Beginner’s Guide to Sex toys: A Super-easy guide to understand Better.

Sex Toys Buyers Guide

This ultimate beginner’s guide to sex toys will help you to find the best-suited sex toys for you as we have got everything covered in it.

Welcome to one of the largest collections of sex toys in India. GetSetWild has got it all you want to fulfill the most unimaginable fantasies. Yes, this is a paradise for all the lovers of sex toys and the resulting pleasure. We help you up to your sexual game by offering a wide range of sex-enhancing products. GetSetWild believes in providing you with the finest sex toys available in the market. We know how much it matters to keep yourself sexually pleased. Thus, keeping you happy is of utmost importance for us. This is the only goal we strive for.

Men’s Sex Toys

Sex Dolls
Male Masturbators

My First Wild MasturbateMale Masturbators

Buying your first masturbator can be a challenge. Thus, we are here with great enthusiasm and altruistic spirit to help you decide which masturbator would be the best one for you. But before jumping onto that, it is essential to know what is a masturbator. A masturbator can be commonly understood as a stroker. So, any device/toy that helps male individuals reach climax is a masturbator. There are numerous types of masturbators available in the market. We are going to talk about the various types which are popular among the Indians. 

This question could be better summed up as why do we need masturbators? Yes, unlike all other sex toy portals, we will answer and satisfy this query of yours. So, we do not believe in leaving our customers without making them understand why they actually need certain sex toys. Even more, we will make it easier to understand why you need a masturbator in your life.  So, you primarily should have a masturbator for the following reasons. Firstly, exploring one’s sexuality is a healthy way of growing up. It helps one understand him/herself in a better way. As a result, It does not hamper your growth in any way. Many scientific pieces of research have claimed masturbation to have many advantages. These advantages include – an increase in sperm count, a better understanding of self, reduction in stress and anxiety. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of an individual suffering from prostate cancer. What else do you want?

3 Popular Masturbators: 

As mentioned before, there is a diverse range of products that are available in the market. This especially stands true for masturbators for males. So, here are three of the most popular variants of masturbators available in the Indian sex toys industry.
Fleshlight – Fleshlights are universal favorites. No male did ever say no to Fleshlight sex toys. This is because this brand provides you with an amazing quality masturbator. Usually, fleshlight products resemble a real vagina. And what else would the manhood need to get crazy?
Hustler Creampie Pussy Masturbator – Hustler Creampie Pussy Masturbator ranks second in terms of its popularity amongst boys around the country. This is another great quality and authentic product that ensures an amazing degree of pleasure.
Tenga Cups – This sex toy is specially designed to attract individuals who find blowjobs the best thing in this entire universe. How does that happen? Why don’t you try and find out yourself?

My First Wild Sex DollSex Doll

GetSetWild is one of the few sex toy portals in India that provides with an opportunity to buy terrific-looking sex dolls. Otherwise, there are not many sex toy portals that deal with sex dolls. Using sex dolls while trying to help yourself reach the ultimate stage of pleasure. Thus, there is nothing like a sex doll in the entire sex toys industry. A sex doll may be defined as a doll that looks exactly like a real female with all those assets to crave. Yes, having a girlfriend is not a dream far-fetched if you invest in a sex doll. We bet there’s nothing that could stop you from believing that it is as great as a real girl. Having a sex doll makes you a privileged individual in all possible senses of the term. Here’s how you become a privileged individual after buying a sex doll from GetSetWild. Some of the perks are as follows. You do not really feel the difference between a girl and a doll that’s how good these sex dolls are. These are available in a variety of sizes to suit your sexual choices and preferences. They have appropriate holes to help you get the best out of yourself.

3 Popular Sex Dolls:

The following are some of the best and most popular variants of sex dolls in India. These sex dolls cannot be overlooked when you think of buying one.

Jamie Lynn Cyberskin Doll – Calling it smooth would be an understatement. It is there to blow off your mind with its sex appeal.
Penthouse Cyberskin Backdoor Babe Sex Doll – Nothing comes close to this one. Value for money product. Super sexy! Super hot!
Sex Doll Juicy Jugs Love Doll – Its name would have told you a lot about its features. It is one of the most preferred ones in the world.  

My First Wild CondomBest Condoms in India

GetSetWild deals with a good amount of the best condoms in India. There is no end to condoms available on this very portal in terms of their flavor, size, feel, and obviously, pleasure. There are a few that glow in the dark. On the other hand, a few of them might help you last longer in bed. These condoms are crafted to suit your style and preferences. These preventive devices can be further chosen from a wide range of varieties. There are premium condoms as well as normal ones. They may be divided into the following heads
Flavored: These flavored condoms are best for individuals who love to get involved in oral sex. Yes, there are plenty of exciting flavors to set you in the mood. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and whatnot. Ask for it and get it.
Unflavoured: We have a wide range of unflavoured condoms as well. Yes, our excellent range of condoms is not just restricted to flavored condoms. We offer you some great unflavoured condoms. Dotted, long-lasting, premium unflavoured condoms – we have got all bases covered. 

