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Ways to Enhance the Orgasm in Men

Orgasm in Men

Who doesn’t want orgasms that are more intense, powerful, and last longer? Achieving a jaw-dropping orgasm is not as challenging as you may think. It is, in fact, relatively simple. It only takes a little knowledge of sexual health and pleasure, and not to mention a lot of patience.

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Why focusing on improving Orgasm and Sexual performance is important for men?

Many men desire to make sex more pleasurable and satisfying for themselves and their partners. Focusing on sexual performance, on the other hand, can cause anxiety. A few simple lifestyle changes can not only assist you in reducing this consequential anxiety but also erectile dysfunction treatment, improving sexual relationships, and increasing your endurance. These changes can make sex more pleasurable and satisfying for both partners. So, what are some of the effective ways that can help in enhancing orgasm in men? Let us check out!

1. Make use of your ‘love’ (pubococcygeal) muscle

Focusing on the pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is essential to get the most out of the sexual experience. This muscle controls peeing and spasms in the pelvic region during the sexual climax. This is why doctors and sex therapists advise developing this muscle to improve orgasm and reduce the risk of premature ejaculation. In addition, you can do certain workouts and exercises to strengthen these muscles and erections and prevent premature ejaculations.

2. Push It to the Limits

Edging – holding back at the point of no return, resting, and then working up to it again – is the most effective technique for improving male orgasms. Masturbating until you’re about to feel it, then stopping, slowing your breathing, and waiting 30 seconds before continuing is a good way to practice orgasm. Alternatively, just as you’re about to orgasm, gently pull down on your testicles or squeeze the tip of your penis to prevent ejaculation. Then repeat this task.

3. Controlled breathing

It is recommended by the sex therapist that controlled breathing is the key to achieving full-bodied orgasms. The intensity of orgasm becomes more satisfying if you keep breathing deeply and regularly during sexual intercourse, allowing more intense arousal to build. Rapid breathing, on the other hand, rapid breathing heightens your adrenaline and pushes you over the edge, resulting in lesser orgasms and unsatisfying sexual pleasure.

4. Take a break

Ironically, the best way to improve your orgasm and feel sexual sensations is to take frequent breaks between engaging in sexual intercourse. But, how long do you think you should wait? It can be a few days or even weeks. However, this does not imply that you have taken a celibacy vow. You can relax and enjoy the pleasure you get when your partner touches you. Let yourself be carried away by the experience. After that, swap places.

5. Let your Jaw and Lower Belly relax

Pressure builds within the body during orgasm, which often manifests as tension. Releasing tension, particularly in specific areas of the body, can lead to more intense physical sensations. The jaw and the belly are two areas to pay special attention to. These regions can become tense over time, impairing the body’s ability to experience a pleasure. When you’re stressed or suppressing a feeling, you’ll notice that these areas are also tight. Relaxing the jaw and lower belly can help to increase pleasure in the body. If you’re having trouble getting or enhancing orgasm, try relaxing these parts of the body during the post-orgasmic or resolution phase, and experience the difference.

6. Let your partner bring it for you!

According to a study by Stuart Brody, a psychology professor at the University of Paisley in Scotland, the hormone prolactin (which makes us feel sexually satisfied) is released 400% more after vaginal penetration than after masturbation. For better orgasms, your partner should concentrate more on your penis, and you should focus on the sensations it produces.

Male Masturbators

While expecting your partner to get an enhanced orgasm during sex is one of the most natural ways, it is an undeniable fact that sex toys too do a great job at it. Sex toys such as Penis rings, masturbators, fleshlights, cock rings, or sex dolls can help men immensely get the optimum level of orgasm they crave for long.

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