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What is penis sleeve and how it helps in ED?

penis sleeve

What is an erection?

There are several reasons as to how one gets an erection – it can be due to touch, imagination or just by looking at something which has a sexual appeal. One can have an erection anytime of the day or night and at any place.

It’s a myth that for a man to reach orgasm, has needs to have an erection. One can have the pleasure of having an amazing sexual experience even by some added activities and arousal techniques. Irrespective of this particular information, an erection can last less than 2 mins to about 6 mins (average time) and that depends on the mental state that you are in during that time.

Many couples have difficulty in having closure when it comes to sex. They find it hard to hold on to erection and lose it fast. That doesn’t go well! Imagine you and your partner are having a good time trying different things and both are aroused; now when the time comes for your little soldier to run the show, he’s out and that too is the time your partner is on high and about to reach orgasm. That’s too embarrassing, isn’t it? Another example, when your boy is in good shape and gives the best performance, your partner will end up wanting more and more, this will enhance your relationship and keep you mentally at peace. Some men only go for masturbation to comfort them and keep them away from the situation where they have to deal with the erection going wrong.

Whether you are a married couple or in a relationship, there is a lot to deal with when it comes to proving your manhood and if you feel you are someone who wants to give an amazing time to your partner in bed, then we have a suggestion for you – “Penis Sleeves” to your rescue.

Penis sleeves are a sex toy that slips on your penis to give you a whole world to explore. People also call them by different names: Cock sleeves, Penis Extender etc. Also, it can cover the whole penis or only the shaft or help to enlarge your penis to some extent.

What a penis sleeve does?

Penis Sleeves

It helps resolve the ED or premature ejaculation issue which a man can face. The penis sleeve ensures that the sensitive areas which create sensation to the penis are covered, and it gives time for an individual to enjoy healthy sex without losing their erection quickly.

It’s a new way to restore your manhood. A penis sleeve helps people to gain confidence, achieve sexual fulfilment and enjoy intercourse without getting under the knives. Many visit a doctor, and they are prescribed for quick surgery to overcome “Erectile dysfunction”, it can be time-consuming when it comes to healing and painful too. If it succeeds then it’s good but if not, there is another round of surgery. While you wish to enjoy your sexual life, you need not go through so much pain. Instead, penis sleeves will resolve much of the issues here.

These come in different shapes, colors and sizes. You can easily get a glow in the dark sleeves to add a different feel, they are available to match the preferences and taste of every man and couple. Some sleeves are customized as well, but they are expensive than the usual ones. It’s all about one’s pocket, but every sleeve gives the same fun. One can add vibrators to penis sleeves to get that extra mile and reach the G-spot of your partner without losing the girth of your penis. Enhance the intimacy and ensure that you get the best.

Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t mean that your penis is of no use, and you are not man enough to please your partner. ED just means that your penis doesn’t get hard enough to have intercourse. This can be well tackled with Penis sleeves – try using some lubricant along with the sleeves for a more pleasurable sensation, while you keep on pleasing your partner.


Do not feel embarrassed if you suffer from ED or premature ejaculation. First, talk to your partner and seek some help. You need to be mentally strong and try to overcome the situation. You don’t have to demean your manhood, just try the Penis sleeves and gain back your confidence. You will be a new you, with all the love from your partner.

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