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Sex Toys in India & Its Acceptance

The Indian society has fully completed a circle in terms of its acceptance of sex toys in India. As per google reports 2019 – Sex Toys India is the top search term by Indian people who are willing to purchase sex toys.  Nowadays one can always fetch sex toys online in India. India in the ancient period was way ahead of its time. It knew how to give something as fundamental as sex its share of space in the society in the private as well as public domain. Yes, one of the most conventionally orthodox societies of the world was not really a rigid society in the past. This does not mean that it is a rigid society today since we have access to sex toys in India.

At least a couple of authentic historical evidence point towards the same fact. The phenomenon of sex was not looked down up on. People were not really judged or pinned down for expressing their sexuality in society. Rather the individuals were provided with the most suitable atmosphere to help them meet their basic physiological needs. The Indian society of the yesteryears had no place for the existence of a process more often referred to as stigmatisation of sex. On the other hand, the society of today believes in buying adult products in India via online platforms. Yes, sex toys are available online in India.

The Indian territory is rightly remembered as the land of Kamasutra. This is precisely the piece of land that gave the world Kamasutra – the guide book on how to make love. This book mentions about different sex positions one could try with his/her partner to make love passionately. Thus, this itself shows how Indian society never really shied away from making its presence felt at the global level in the past.

History of Adult Novelties & Sex Toys in India

Let’s have a look on the history of adult novelties & sex toys in India. India of the past had no qualms in letting its residents achieve sexual gratification. Thus, it implies the fact the Indian society was very liberal and understanding of the basic human needs, of which sex was certainly one of the top ranked ones. Therefore, India of the past stood for individuality of all the human beings putting up in the society.

This nation has had a long and a very rich history of sex and sex toys. This assertion can be justified with the help of multiple instances taking place at different points of time throughout history. One of the few instances to which one cannot turn a blind eye is that of the era of Peshwa Bajirao. Do you remember the Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone starrer ‘Bajirao Mastani’. The movie was pretty much about the reign of the same Peshwa Bajirao.

It is believed that during the rule of the brave Peshwa Bajirao, the ruler of Maratha, men and women used to involve themselves in an interesting game. This game resulted in all men and women sharing intimate space with each other. Yes, the game would not get over until each man and woman had shared a night with each other in the same room. Now you know what used to happen behind the curtains at night. Don’t you?

Another instance is available to us through the books of history. This one portrays the involvement of Maharaja Ranjith Singh with a good number of women. These encounters usually used to take place in public domain so that they can be overlooked. Sounds strange? It is bound to.

Thus, going through various other instances inscribed in the golden history of India one might be forced to contemplate upon many things. One of those might be that from where did this conservative approach towards the pleasure seeking process came to hijack the Indian society. Honestly, India’s conquest by alien civilisations has a lot to do with it.

Sex Toys in Contemporary Times

There are some evidences to support that sex toys India are not an invention of the modern world. Rather sex toys have been used by individuals all across the world in the ancient past as well. Many historical research states that women have been using some kind of tools in order to fetch the ultimate dose of pleasure. The humankind understood the importance of self exploration and satisfying one’s sexual needs since the early age. Although Indian society somehow lost its way in the middle ages.

But we need not worry about it anymore. We as a country in the post independent phase which might be also understood as the post colonial phase have witnessed some significant changes. And these changes and forces have done more good than bad in terms of its effect at least in the sphere of individual liberty and choice. The taboo surrounding the use of sex toys and the stigmatised concept of sex has been dealt effectively with the help of free market forces. The neo liberal reforms have contributed immensely to the socio cultural dynamics of the present Indian society.

Adult Toys in India – Solo Play and Duo Play

The nation that gave Kamasutra to the world itself had to wait for a long interval of time after its sexual development by brought under question. The sexual development and growth was hampered by some of the alien conquests that brought with itself a set of radically conservative values. These kind of values ensured that Indians could not enhance their sexual experience.

