Buyer’s Guide to Sex Dolls

The 2019 Sex Doll Buyer's Guide

The toy that has it all. It is the best thing to happen to mankind since someone decided to film two people having sex and posting it on the internet. The actual replacement of a partner in almost every form. So much so that companies are developing a sex robot. Realistic sex dolls sales hold a major portion of the overall sex toy industry. People use them not only for sexual relief but also to enhance their sexual relationships. Relationship with sex dolls is also a thing. There is a huge cult following of this urban culture.

Why Sex Dolls Are So Popular?WHY SEX DOLLS ARE SO POPULAR?

This toy is the favorite when it comes to adult toys industry. This is why-:

  1. Sexual relief
  2. An outlet for all your kinky desires
  3. Can be used by couples to spice up their sex life
  4. People have a relationship with the sex doll
  5. Dressed to your personal liking
  6. Comes in all shape and sizes with detachable parts for new experiences.
  7. Having sex whenever you feel like
  8. There are sex dolls brothels which offer sex doll instead of living breathing person.
  9. Helps you in getting over the dark phases of previous relationships
  10. Way more safe and cheap than escorts

With so much to offer, the industry of sex dolls in India is booming. The place where Kamasutra originated is one of the leaders on the popularity list for sex doll. Sex toys are becoming part of our daily life.


Sex dolls in sex toys for men is a growing industry in India. There is a large customer base who wants to buy sex dolls online. But there are many who don’t have the idea about the types these toys come in. No worry because here is a handy guide-

Blow Up Sex Doll/ Inflatable Sex Doll

The inflatable sex partner has been around for a long time. It hasn’t undergone many changes. It is still the same happy-go-lucky toy used to masturbate. The best match for those who have limited storage space. It is easier to hide than other types of sex doll on this list. The downside is, it is a let down for those looking for the companionship experience. You can but these sex dolls online easily and discreetly.

Silicon Sex Dolls

Realistic sex dolls or silicone sex dolls are the best that this sex doll family has to offer in this day and age. Made from silicon and metal skeletons, these dolls are posable to suit your needs. They have removable facial features to serve your every carnal desire. You can dress them as per the mood. A lot of preparations goes into getting the doll ready for sex. Powdering the skin, lubricated to avoid chafing and most important of it all is getting it warm using an electric blanket.

Realistic dolls are used for pseudo-companionship by many users. These silicone toys cannot need proper storage space and are conspicuous. But they never let you down. You deserve them. You can easily buy silicone sex doll online in India discreetly.


Although there are many dolls to choose from but to help you get started here is a list of the best of the best in the sex dolls world-

Vivid Raw Juicy Jugs Love Doll

The 3 hole doll is the beauty of your dreams. She never gets tired of having sex and is always there for you to feed your carnal hunger. Comes with a 3D face and phthalate free. It is a waterproof sex freak. Just lube it up and get on it. Clean it before and after every use using a sex doll cleaner. You can buy this sex doll in India easily from our site easily and discreetly.

Becky The Beginner Babe Love doll

The perfect way to test out this genre of sex toys. Becky will take care of you like a virgin. She is the partner you always wanted with her 3 holes. She will let you do all kind of things to her as long as you promise to keep her clean.

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  1. Is it a taboo?
    It is no longer a taboo like some people perceive it to be. There is a huge cult following that use sex dolls in there daily life.
  2. How often should I clean the dolls?
    You should clean the sex dolls before and after every use. You should use a special toy cleaner for maximum safety.
  3. Is it weird to have a relationship with the doll?
    We are nobody to judge anyone. You should do what you feel like and don’t think about society’s conventions.
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