What precautions should we take when using sex toys during COVID-19 pandemic?

Use of Sex Toys During Covid-19

Modern issues need to be resolved by modern solutions. We are certain about the fact that you must have heard that before but now is the time to put it into place. Yes, there should not be any debate over the fact that all of us as a part of the human fraternity is facing something of this sort for the first time in this particular century. Thus, there are some questions that loom large over our heads. And wanting to know if getting involved in sex with his/her partner and using sex toys to reach orgasm while being alone is totally safe are definitely two of the most important questions every human being needs to know answers to.

Therefore, in this particular blog, we are going to discuss that you should be aware of while making love or having a great solo session while using some of your favourite sex toys. You are free to masturbate. Therefore, feel free to jerk off and reach orgasm in the most amazing way while isolating yourself. This is certainly one thing you can definitely enjoy while quarantining. It will make you feel better amidst the grave crisis that we are trapped in.

Avoid having sex with someone new. This will only make you and other individuals in your immediate surroundings more vulnerable to this deadly virus. Therefore, do not engage in sex with someone new that you have not had sex with before. This is simply because you might not be aware of their travel history.

Avoid kissing, touching someone who came from outside. Well, we cannot stress this enough. Do not engage in acts of immense love like kissing and touching intimately with someone who is relatively new to your surroundings. It could be a really bad idea to do so.

Sex toys are the way. They are definitely useful in these circumstances. You can use all sorts of sex toys for having fun during COVID-19 pandemic. Although you need to maintain basic hygiene while reaching the climax. Isn’t your partner around? Have phone sex with him/her. This is indeed a great way of ensuring that you are there for each other at such times. This is a great idea. You could also use phone controlled sex toys to spice it up. Although do not forget to clean your sex toys after you are done with its use.

Do not go in for anal sex. Yes, you need to avoid anal sex at all costs. It definitely is not one of the safest things to get involved in with your partner regardless of how long you have been putting up together. Drop the idea of having anal sex, immediately for your own good.

You need to have sex with your partner with all possible precautions mentioned in the article. Although one is free as always to masturbate using masturbation toys like fleshlights, vibrators etc and feel his/her own body while being in isolation. Masturbation which results from an act of self love is something you will need in this crisis and what has got no possible dangers related to it. Thus, this is the way you should be going about your sex life. Avoid sex with your partner for time being since we are not really sure if your partner is suffering from the infection. Yes, this is a matter of great debate because there are individuals who have been infected with the virus and have not been showing any sort of symptoms. This makes it a silly move to get involved with your partner.

Therefore, all we suggest you is to use your lovely sex toys while maintaining social distance as well as a hygienic routine while using them to have some fun in your own company during these gloomy days. This way you are going to feel good about your existence as well as satisfy your sexual desires in a great way. Also, masturbation as a practice tends to boost your immune system. So, have fun keeping in mind all the precautions that we have mentioned in our blog for you to have a great time while being safe at your place without losing your cool and calm.

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