Although things have changed drastically after ushering in of the new economic world order in the form of neo liberal policies. These policies took the world by storm and for good enhanced the sexual experience of the individuals. This was done in a couple of ways –
Firstly, the availability of sex toys India ensured that now individuals have the option of enjoying their own company rather than being dependent on someone else in order to seek pleasure. This led to sexual autonomy. This gave individuals the much needed freedom to discover their own body without asking anybody else for permission. Secondly, this also widened the scope of pleasure for couples (individuals who were married or committed to their love interest). With easy accessibility of sex toys, couples started to advance towards the unconquered territory to enjoy their partners’ company.

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The way in which Indian society has been opened up with the help of these market forces is indeed pretty amazing. This has had a direct relation with the push in the sale and use of sex toys in India. Moreover, this has also led to a more vibrant and involving atmosphere spreading sexual health awareness in the country. All in all, one can now freely purchase and sell sex toys from e-commerce platforms in order to explore his/her better side. This is a massive change with regard to the socio-cultural setup of India.

Thus, we at GetSetWild firmly believe in reinforcing the very essence of individualism and sexual autonomy. We endorse the aforementioned ideas by making a diverse variety of sexual solutions to you. We provide you with an opportunity to choose from a humonguous range of genuine and authentic sex toys.

Hence, GetSetWild is one of the better platforms that offer you a vast range of affordable sex toys across India. We understand your problems and thus try to provide with effective solutions. We offer genuine and authentic products. We believe in maintaining the confidentiality of our customers. The entire process of shipping is discreet in nature. We deliver your order at your doorstep in the finest possible way. We are known to provide our customers with 24×7 customer care assistance to sort the most difficult of their queries. Got a problem? Do not worry. We have a solution for you. Nobody does it better than us. We care for you!

Sex Toys for Women in India

When it comes to orgasms, it is no secret that woman can have multiple of them simultaneously. Also, it takes some time to reach the climax as compared to men. Most of the guys do not have any idea what is going on down there and are like a monkey lost in the jungle looking for a banana. This is the reason many women have to do the work themselves. They prefer their own hand down there. But there comes a time when it is not enough. They need something much more pleasurable and effective. To find new experiences and a new level of euphoric orgasm.

This is where sex toys for women come in the mix. There are a huge variety of sex toys in India to cater to the needs of women. Whether it is making your time more enjoyable or just getting on with your lady friend from next door or even with a guy next door or all of them together, sex toys never let you down. They are the friends you always wanted with the benefits you always dreamed of. The perfect friends with benefits.

You can easily find all the sex toys in India to go nuts. Here are some of the types of sex toys that are a must to have-:

Vibrators in India

Buying a vibrator is the most important decision a woman will take in her adult life. They are the sex toys that vibrate. They can be used externally on the clitoris and vulva to tease the nerve endings. Vibrators help you orgasm like never before. They can also be used internally by inserting them inside your vagina and turning on the breathtaking vibrations.
Battery-powered, cordless, wired are some of the types of vibrators. You can also use the vibrators while having sex to climax your mind off. Fair warning though, some men take it personally. If they have any problems with it, reassure them that there dick is enough to for you and this is just an added pleasure (even though they can never get you off with that dick). If he still annoys you, consider ditching him over the vibrator. ITS WORTH IT GIRL.
You can easily buy this sex toy in India. Most of the toys have to be cleaned with soap and water after every use. However, some of them have special instructions on them. Buy these sumbitches and go crazy!!!

Dildo’s In India

You don’t need a dick to keep your vagina happy anymore. Dildos are the improved version of dicks. They come in all shapes and sizes. So you don’t have to worry about the size of the guy’s dick and how it feels the same whether it is inside of you or not. Easy to use and fun to play around with.
You can fix it on a spot and ride it like a dirty cowboy. Get it lubed up and get riding! There are various thing to keep in mind before buying this sex toy in India. What type of dildo do you need? Should it be resembling a penis or something else? Do you want the veins or a smooth one? What color do you need? G-spot or clitoris stimulation? These are some of the important things to be clear about before you make this purchase. Be sure to use a condom when you are sharing it with a partner. Consider the material of dildo before buying it as you may be allergic to it.