Best Products:

The following are some of the most wanted and preferred condoms in India.
Glow in the Dark Condoms – These are simply the best. These condoms are enough to light up your nights. We genuinely believe that nothing makes a woman go crazier than your glowing soldier. Try it!
Kamasutra Warm Intimacy CondomsKamasutra is one of the leading brands when it is about condoms. Kamasutra manufactures great condoms and this condom is certainly what you need to share a warm and intimate connection with your partner.
Durex Condoms Pleasure Pack – We are sure you have already come across Durex while surfing Twitter/Instagram on the internet. This brand is actually pretty good when it comes to placing its customers on the pedestal. This pleasure pack will help you make your evenings more lively.

My First Wild PumPenis enlargement pump

We at GetSetWild have an excellent number of pumps to help you feel good about yourself. We totally understand how tough things can be if one does not have a penis of decent size. Do not worry, we are here for you. Our extensive range of pumps at GetSetWild will help you overcome your problem. Thus, here are a few of our best products in this category. Go through the same.
Bathmate Hydro Xtreme 9 Penis Pump – This penis enlargement pump is a beast. It can help you be better at it with its magical effect.
Pump Worx Euro Pump: This is another decent product. This one can be used by beginners who are new to this technique of enjoying their nights.
Bathmate Measuring Gauge: Bathmate measuring gauge allows individuals to measure the size of their little soldier. We know the struggle is real. Therefore, we decided to help you out to measure the same.

My First Wild Penis Extension

GetSetWild is just a click away whenever it is about solving sexual issues in your life. We provide you with the best sex solutions through our extensive range of sex toys. A penis extension is something many people crave for. We know how miserable things can turn between you and your partner if you are not able to satisfy one’s sexual needs and desires. Therefore, we are here with a set of penis extenders.

Most Popular Ones: The following are a few of the most popular products in this section.

Hustler Penis Extender: Hustler is one of the best companies in this segment. This company provides you with a great extra girth feature with its penis extenders.
Vibrating Penis Sleeves: Vibrating penis sleeves are an amazing choice amongst other implements available in this category
Cyberskin Transformer Extra Skin Extension: This is a game-changing invention from the house of cyber skin. This one provides extra skin to your penis to have you help a fulfilling experience with your partner.

My First Wild Lubricant


GetSetWild is the place where you will get a billion choices to make your sexual sphere a spicy affair. The same goes for the lubricants. We all know what lubrication can do and how it can ease out the whole sexual activity. Although choosing a lubricant can be a tricky thing to do for a beginner. Thus, we are here to provide you with some insightful piece of information. A lubricant might be defined as something that smoothes out the whole sexual process while leaving scope for any kind of friction. Lubricants are known to help the concerned individuals enjoy each others company with the utmost ease. One needs to put lubricants to use in order to enjoy safe sex. It ensures friction free sex. Moreover, it has got the potential to delay male ejaculation. Sounds great, right? It is also an effective way of holding erection of the penis. Yes, it is true. This category also includes certain supplements which enhance the very experience of two individuals getting close to each other.

Popular ones:

The following are some of the most popular ones.
Dabur Shilajit Gold Capsules: These capsules are perfect. Shilajit Gold makes sure that the individual is not short of energy when it is time to please his partner.
Erection Cream: Yes, erection creams do exist. These kinds of creams help the individual blow his penis in semi-erected or fully erected position. Sounds appealing? It is.
Delay Cream: Who does not want to put an end to things in style. We guess everybody does. Thus, in order to assist in fulfilling your desire, we are providing you with a chance to grab this amazing cream to delay your ejaculation. 

My First Wild Gay Sex Toy

gay sex toys

We at GetSetWild do not believe in putting someone down because of one’s sexual choices and preferences. Therefore, we are offering our rainbow brigade with a fantastic range of sex toys in order to celebrate their newly found happiness after Article 377 was revoked by the bench of the honorable Supreme Court last year.  Vibrating Cock ring and Tenga Flex are two of the best products in this category. 

My First Wild BDSM Toy

BDSM – the term has got a unique ring to it. Secretive. Painful yet pleasurable. Thus, carrying forward the basic spirit of bondage, domination, submission, and masochism, GetSetWild is here with an array of products to choose from to make love the way you wish to. 

The following products are worth trying in this segment of the portal. 

