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Q.1 What are sex robots?

Ans: Sex robots, also known as sex dolls, are artificial human-like figures designed for sexual purposes. They may be made of materials such as silicone or latex and are often customizable to meet specific preferences. Some sex robots may have features such as moving body parts or artificial intelligence to respond to touch or vocal commands.

Q.2 Are robots capable of doing all things like humans?

Ans: Robots are capable of performing many tasks that were once thought to be exclusively human, but they are not capable of doing all things like humans. Robots can be programmed to perform specific tasks very accurately and efficiently, such as manufacturing products in a factory or performing repetitive actions in a warehouse.

Q.3 How to have sex with a sex robot?

Ans: Some sex robots or sex dolls have been designed for sexual purposes, they are not capable of truly experiencing sex or feeling pleasure, and they’re used as a form of sexual stimulation.

Q.4 Who has married a robot?

Ans: According to the information publishes in the India Herald, the mother of Geoff Gallagher, who lived in Queensland, Australia, died 10 years ago. Since then, he started living with his pet dog Penny, but after some time he started feeling lonely. A passionate relationship with the machine, He gave entry to a humanoid robot in his life.

Q.5 Which is the best female robot?

Ans: The best female robot is subjective and can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. Some popular models include the Harmony AI Robot, the RealDoll X, and the Sexbot.

Q.6 What are the benefits of sex robots?

Ans: The benefits of sex robots can include increased sexual satisfaction, reduced loneliness, and the ability to customize their appearance and behavior to suit one’s preferences.

Q.7 How many people use sex robots?

Ans: The exact number of people who use sex robots is unknown, but the market for sex robots is growing as technology becomes more advanced and accessible.

Q.8 What are robot girls called?

Robot girls are often referred to as “gynoids,” which is a term used to describe robots that have a female form or appearance.

Q.9 Who is the first female robot in India?

Ans: Shalu is recognized in the top ten humanoid robots of the world by Danik Bhaskar, Vaartha, TopTen magazine, and Hindustan News. Shalu is also among the top 5 trending Indian robots in the global Tech Market.

Q.10 Are sex robots healthy?

Ans: There is no scientific evidence to suggest that sex robots are harmful to one’s health.

Q.11 What is the price of a robot girl/sex robot in India?

Ans: robot girls are not available for sale in India. The price of a robot girl in India can vary greatly depending on the model, but on average, prices range from around Rs.4 Lakh to Rs.10 Lakhs.
Meanwhile, even though sex robots are not available in India but you can still get a full-body realistic 5 FEET sex doll
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