All in all, Dildo’s are blessing for women as they make the sexual experience that you will remember for a long time.

50 Shades of Grey Toys in our Tri-Shades Country

The movie epitomized the BDSM sex toys genre of this big and happy sex toy family. It brought out the sexual desires of many who didn’t even know they had it in them. Now, these sex toys are heavily sought after. Buy these adult products in India to feed your needs. No one should be ashamed of these desires as they are natural. Trust me, you are not the only one with them.

Many women find it sexually arousing to be dominated or vice versa. BDSM toys give them what them the power to do so with added pleasure. They can be used in ME time also. Kegel balls are used by women to have a personal party in their vagina. They are put inside the vagina and strengthen the PC muscles. You can be rocking them on while you are out and about and no one will know that your vagina is so happy!

From cuffing your partner to the bed and gagging them with a gag ball to spanking them with a paddle, these sex toys have it all. Remember to use lube to avoid hurting yourself. Do not start without a safe word. These adult toys are very safe to use and users have never reported uncomfortable experience.

Women Sex toys In Local Markets like Palika Bazaar, CP or Fashion Street Mumbai

Palika Bazar in CP, or Fashion Street in Mumbai, India, is the place where it all started. The place which started selling porn back when internet speeds were slower than a turtle, now is a sex toy hub in disguise. On the Internet, After ‘sex toys india’ – sex toys in palika bazar and sadar bazar were so trending, when there was a lack of buy sex toys online. You can buy sex toys in Palika bazar if you have the eye for it. Since it is illegal to sell them, you have to look for subtle clues or find the right person. Quite frankly, if you ask anyone there, they will help you. But ask only those people who own shops there.
The shopkeepers sell them like any other product and will show you different varieties just like any other product. The best part is they are not uncomfortable when selling them. This helps you feel much more relaxed and at peace. They are many shops in Palika bazar from where you can buy sex toys. Most of them are selling mobile accessories.
Sex toys in Sadar Bazaar are sold much more openly. Some of the shops are even listed on Google and Justdial. But I doubt they will answer your specific needs over the phone. Have a stroll down the market and get shopping. Bag those products and orgasms your mind off. You deserve it!

Sex Toys for Men in India

Let’s talk about the Craziest city of India, DIL-DIL-DILLI or your New Delhi – we can say it the capital of sex toys India too, It’s a full house party popping freak of a city. People work their ass off the whole week and party their heart out at the weekends. The youth in college and school doesn’t care about the day or time. Once they are through with their workloads they believe in partying for life. This is a city of people who are crazy at heart. It is rightly said that “Dilwalo ki Dilli”. I have been living in India my whole life and the kind of people I meet on a daily basis is unpredictably insane.

Among all this, there is one thing that is common among us all Indicates. We believe in a party in all spheres of our life. And we do not fail to take this party to our bedroom carnal sessions. There is no shame in admitting that we all wonder about the sex toys in India. Adult products are a part of everyone’s bedroom stories. People are becoming more and more open to them since the dawn of new-age social media. Many of these sex toys bring the pleasure of your life. They RUIN you for others-LITERALLY. Be it vibrators or fleshlight or dildos, there is a wide choice of sex toys you can enjoy from.

To save you the trouble, here’s a rundown of its various types. Thank me later boys-:

Masturbators In India

Masturbators are the sex toys that are designed to make your masturbation sessions more pleasurable than ever before. They are a blessing in disguise for your hands. They are also known as the strokers. Masturbators provide a textured finish on the inside to tease your nerve endings. You can achieve mind-boggling orgasms. They come in handy sizes to be your travel buddy and also in realistic sizes to give you the real deal.