  • Designer Collar
  • Ankle Cuffs
  • Designer blindfolds
  • My First Wild 50 Shades of Grey Toy

50 Shades of Grey is a household name throughout the country. Thanks to the blockbuster movie that was cherished thoroughly by the Indians all across the nation. Well, yes, you have been guessing right. This is the same franchise which has decided to provide its fanbase with some cool and jaw-dropping sex toys so that they can enjoy their sex session to the fullest. The following are some of the widely popular sex toys from the house of 50 shades of grey especially crafted for men. Promise To Obey Arm Restraint Set: is all you need to spice up your sex life with your partner. It will add the much-needed kink to your life.

Silver Christan Grey Tie: It’s a lovely piece of a tie. Make your loved one fall for you even harder after wearing this one.

Beginner Guide to Women’s Sex Toys

Dildo for Women
Vibrators for Women

My First Wild Vibrator


Choosing your first vibrator can be a serious issue. Thus, we are here to assist in making this important decision. We do not believe in pushing our customers to make an uninformed choice. Also, we have put in place a brief write up to help you out with your queries. And even after reading this you still have a query, contact us through our customer care. So, we will be happy to sort your queries. A vibrator can be understood as a sex toy that helps a woman achieve orgasm by creating great stimulations when used around erroneous zones. It is a fabulous way of getting relaxed and calming down. This sex toy helps women squirt and release body fluids in a very pleasurable fashion. It is very helpful in satisfying a woman who is unable to achieve orgasm while being in a relationship with a person. Moreover, it helps you release stress and anxiety. It helps you to know yourself a bit more.

3 Most Popular Vibrators:

Here is a list of some of the most effective vibrators available in the Indian market through our sex toys portal, GetSetWild.
G spot Vibrator: G Spot vibrators help you satisfy your sexual fantasies by creating intense stimulations around the golden spot.
Rabbit Vibrator: This kind of vibrators are special. What makes this kind of vibrators special? It’s designed. This vibrator looks exactly like a rabbit. Its design helps you get more out of yourself every time you feel like using this sex toy.
Clitoral Vibrator: Clitoris. What a lovely place to stimulate and to arouse yourself. We get how important or crucial for a sex toy to be great at creating magnified and intense stimulations down there. This sex toy will help your cause.

My First Wild Dildo

Dildos for Women

The dildo is one of the most used sex toys worldwide. And it is not something which has just come at the scenario. Rather dildos are believed to be used by women since ancient times. Obviously, those dildos were not this advanced and just fulfilled the basic utility of satisfying the sexual urges of a woman. Dildos are evergreen. There is not a single woman that would ever refuse to not have a dildo inside her bedroom drawers. 

The following are some of the more popular dildos:
Glass Dildos: Very smooth to say the least. Give it a try!
Strap-on Dildos: This one is a great addition to the basic model of a dildo. You will love the way you would be able to this upon an individual to get a more realistic feel.
Wild Dildos: As the name suggests, wild. Expect nothing short of a wild session of self-exploration and relaxation with this tool of yours.

My First Wild Sexy Lingerie

sexy lingerie

Nothing makes a man go wilder than sexy lingerie on a woman. We are not making this up. This is a fact. Choose your favorite piece of lingerie from our amazing range of lingerie available in the most colorful, soothing and comfortable fabric. We offer lingerie under the following sub-categories: 

  • Chemise
  • Teddies
  • Baby Doll Dress
  • Bra and Panties
  • Corsets and Bustiers
  • Stockings
  • Roleplay Costumes

Above All, Visit our lingerie section to see which one would suit your needs the best. Each one is made to suit particular body shape and size. Don one and see your partner going week in his knees. 

My First Wild Leather Harness

Love getting laid but tired of the ways you and your partner usually go about it? Perfect, then this is what you have been looking for. The leather harness is all you require to up your sex game with your partner. Bite him. Tease him. Please him with leather harness on your body. Check out our brilliant collection at our portal only to make your sexual experiences better. 

My First Wild Anal Toy

Anal Toys

Hello, anal lovers! We have got some fascinating and smooth sex toys that could bring your heart out of your mouth when you put them in the right places. GetSetWild offers you a fantastic range of products that could be easily rated as the best anal toys for women. So, get the best of it only at our portal. 

My First Wild Tattoos and Pasties

Do you feel lovemaking can be more fun and enticing when you have some tattoos and pasties on your body? Does your partner want you to go about it in a unique way? This is it. Try out ordering some of the best available sex tattoos and pasties from your beloved portal, GetSetWild. 

My First Wild BDSM Toy

Are you into BDSM? Well, we have got a very different and mind-boggling collection of BDSM sex toys for you. So, you can visit our portal to know which one would be the best one for you. What are you waiting for? Go grab one asap!

My First Wild 50 Shades of Grey Toy

 50 Shades of Grey Toy

The house of best-selling books and blockbusters is here again to conquer your hearts with a stupendous class of sex products to help you get the real feel of their world number one bestseller and blockbuster. Would you mind trying? We think, you surely wouldn’t.

