex toys for couples were a rare sight. If you want to break the boring routine and take your sex game to the next level, you need to try out these couple sex toys right now!

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