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The beautiful city “Srinagar” is placed on the banks of the Jhelum River.  It is the capital of state Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar is well known for its natural beauty, valleys, gardens, waterfronts, and houseboats. It is considered as the heaven on the earth. For couples, this city provides them the tailor-made situation for lovemaking. They couldn’t have asked anything better than this. It is the best place for falling in love with your lover. In order to intensify your love, you can use some sexual products. The percentage of using sex toys in Srinagar is very high. 

Sex toys in Srinagar

Some Kinky Adult Toys Suggestion For Srinagar

Through this article let’s have a look at some of the adult sex toys which are especially well suited for the people here in Srinagar.

Sex Toys for Women in Srinagar

Dildo: A dildo is considered as the most used sex toy by women’s. It enhances the overall sex experience by providing intense pleasure to women. Rather, nowadays customized dildos are available in the market which let you configure its specifications according to your choice. Also, dildo looks similar to a penis. It penetrates in the vagina and while having sex it gets rubbed with the muscles which generate friction and ultimately gives immense pleasure.

Romance KitUnder this division, there are various things which women can try out. They can try out vibrating panties, rechargeable vibrators, massagers, etc. other products. Above all, It will help you in making your intimate moments special with your partner.

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Dildo for Women

Bedroom Games in Srinagar

53 Sex positions: These amazingly designed set of flash cards have great tips and pointers which will help you in delivering the best out of yourself and your partner. There will be 53 cards in this and each card will be unique with an example and playful tips for him and her.

Foreplay spinning game: This game is perfect to intensify the foreplay procedure. This game contains the package of 1 sex spinner, 2 foreplay dice, 1 action top & 20 sex cards. This game is played by rolling the dice which let you perform the erotic actions on your lover.

Sex Toys for Couple in Srinagar

Lelo Ida Vibrating Couples Massager: This personal level massager will add a new level of luxury in your sex life.  This premium couples massager is worn by gentlewoman’s while making love. This massager is remote-controlled couples massager which combines powerful vibrations with thrilling rotations, which offers completely new sensations to both the partners.

lovely smart couples ring: This sex toy also provides supplementary stimulation through vibrations which make sex life more pleasant for couples. This sex toy comes with the facility of APP. So it provides you the facility to handle it through APP or Bluetooth. The name of the App is Lovely, which you can download from Google play store. This sex toy is made of silicon because of that it is quite soft in nature.

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Adult Games

Sex Toys for Lesbians in Srinagar

Adam & eye the complete lover kit: Adam & Eve’s The Complete Lover’s Kit have many things to offer. It contains 7 included multi-speed silver vibrator, which provides a strong sensation in the internal and external warm areas of women’s body. It also consists of stimulating penis ring which helps in keeping the erections for a longer time.

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