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Do Indian Girls Masturbate? Let’s Uncover This Mystery.

Do Indian Girls Masturbate? Let's Uncover This Mystery.

Guys, let’s unfold the truth today. Female masturbation is definitely a thing. Many people today crack jokes on masturbation for boys only. But why should boys have all the fun? 

Many of you go through this dilemma of Do Indian Girls Masturbate? Well, the answer goes like “Hell Yes”. Why won’t they? Who even made this statement that masturbation is only for men? It is often noticed that topics like female masturbation and, girls’ fantasies are tied in a pot that is never meant to be opened. But, is that how we are going to live in the 21st century? No, actually never.  

Desi people so are hitched to man initiating the first move for sex that they have almost given up on women’s fantasies and their sexual desires. But, an astounding point to note here is that Indian girls masturbate as often as boys do. Not only are they indulged in hardcore masturbation with clitoral stimulators and dildos but, they also fantasize about diverse positions with their partners. 

We made an effort to examine Indian women & their sexual desires and fantasies about female masturbation. Here’s what they disclosed and, the results are extraordinary. 

More than 90% of the females said that female masturbation is like a cup of tea to them. It energizes them and helps them feel love and erotic sensations and whatnot. People have undoubtedly raised this topic as a taboo that is so wicked. While you read this, there are more than 50 women in your area masturbating their orgasm hard to feel sensuous & foxy. Well, what’s wrong with that? Indian women are finally acing up their sex skills to get the hang of the best positions and immense sexual pleasure. 

Now, the question “Do Indian women masturbate” is no more a limitation because we found that a bunch of women from a group masturbate every day. Sounds creepy? It ain’t though. The confusion of love for women & sex for men has finally ended. More than 50% of women masturbate more than twice or thrice a week & that is fabulous. You gotta catch your wild lady to get a glimpse of her sexual talents like roaring, moaning, and feeling the immense pleasure of your penis on her clitoris. Trust me when I say that women who masturbate regularly are very active during their sexual intercourse as compared to those who haven’t tried masturbation. Masturbation is as simple as applying makeup. All you need is your tools(female sex toys like Vibrators, Dildos & Tongue on the clitoris) and practice by watching videos (porn). That’s it. You are all set to rock the field with your splendor’s talent. 

Do Indian Girls Masturbate? Let's Uncover This Mystery.

It is surprising to know that women explore tons of ways to masturbate and get their orgasms. Do you want to know what they use? Well, you might laugh your ass out but, nearly 20% of the women use their god-gifted hands and domestic stuff to masturbate. Fingers are actually astounding for mild satisfaction that might be hidden in your soul. But, do you know what’s even more pleasurable and enjoyable? It’s sex toys for women. A majority of ladies use sex toys to satiate their hunger for steamy and slinky orgasms. Dildos, vibrators, and several other sex toys are woman’s best friends because the sultry pleasure they get from sex toys is immeasurable. Are you wondering how this happens? Well, guys have faith in Indian females because they masturbate their asses out like horny ladies. 

The majority of people mainly Indian males recognize women as mere housewives who are supposed to cook food and get naked in bed because men need sex. But, the phenomenal reality turns out that Indian women are addicted to masturbation as they look forward to better orgasms individually. 

I think it’s pretty clear now that women masturbate for self-pleasure which is a goddamn amazing thing. Indian girls are no more just puppets to play for sexual pleasure. They have finally stepped out of their comfort zone to have a hang of their sensuous side. Like men, women too have sexual desires which must be accomplished, and to accompany it nothing can be more fun than wild and handy sex toys for women in India. There’s no looking back once you get into the actual role-play with sex toys.

So, let’s ditch the desi stereotype of “Adarsh Bahu” and jump into the valley of endless lustful & raunchy pleasures that a woman craves. With Indian girls masturbating their asses out, it is important to note that female masturbation is a foxy and libidinous process. While the pleasure is at its peak, make sure to grab some high-quality sex toys like dildos & clitoris vibrators with licking and sucking action. It will not only enhance your mood but, will keep a check on your sexual satisfaction which is a must.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is female masturbation common among Indian girls?
Answer: Yes, female masturbation is common among Indian girls. More than 90% of females surveyed mentioned that they engage in masturbation for various reasons, such as feeling energized, experiencing love and erotic sensations, and exploring their sexual desires.

Question: Is female masturbation considered taboo in Indian society?
Answer: Female masturbation has often been considered taboo in Indian society. However, attitudes are changing, and more Indian women are embracing their sexual desires and fantasies, including the practice of masturbation.

Question: Do Indian women use sex toys for masturbation?
Answer: Yes, many Indian women use sex toys for masturbation. Vibrators, dildos, and other sex toys are popular choices among women seeking pleasurable and satisfying experiences.

Question: How frequently do Indian women masturbate?
Answer: More than 50% of the women surveyed masturbate more than twice or thrice a week. Masturbation frequency varies among individuals, but regular practice is associated with increased sexual satisfaction and better performance during sexual intercourse.

Question: What are some common methods Indian women use for masturbation?
Answer: Indian women employ various methods of masturbation. Approximately 20% use their hands or domestic objects, while many others opt for sex toys like dildos and vibrators, which offer heightened pleasure and enjoyment.

Question: Are Indian women actively exploring different ways to masturbate?
Answer: Yes, Indian women actively explore different methods of masturbation to achieve orgasmic pleasure. They are open to trying new techniques and utilizing sex toys to enhance their sensual experiences.

Question: How does masturbation impact sexual satisfaction for Indian women?
Answer: Indian women who regularly masturbate report being more sexually active and satisfied during intercourse compared to those who have not explored masturbation. Masturbation can improve self-awareness and sexual confidence, leading to more fulfilling sexual encounters.

Question: Are there any misconceptions about Indian women’s sexual desires?
Answer: There is a misconception that Indian women primarily serve as housewives and are solely responsible for fulfilling men’s sexual needs. However, the reality is that Indian women have their own sexual desires and actively seek personal pleasure and satisfaction.

Question: How can sex toys enhance female masturbation experiences?
Answer: Sex toys, such as dildos and clitoral vibrators with licking and sucking actions, can greatly enhance female masturbation experiences. They offer additional stimulation and intensify pleasure, contributing to a more satisfying sexual journey.

Question: What is the importance of breaking traditional stereotypes around female sexuality?
Answer: Breaking traditional stereotypes around female sexuality allows Indian women to embrace their sensuality and explore their desires without judgment or shame. It promotes sexual empowerment and helps individuals prioritize their own pleasure and satisfaction.

Question: How can Indian girls incorporate sex toys into their sexual exploration?
Answer: Indian girls can incorporate sex toys into their sexual exploration by choosing high-quality sex toys like dildos and clitoral vibrators. These toys can enhance mood, increase sexual satisfaction, and provide endless opportunities for pleasurable and raunchy experiences.

Question: What are some benefits of female masturbation?
Answer: Female masturbation offers several benefits, including self-pleasure, stress relief, heightened sexual awareness, and improved sexual confidence. It allows women to explore their bodies and understand their unique desires and preferences.

Question: How can Indian girls embrace their sensuous side?
Answer: Indian girls can embrace their sensuous side by letting go of societal expectations and stereotypes. They can prioritize their sexual desires, engage in self-exploration, and experiment with sex toys and other pleasurable techniques.

Question: Is it important for Indian girls to prioritize sexual satisfaction?
Answer: Yes, it is important for Indian girls to prioritize their sexual satisfaction. Understanding and fulfilling one’s own sexual needs contributes to overall well-being, self-confidence, and the ability to have mutually satisfying sexual experiences.

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