Why do women fake orgasm?

Why do women fake orgasm?

Why do women fake orgasm?

An orgasm is the ultimate feeling of pleasure one gets after involving him/herself in sexual activity. It is often termed as ‘coming’. It is also sometimes written as ‘cuming’. Maybe if you don’t know what it implies then you are too young to grasp what’s written ahead. Just kidding. Dig in deep over here to get an overview of the all the reasons behind women faking orgasms.Why do women fake orgasm

Both the sexes come across this feeling of orgasm. But women usually have the capacity to pull off multiple orgasms. Men do not enjoy this capacity. Even though women can have multiple orgasms while men can’t. It is somewhat ironical that men achieve orgasms relatively easily than women. Biology has a big role to play in this. It takes some real skills to completely satisfy the sexual urges of a woman. This does not happen really often. Thus, they end up faking it while being in a sexual relationship more often than not.

Sex toys coming into the scene

Women are pretty much capable of getting an orgasm or multiple on their own. There are numerous sex toys available at for women to get the best out of themselves. These sex toys mainly dildos and vibrators are way too good at producing the desired results. Unfortunately, not all men are able to make their female counterparts fetch the same kind of fun that they usually end up having during sex.

Why do women fake orgasm Making a woman come is easy if pursued with great determination. After all, she deserves as much as she gives in a sexual relationship. This is by no means, too much to ask for. 

The world has come to know about the fact that something like a fake orgasm(s) exists. Thanks to popular media. The internet, blogs, movies, web series and interviews have pushed this at the forefront of the basic needs of all the women. The recent times have seen a tremendous rise in the sale of sex toys for women. Dildos and vibrators have been made available across the online market. Thus, women end up ordering sex toys in a very discreet manner.

The Answer Lies Here

The arguments mentioned above, therefore, brings us to a larger question. Thus, the overarching question remains that ‘why women fake orgasm?’. The answer to this question lies below.

Casual sex

Single girls tend to fake orgasms more often. This is because they usually do not engage in sex. When they do, it is casual in nature. Thus, they are not really comfortable in communicating the issues they face during sex with their partner. Thus, leads them to fake an orgasm.

Why do women fake orgasm

Happing Endings?!

Moreover, women are socialized to believe that everything ends on a happy note. Thus, not being able to climax makes them think that it is not an ideal situation. So, they prefer to fake it.

Why do women fake orgasm

Tired of it!

This reason is going to raise some eyebrows for sure. Women end up faking an orgasm when they do not want to continue it any further. It’s simple to fake it than to tell your partner that is not working out.

Why do women fake orgasm

3 pegs down!

Did she fake it? Maybe she was drunk. Yes, alcohol makes it more way more difficult. It is an aphrodisiac but it also does not help her climax.

Why do women fake orgasm

Taking one for the team

The major reason behind women faking it is pretty much understandable. A woman does not want to disappoint her man. Rather, most of the times, she believes in boosting his male ego during sex. Some women tend to think that if they are not able to come and their male counterpart gets to know that, then he won’t be able to take this thing down the chest.

Why do women fake orgasm

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