The following are our top picks:

  • Vibrating Butt Plug
  • Anal Beads

My First Lesbian Sex Toy

The world is colorful and so should be your lovemaking session with your sexual partner. Thus, GetSetWild has brought an interesting range of adult products for all the lesbians in the house. Check out for yourself what we have got in our store.

Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couples
Sex Toys for LGBT

sex toys for couples

GetSetWild believes in moving ahead with changing times. One cannot stick at a particular conception of enjoying sex in the current scenario. You need to adapt to the changing circumstances. One needs to understand the fine nuances of lifestyle. It is not always possible to satisfy your partner when you are around. Moreover, you cannot be always around him/her. Thus, GetSetWild brings you a collection of some great sex toys for couples. This way, by using these sex toys you can make the sexual experience of your loved one more interesting and intimate. It helps you understand your partner’s needs better. 

Our First Wild Couple Vibrators

Using vibrator while being with your partner is the most amazing feeling ever. We can vouch for it. Thus, you try out the couple vibrators available at your most trusted sex toys portal to get the experience of a lifetime with your partner. 

Our First BDSM ToyBDSM Sex Toys

Remember Fifty Shades of Grey? Yes, we know you enjoyed watching the main characters getting involved in BDSM. So, even if you also want to make love with your partner in that fashion then you need to order some of the cool BDSM toys from our portal. GetSetWild has got a great variety of BDSM toys. A few of which includes the following sex toys: BDSM Leather Kit, Bondage Kit, Nipple Clamps and masks. There is a lot more to explore and for that, you need to check out our portal.

Our First Romantic Bedroom Games

Playing romantic bedroom games is a fantastic way of overcoming all kinds of inhibitions. No matter what kind of equation you both share, these games are bound to get really close to each other.  Sex card game and 1000 sex games are the top picks. 

Our First Foreplay Act

 Body Tickler Ostrich Feather

Foreplay plays an integral part in creating a great rapport with your partner. Sexual compatibility is a thing that dictates the majority of your lovemaking sessions. Thus, in order to ensure great compatibility go slow while using these add ons:

We feel oral sex is the best part of the entire lovemaking process and thus we have ensured that we do not miss out on this part of your life. Here is a list of some of the best oral sex add ons for couples. Have a look at them so that you can order them asap!

How are sex toys helping millions across the world to live the desired sex life?

We are providing you with a great opportunity to completely explore yourselves.  Do not be skeptical about the use of sex toys. Times have changed and thus it would only be fair on your part to change with the times to keep up with the demands of this era. Do not worry about your safety. We have already put in a lot of thought in that so that you can enjoy without facing any kind of hassles. Have a go at it just like millions across the world do. 

How are sex toys saving relationships?

Sex toys are saving relationships. Yes, this is a fact we have been reiterating time and again. We have strong reasons for that. Women/men who are not happy in their relationships can easily experience pleasure by using these sex toys without calling it quits with the one they are emotionally connected. So, sex toys are an easy way to avoid any kind of confrontations. Moreover, sex toys are also helping couples maintain their sexual spice with the use of sex toys adding an element of kink.

Benefit of sex toys

How are sex toys becoming basic utilities inside our bedroom?

Sex toys are a must inside your bedroom in today’s era. We live in an era which is driven by high stress and anxiety. More, demanding jobs do not really allow partners to be together for long. Thus, using sex toys is a great way of sexually pleasing oneself in the absence of one’s partner.

Adult Games
Romance Kits

What all factors should one consider before buying a sex toy?

There are a variety of factors that are to be kept in mind before one thinks of investing in sex toys. We will help by providing you with some of the must/should have checklist parameters. Thus, a sex toy should be safe to use. Nothing is more important than your hygiene and safety. It should not be at any cost. So, we at GetSetWild have got it covered. Next, it is essential to understand which kind of sex toy is meant for you since sexual preferences vary from person to person. It is recommended to read about the sex toy in detail before you invest in one. 

What are the benefits of having a sex toy?

There are various advantages of having a sex toy in your possession. We have discussed it multiple numbers of times. It certainly helps you find your true self by engaging in a self-exploration mode. In addition, using sex toys is an effective way to keep your relationship going when your sexual partner is not around. So, a sex toy never really hurts. It always helps.

Benefits of using sex toys

Shop at GetSetWild

GetSetWild is one of its kinds of sex toys portal. Nobody would serve and assist you in the way we do. We have a bunch of extremely dedicated and hardworking individuals helping you fulfill your sexual fantasies. Whenever it is about sex, contact us through the aforementioned means. We love serving you. We do not believe in taking our customers for granted. Thus, keeping shopping with us and keep us motivated to continue the good work. We would love to hear from you. Keep shopping! Keep making love!


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