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Now have a hassle-free online shopping of adult products and sex toys in Kochi, Kerala via GetSetWild adult toys online store. Kochi is a city situated in a state Kerala. Kerala is a state which has a lot of tropical natural beauty. Kochi also has the same natural beauty. You can find greenery in this city.  Because of a lot of trees and greenery, the weather here in Kochi remains cooler compared to other Indian cities. You can find here mountains, tea & coffee plantation, diverse wildlife, and so many other natural beauties. It has everything that a couple needs during their honeymoon period. Keeping in mind here’s cooler weather specific sex toys in Kochi can be introduced to enhance sexual pleasure.

Sex Toys in Kochi

Online Collection of  Sex Toys in Kochi, Kerala

Let’s have a look at some of the sex toys in India which can be used by a different segment of people in Kochi.

Sex Toys for Men in Kochi



A masturbator is the most used male sex toy. Latex is used to make out the inside of these masturbators. Masturbator not only provide you the enhance sexual pleasure but it also solves a big problem which is related to premature ejaculation.  Nowadays the market is filled with different kind of masturbators like flashlights, Blewit, Realistic Butts & Realistic Vaginas, etc.


You can find different kinds of lubricants like flavored lubricants, silicone lubricants, and water-based lubricants, etc. in the market. Lubricants let you feel the pain-free, smooth intercourse free from oils and coloring Compatible to use with condoms and adult toys, for ultimate Gratification.

Penis Enhancement

Most of the men’s generally do not have satisfaction regarding their penis length. Penis enlargement pumps are designed especially for this purpose. This pump helps in increasing the length and girth of the penis.  The vacuum created inside the cylinder of this pump diminishes the blood flow to the penile region and ensures that the penis reaches its optimal size possible. Penis enlargement pump also helps in achieving longer lasting erections.

Women Sex Toys in Kochi

Realistic Dildo

A dildo is considered as the favorite sex toy of women’s as it is used by most of the women. It enhances the overall sex experience. Nowadays customized dildos are available in the market which let you configure its specifications according to your choice. If we talk about it’s working then it penetrates in the vagina and rubbed with the muscles which generate friction and gives immense pleasure.

Adult toys for women in Kochi

Romance Kit

Romance kit lets you enjoy your private moments with your partner in a much better way. In romance kit, you can try out vibrating panties, rechargeable vibrators, massagers, etc. other products.

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Toys For Gay in Kochi

Sex Toys for LGBT

Hustler Barely Legal Masturbator

This sex toy is specially designed for gays. It resembles like a pussy. Hustler Barely Legal Masturbator is sized for discrete, on-the-go pleasure. This toy is made of body-safe soft TPR material.

Double Ended Dildo:

It’s a special kind of long dildo which has two penis like heads at its both the ends. For some extreme occasions like if you and your partner both want to bottom, you can definitely use a double-ended dildo. Furthermore, you can easily get this dildo at our website.

Lesbian Toys in KochiLesbian Toys kochi

Eva Clitoral Massager

Because it resembles the L Word character. So, the best part of this massager is that its hands-free clit vibe & also it can be worn while somebody special is grinding against you or fingering you. The arms touch the lips of your labia while the ridge catches your clit.

We-Vibe Rave

This vibrator is the latest tech vibrator which has ten vibration modes and a corresponding app. Also, this sex toy is designed for lesbians. With the help of this sex toy, you can maintain your long distance relationship. If you and your lesbian friend are very often at long distance than rave enables you to take Skype sex up a groove. Your friend simply needs to download the app on her phone and through the app As a result, she can control the vibrator from a million miles away isn’t is awesome?

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