Orgasms so good that will put your hand to shame. You will feel the things you never knew could be felt. They come in single or double openings. Double openings are helpful for those with a larger penis. It also helps in better cleaning after the use. Single opening strokers provide a mouth like enclosed feel. There are also some realistic strokers out there which provide near to really feel. They come in different shapes and sizes such as in shapes of boobs, mouth, pussy, etc.
You can easily buy these adult products in India. Lube it up and get started, boys.

Sex Dolls In India

Sex dolls are not just a taboo market anymore. They are increasingly used not only by single men or women but also by couples to spice up their sex life. Lifelike experience and ability to pose and dress them as per your daily kinky and sexual needs makes them the best in the sex toys family. Many people buy them to not only get off on them but they develop an emotional attachment to them. This may sound psychologically disturbing but there is a huge cult following of this practice.

Silicone sex dolls are the real deal. They provide a skin-like feel and have a metallic skeleton. Removable facial features are also present in them. You can easily change their expressing and body pose as per your carnal needs. TPE dolls are also there which provide an almost similar experience in every aspect to silicone sex dolls but have a huge disadvantage. They are easily strained by dye so it makes it a disappointing deal for many people.

Cloth and stuffed sex dolls are also the part of this family which provides anime feel. They serve the kinky desires of people with anime fetish. They are not posable. Lighter in weight and easy to store gives them an edge.

An all-time favorite of this family is the blowup sex doll. Purely for the purpose of masturbation, these sex toys are easy to store and inexpensive.

BDSM Toys in India

BDSM is an acronym for bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism. For those of you out there who like it rough, you already know about this. You can easily buy these sex toys in India. Fifty shades of grey were the movie that made this big. Now people are more open about their kinky BDSM desires.
BDSM toys come in various shapes and sizes to serve your different needs. Here are some of the BDSM toys and their real-life applications-
Handcuffing your partner to the bed and using slapper to punish them.
Wearing the kegel balls inside your vagina to strengthen the PC muscles for stronger orgasms.
Using over-the-door sex swing to have the best non-bed sex of your life.
Gagging your partner with a gag toy while humping their brains out.
Playing ping pong with your partner’s ass using the paddle to get it strawberry red.
Get you ass-up, face down with thigh cuffs to go bonkers.
Clamping the nipples of your partner to tease them.
Blindfolding them before using a dildo or a vibrator on your partner.
Get ready with your safe word for the time of your life.

Sex Toys for Men in Local Market

Palika Bazar is the place it all started. This revolution of sex toys started from this underground market in India’s Connaught place. A place which used to sell porn CD’s back when 2G was the best we could get, now has upgraded to selling sex toys in India to keep pace with the changing demands. You can easily buy sex toys in CP from Palika Bazar. All you need is a keen eye. Apart from Sex Toys India, Palika Bazar was also so much popular on internet when there were not many online options were available to buy sex toys in India.
There are many shops in Palika bazar which superficially trade in anything other than sex toys but are originally in business because of them. If you go in with a motive to buy sex toys you shall find what you seek. As they are illegal to trade in as per the Indian penal code, they are not kept in open displays.
Enter the market and keep your eyes open. You will find the path towards righteousness.
Another market that offers sex toys is the famous Sadar Bazar market in Old India. You can buy sex toys in India from Sadar Bazar. The market is famous for its wholesale business. The stores are openly selling sex toys in Sadar Bazar. They are even registered on sites like Justdial to market their shop. They sell sex toys like any other product.

You will find the same cliched uncle who sells saree in a saree Bhandar shop at a sex toy shop in India. They are not ashamed while marketing them to their customers and will not let you feel uncomfortable for a second. After all, it is their bread and butter.

Happy Shopping to You

GetSetWild by no means endorses any kind of existing inequalities in society whether they may be based upon caste, class, gender, or any other kind of illegal and inhumane parameter. We welcome as well as provide equal opportunities to individuals with all kinds of sexual orientations and inclinations. We discriminate neither, should you?

Happy shopping to everyone!